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    Red Champaca

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    You’ve probably heard different flowers get the title ‘king’ or ‘queen’. For some, rose is king and jasmine queen. Then, there’s the Queen of the Night. 

    And fair enough. 

    But, I think that’s just because more people haven’t been charmed by what’s easily the royal-lest of florals: Red Champaca. 

    Orange Michelia Champaca flowers produce a deep red oil that's as heady, if not more so, than the richest tuberose, creamy like blue lotus—but buffed up into what must be the sweetest floral note I know of.

    Sumptuous, with the piercing quality of neroli but many notches more intoxicating, oozing an olfactory richness that makes the finest rose and jasmine smell transparent.

    Imagine tuberose steeped in honey and cured berries with more flavor than orange blossom, as if tobacco got injected with vanilla, violet, and raspberry jam. Red champaca smells thick, dense, and you literally have to pull yourself away from an aroma that’s sensual to no end.

    Red Champaca oils are rare, low yield extractions, which rank them among the most precious aromatics.

    Limited Supply. 

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