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    Purple Papua

    Now a Legend
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    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    We all know what leads to green oud. The newly discovered species of agarwood known as Gyrinops, which grows on the island of Papua. From Gyrinops, you get Green Papua.

    Yet, although home to the newest, greenest oud discoveries, Papua Island is also home to the legendary Oud Royale. The only difference is that Oud Royale was extracted from the other oud species known as Aquilaria filaria.

    Its Indian water extraction gave the Royale a smoky, grandiose flair. – But what would happen if you take fine Filaria agarwood and subject it to steam extraction?

    You get Purple Papua.

    Unlike water cooking, steam extraction does not impart a smoky dimension to the fragrance. It leaves the oud essence intact. That's why Purple Papua is the most un-Indian oud you will encounter.

    Its dark jungly depth keeps radiating in spicy purple notes for hours and hours on end. Hoping to find the bottom of the scent while comparing it to Oud Royale, you'll feel like a sultan without a crown. Or an aborigine not needing one?

    Clearly, if you loved Oud Royale, you've got reason to rejoice.

    I'm wearing Purple Papua today, and am astounded to find something very much like a rose or other floral note in it... I'm a newcomer to ouds, but the variety of experiences possible with ouds is amazing to me! – Vasily, IL

    I had resigned myself to a future of just smelling the scent that remains in my last bottle of Purple Papua, and now I will once again be able to...on very rare and special occasions...actually wear it again. I always received many compliments while wearing it, and love the feeling of serenity that it gives me. – Don, IL

    Just got the Purple Papua. It is wonderful! Thanks. – Paul, CA

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