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    Port Moresby

    Now a Legend
    Final Bottle Sold
    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    There are two kinds of Oud. You have the Legends of the Golden Age of agarwood, when jungles were packed with colossal gaharu trunks... and you have the ‘experiments’ of today, when we distill ourselves mad trying to capture the elan of old oud oils.

    No matter how smart the distiller or how nice the wood, the vogue of ‘old oil’ can never be replicated. The oils of the early 2000s are better than oils we distill today by the simple fact of their age. Nevermind that trees were older then, with pots more oleoresin than trees we find now.

    One such oil was Kyara LTD—the most coveted oud ever sold. Its twin distillation of the same year, Port Moresby is another such oil.

    Focused on the same theme of narcotic kinam smoke, Port Moresby takes the gargantuan scent of heated green kyara chips notches higher than its famed twin. The dense-resined New Guinea Gyrinops that went into it made Port Moresby a historic masterpiece.

    How do the two oils compare on the perfumer’s scale?

    If Kyara LTD was base note first to last, Port Moresby is pure heart note. A gush of effulgent green ether that quickly bathes air and mindspace. Uncap your bottle at the office and you’ll see people move their nostrils attentively. Take a swipe, and they’ll be in a world of Zen. Why?

    Port Moresby has the loudest sillage of any Oud you will wear. While 99% of ouds are quiet on the skin, and you need to bring your hand to your nose just to remind yourself you’re wearing oud, Moresby reminds you and those around you that a certain strange and bewitching incense has been lit by a thoughtful someone. It imbues with its crystalline magic whatever space you untwist the cap in, and you find people taking deep breaths wanting to inhale more and more of it.

    While most ouds come off as ‘unusual’ to the uninitiated, you can rest easy and bring Moresby along with you. People don’t just not mind the scent, they crave it. Once they get a whiff they become intrigued. You’ll be questioned by people sitting in the next room about the scent you’ve got on you!

    From first sniff to the last flicker of it on your skin the next day, Port Moresby unfolds its green kyara heart. There is no development. Just pure radiance. Dancing stillness. No great first note that then becomes another thing and then something else. Just pure kyara-green, like the smoke. The scent is one single note, but like the sun it drowns everything in its sparkle.

    The soul thirsts for Moresby like it does for no other oud. There is a narcotic quality to this oil; it smells intoxicating, but not only in a figurative way. You keep craving the scent more and more, and you find yourself sniffing the place you swiped it on your skin, then the fingers you untwisted the cap with, to inhale its traces on your skin. The entire psyche finds a comfort and a satisfaction in Moresby which I’m at a loss to compare to another oil.

    While it can never compete with an oil like the 50K as an aphrodisiac, Port Moresby is sure to delight your spouse. There is a peacefulness that emanates from the core of its scent, inspiring harmony and accord between people. If in the past you’ve been chased out of bed due to the Indian oud you had on you, with Port Moresby on your skin you’re likely to receive a hug, and someone might just want to nestle closer to you.

    If you meditate, in Moresby you have pure liquid Zen for your special moments of enlightenment. If you’ve been drunk on sobriety before, then you have a pretty good idea what state of mind Moresby induces. Soaring on cloud nine while crystal clear of thought.

    Six years after sellout, Kyara LTD commands anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000 a bottle, depending on whom you talk to. Collectors won’t part with it for any sum. Port Moresby is soon to follow suit. You can count on the value spiraling the minute we announce sellout. And for reasons that remain to be smelled, they’re likely to be less willing to let go of it than Kyara LTD.

    WOW WOW is the Port Moresby amazing. I have yet to actually swipe it but by just cracking the vial and smelling it I could see how you love this oil so much. I just got a touch of it on my finger from opening it and I am in love! I definitely catch the same notes from burning the Port Moresby Privee piece that you blessed me with. – Scott, USA

    Port Moresby is outstanding… it has such a soft roundness to it… I was concerned it wood be too ‘green’ but it’s so well balanced with all the right things. I was also concerned it wood be too similar to the other PNG oils I have (about 5 now I think) but it really is altogether unique mashAllah. I can see that I will really love and enjoy wearing this. – Taher, UAE

    Port Moresby is the perfect marriage of enchanting floral sweetness and the most refined damp earthen note I’ve ever smelt in any oil.......all draped in the color green!

    After swiping this intensely aromatic oil your whole being is engulfed by souldeep relaxation. Close your eyes.....take a whiff.....and your mind space glows with magnificent green hues! I find that my favorite Japanese kyara incense also has this effect on me.

    The scent of this oil is insanely complex and enigmatic. Notes of aqua and earth will wrap themselves around your anima, and majestic florals will flood your heart reminding you of youthful adventures in nature.

    Melt into a green mental meditation with scents of fresh moss in an otherworldly forest, indescribable blooming flowers, and sweet green herbs. All pulsating with energy and life from a rejuvenating afternoon spring rain! These notes ride out this elegant dance for many hours until the oil dries down into notes of incense and soft woods.

    If you go out into crisp fresh air wearing this oil, it will morph into the scent of a masterfully crafted rare perfume. The layers to this oil are infinite!

    I would rank Port Moresby as a one-in-one-thousand oud! It is meant to be enjoyed with loved ones. There is not a single note in this oil you won’t absolutely adore. The scent will make you live in the moment and enjoy the small things in life. Bliss in a bottle..... – Chris, SD

    I recently acquired a number of your oils from a private collector and love all of them. Royal Kinam, Borneo 3000, Borneo 4000 and Sheikh’s Borneo. Port Moresby remains my favorite so far. Already went through 1 ml, and I am glad I got my second bottle.

    The drydown is like the Japanese Fu-in Kyara Kohboku incense sticks from Minorien... I think they use Vietnamese Hoi An agarwood. Transported back to my early childhood... Reminds me of wet mud aroma during the first monsoon rain in late summer. I would wear Port Moresby anytime on a hot summer’s day. – Imran, CA

    Port Morseby has the most pronounced oud wood smell I’ve ever had the pleasure of smelling. The oomph note of this is pure oud wood. Somewhere in the background lingers a jungle which has only been seen or touched by very few. It has taken me a while to muster up the words to try and describe this. I say try because I would never be able to explain the beauty of this fragrance. It definitely is Green and you smell it right away. Very hard to try and explain this one because it doesn’t evolve into anything. It stays constant which is rare. It does not lose itself or its oomph. – Ali, IL

    It’s like time travel or traveling on high. The scent is dry fresh at the same time. It has the typical oomph of other ouds. It is soft but powerful. When I opened the bottle, my wife said: ‘It smells like rain.’ Yes, it manifests deep rain forest notes atop some green powderiness, and it also has a bright, bright note. Smells like clean, white smoke. Compared to the fruity sensuality of Cambodis, Port Moresby is a heavenly oud. – Juan, Spain

    Just tried the Port Moresby. It’s very unique, sweet and intoxicating. I would like to purchase 4 more, please. – Yusuf, Kuwait

    I’ve been wearing Port Moresby for the last couple of weeks and didn’t get kicked out of bed by my wife. This has to be the best Oud in my collection and I am planning to buy another bottle or two before it sells out. – Imran, CA

    The scent of this oil has a way of erasing the concerns of the day....great for total zen and relaxation.....bad for oil reviews! It really is a work of art! – Chris, SD

    This Wizardly Oud presents itself like a cauldron containing a green resinous potion with a tiny menthol crystal tossed in. The emanating vapors carry with them undiscovered fruity florals laced with coumarin and oud. At this point the cauldron seems like my chip heater with Kyara being heated. The vapors are penetrating, but not via volatile molecules, it's more like the scent is fully captured by my olfactory nerve endings, and in turn I am captured and whisked away to a green forest along with my chip heater and some Kyara. – Yusuf, Kuwait

    I am a true friend of rational decisions. That doesn’t mean that I don’t follow my emotions and feelings, but I usually do question their origin, prior to doing so.

    So… WHY am I about to buy a bottle of 9 years aged Port Moresby Royal Oud from the jungles of Papua New Guinea?

    Being really sensitive about surroundings and smells, I refused to wear a fragrance for most of my life. I got used to burning Japanese incense with mainly agarwood and also a wide variety of agarwood chips out of pure joy from ‘listening’ to the scent. I realized that this was what I had been searching for, for a long time. This was how I wanted to smell HOME.

    Why not wear a typical agarwood oil? I’ve tried, but failed. Loved the varieties I’ve tried. But I simply don’t want to smell like it. It’s not me. I want to wear a 100% natural, modern yet classic, deep yet light, with love to details and emotion, science, adventurous, experimental mind, and preciously created fragrance to identify myself with. AND, I don’t want to be an intrusive something in the nose of others in my daily life.

    Since buying a sample vial of Port Moresby, this is what I am wearing. This is how I want to smell, maybe this is a little bit how I want to be and maybe fail here and there in the world outside. This is what I want to be reminded of, throughout the day. Getting a whiff of a slight note of this wonderful oil here and there, calming down, feeling a little like home. Maybe being a little too proud, if asked about the wonderful smell after embracing a good friend.

    It is truly a perfect rational decision for me to buy a full bottle of Port Moresby now. Mind and feeling agreed on wanting it to be a part of me. – Ralf, Germany

    Port Moresby – a real beauty that I do my best not to compare to Sultani. Because while it doesn’t have the *range* of Sultani, it does have more conviction of character. It knows what it wants to be and does so brilliantly. For some reason, this oud makes me think of the people of Papua New Guinea, the customs they share, the history they shared with nature before capitalism came to destroy that relationship. It has the top-shelf beauty of a Sultani with a focus of, say a Borneo 50K (not saying it’s a Borneo, but Youknowwhatimean). My only surprise with this one is that I expected it to be stronger, based on the description on the website. I find this to be one of the quieter ouds with a short longevity to match. Ah well, most good things are ephemeral, right? – Adam, USA

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