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    Oud Yunus

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    Shortly after distilling Oud Yunus in 2007 and falling in love with it, I decided there was no more time to be wasted hunting for wild agarwood trees in Assam. The soulful depth and mystic pull of Meghalayan Oud had all the splendor of Assam Oud to offer and more.

    Oud Yunus ranks as the oldest, wildest and rarest Hindi offering to grace our collection yet. Distilled in traditional Indian fashion the way they would have done a hundred years ago, the oil's aroma is also the most archetypal and soul-stirring.

    The alchemical wonder of ancient Meghalayan agallocha lies in the species' ability to tame the wildest, most feral Indian oud fragrance into a mouthwatering fruit jam.

    And that's exactly what Yunus does. It musters herculean strength only to remain gentle and soft, radiating sunshine and sweet dried plums on the surface of his unfathomable depth. 

    Unlike what you find in new generation Meghalayan oils, Oud Yunus might be suave and ultra smooth but it's neither jarring nor subdued. Those who've tried it know that Yunus' soul-soothing embrace is unlike any other Hindi's.

    It boasts a milk chocolate creaminess laced with sumptuous tuberose, fig, toffee and delectable barn atop a soul-satisfying depth surpassing all heirs.

    Yunus is truly a must-have! I love the sweet toffee note and the creaminess of it. It reminds me of Idrees a lot, only that it is more creamy, softer than Idrees. – Thomas, Germany

    Oud Yunus is amazing. I've always wanted to get my nose on some real Indian oud. I watched one of Ensar's YouTube clips where he spoke on Indian oud. This make me look for some on your website. I notice that all of your Oud Musa was gone and luckily I came across Oud Yunus. The opening was very leathery to me. I don't know where people get "fecal" from.
    I've had it on for a few hours now. The dry down is kind of sweet, earthy like wet soil with some incense and a nice wood smell. I'm in love! Thank you so much for making these quality products available to those of us over here in the west. I can never go back to those cheap oil attars they sell here in the states.  – Travis, USA

    I would have liked to have smelt this when freshly distilled so I could compare it with how it is now. The strong barnyard I've read about in reviews has decreased in strength. At first I thought it was quite similar to Assam Organic but not for long. There is a depth to Yunus that I have yet to experience in any other Indian oil and the creaminess is a delight. A lot of areas in the UK have their own local pastry or bun. In Devon it's the Devonshire Split, a sweet dough bun, sliced and filled with clotted cream and a little jam. Yunus reminds me of that, eating one on a fine English Summer day, along with honey, chocolate melting in the sun, looking over hay bales, stables, cow and horse fields. – John, UK

    When the 'core' of a wrestler is solid his shoulders, chest, back and limbs – all of his independent body parts – are free to grapple, dive, twist and thrust without upsetting his equilibrium. The core of Oud Yunus is kneaded leather. Although flashes of smoke spontaneously erupt, shavings of wood intermittently curl and the scent of sweet plums leaps in flowing, graceful arcs, it is the supple firmness of undressed pelts and tanned hides that define him. Some fighters are quick and lithe. Oud Yunus is powerful. Some spar with the grace of frisky colts. Oud Yunus stalks with the measured gait of a lion. Some enter competitions seeking fame and adulation. Oud Yunus emanates quiet confidence and nonchalant panache. What he lacks in uniqueness he makes up for in aplomb and longevity. If you're looking for a classic Indian backbone oil, consider inviting Oud Yunus into your akhara. I hope you'll admire his prowess and restraint as the action unfolds. – Marian, NY

    Oud Yunus is a well aged Hindi with a lot of class. The benefits of aging can be fully appreciated in this oil. Different notes are so beautifully and seamlessly blended, the sharp edges taken away. It is very soothing for the mind. It offers a safe haven, centers, and hits the right spot. Perhaps it's like a well known stranger, or almost like a deja vu.

    Right from the start, clear clean barnyard. Very shortly, some black humus earth notes. Deep inhalations reveal high notes at first fresh, green and camphorous. Lightest touch of rue. Delicate and elusive floral notes appear as it transforms into soft leather, fragrant skin, baked chestnuts, hay and wild flowers. Pollen, galbanum. This heart ensemble is very appealing.

    The sweetness it possesses is somehow special. It has strong spicy elements, like a rich, fresh Indian masala including fenugreek, brown mustard seeds, cumin, freshly ground black pepper, laurel, asafoetida. It possesses olfactory umami, the fifth taste.

    Everything is covered with a resinous glaze. For me it has similarities to Oud Idrees. It feels like spiciness, heart notes and high notes take turns in reaching my nose after that. Sweet woodiness is subdued but present.

    In the end, Yunus is like Billie Holiday's song 'Fine and Mellow' – at the moment one of my favourites. – Andrej, Croatia

    I thought wild oud was going to be pungent and super strong, but to my surprise it was quite smooth. I was also surprised by the 'barnyard' opening. I'd have thought it would be unbearable or what is sometimes described as 'fecal,' but it wasn't at all. Again, very surprised on how it could be barnyard but clean and not aggressive, smooth and soothing.

    In terms of the scent, when I opened the bottle and by smelling just the cap I understood it was an unearthly smell. Then after applying it I got a smell of what I would describe like nature or forest. It transitions gently into a smooth, creamy chocolate with hints of incense and leathery notes. I really feel it's a classy, noble and royal oil. – Yaz, UK

    Oud Yunus opens with the deepest and most intense barnyard note I have ever smelled. It is almost too much to take. And yet it has a deep and mysterious allure that piques one's sensual curiosity, and in another breath – there is ecstasy.

    Oud Yunus is primal and wild – a beautiful untamed stallion with natural finesse and noble character. This horse roams free in the wild, but when he stops for a breath, there is a quiet and gentle breeze that carries with it an astonishingly sweet fragrance.

    After the wild barnyard note has reached its climax, Yunus reveals a sweetness that begins to silently emanate from its barnyard heart. With the texture of silk and the creaminess of white chocolate, the oil's bold and wild intensity verges on the sensational. A few moments later, and the barnyard and sweet notes have realized their union in an elegant woodiness reminiscent of cedar. The notes only layer, and never disappear.

    Oud Yunus not only hits the 'spot' that only an Indian oud can, it challenges and allures one into an exotic wildness of whole bodily intoxication. While the opening barnyard note may have you thinking that this will be your typical Indian oud, think again. Yunus is anything but your average (or even above average) Indian oud. Yunus is nothing short of exceptional. Unique and aromatically complex, with its all-encompassing palette Oud Yunus captures the heart of India, and expresses the deep passions and spiritual desires of the human soul. – Neeshee, HI

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