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    Oud Sultani

    Now a Legend
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    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    Oud Sultani is just about the cheapest oud oil you can get your hands on.

    It sounds like I’m joking, but I’m serious.

    Take the quality of Malaysian oils currently selling for $400 to $600 and multiply it by four or five. — Do you get Oud Sultani?

    Not only do you not get Oud Sultani, you don’t get half the quality of Sultani, or even a third.

    I’d go so far as to say you don’t even get a tenth of what you’re paying for, compared to what Sultani offers.

    Take the finest sinking-grade oud wood imaginable, send it to India, and you’ll make the Sultan real happy. You might just distill the most incredible oud oil in history in the process. But then, what do you do? After distilling Oud Royale, you’d have thought there was little to be wished for in the way of tweaks or improvements. Or... quite a bit!

    For our second batch of sinking-grade raw materials, we really outdid ourselves. We took the sickest sinking granules from Malaysia and instead of steel, we put them in a copper pot. The jungle was not too far off from the first batch, so the scent spectrum was meant to be dead-on in that regard. And it was... only better. Much, much better.

    ‘Oud Sultani’, as we called it, is the best oil Ensar Oud has distilled to date. While Oud Royale was just about the most masculine and kingly oud one could wear, if we had to produce an oil of equal stature that was so smooth, so sensual and iconic Her Majesty could wear it — it would be none other than Oud Sultani.

    Take the high-pitched, austere, incensey notes that steel imparts on the finest raw materials, and instead imbue the oil with a delicate floral aura which could only be gotten from a copper pot.

    There’s good reason why traditional attars in India are exclusively done in copper pots, and why oud oils are exclusively cooked in steel. But this wasn’t going to be your typical oud oil, after all. Just about the absolute best raw materials ever used in oud distillation went into the production of Oud Sultani.

    To appreciate the impact and historical significance of this Oud, you need to look at his progeny. How did Sultani impact the future of Oud? How is it affecting distillers today? I know at least one person who literally moved to Malaysia after smelling it, his perception of Malaysian oils permanently changed upon his fateful encounter with this oil.

    Alas, the oil can never be reproduced, or even mimicked. The quality of agarwood that was used to distill Oud Sultani currently sells for no less than $50,000 per kilogram. The cost of one 3gr bottle would run no less than $12,000 if Sultani were distilled today.

    Now you have a good sense as to why Sultani is just about the cheapest Oud you can buy, I’m sure!

    You get to know Oud. You know what to expect from a Borneo — the color, the viscosity, the light sweet honey notes — and you know what a traditional Hindi smells like. And what happens if you skip the soak. You know Papuans, with their green leafy coolness, Cambodians with their sweet fruity glaze.

    — Above it all, there’s a category of Oud that none of these labels apply to. It’s the one extracted from sinking-grade agarwood. I like to call it the ‘Soul of Oud’. Compared to Borneos, Hindis, Cambodis — it just doesn’t compare.

    This is Perfume. The quintessential heart of that ecstasy that grips your chest when you inhale something of incredible beauty, where everything else is just an approximation or a mere metaphor. Compared to Oud Sultani, even an oil like Qi Nam Khmer only offers a pale metaphor as to what oud really is, or what it can be.

    You can spend money on Malaysian oils. They currently sell for around $400. Or you can receive the royal gift of Oud Sultani. An oil worth at least four times its current price tag. A piece of Oud History, bottled.

    Enter an olfactory Time Machine and go back in time to experience what real Oud used to smell like. Order Oud Sultani now.

    I’ve been attempting to provide some kind of meaningful feedback about this wondrous oil, but each time I even bring the dipstick to my nose, this myriad of complex subtleties comes pouring out as intertwined, luscious, bubbling current, and I am, once again, at a loss for words. I’ve often thought of the potential for extracting those untapped otherworldly, sublime facets of oud that have always been there, locked within its resinous caverns; smelling this oil was my ‘eureka’ moment, when I finally held in my hand the manifestation of what I’ve always imagined. – Casey, USA

    Oud Sultani – amazingly deserving of its praise. To quote Rudyard Kipling, this is “the earth and everything in it.” It is almost as if it has ALL the notes. Everything that is natural and beautiful on this earth is somehow packed into this fragrance and expresses itself at different times/temps/conditions/moods. Absolutely the most beautiful smell of any type I can imagine. Wondrous. – Adam, USA

    Oud Sultani est le résultat de ce que l’on a de meilleur dans l’huile du bois d’agar. Le meilleur Oud a plus d’un titre, le seul disponible sur le marché que l’on peut considérer comme le parfum le plus élégant et le plus raffiné des parfums! Un voyage olfactif naturel des plus complexes et des plus savoureux! – Mohammed, France

    I would be truly heartbroken if I missed this amazing oud. – CG, USA

    Oud Sultani is magic in a bottle. I cannot tell if it is an oud oil or a perfume! So smooth and delicious. If the oud tree had a ripe fruit then Oud Sultani is what it would smell like. I am mostly going to smell from the wand because I fear I would otherwise run out of it. – Inder, CA

    Catch a whiff and everything is suspended in fragrant exaltation. The fragrance immediately blossoms into an aromatic flurry reminiscent of the finest perfumes, with notes of ambergris and myrrh, and a pronounced floral sweetness that is so high you might think it is a Borneo oil. As for being the best oud oil ever offered by Ensar Oud, Sultani surely ranks at the top of the list, in terms of sheer quality and purity of agarwood scent. It is Oud as incense, the smooth, delicious, and resinous fragrance of sinking grade chips on your wrist. – Neeshee, HI

    Absolutely the most incredible oil I have ever had the pleasure of sampling. While I love the original Oud Royale, I actually prefer Oud Sultani much more. I put a drop on my skin and it was very hard to describe (sweet, sultry, and mysterious?) but hours later I basked in the sweet smoky smell of king super chips. Very, very similar to the original Oud Royale, but this is better. As others have said, this oud just keeps evolving. It's now been almost 24 hours and it's still going strong. The smell is so regal, yet hypnotizing. My girlfriend also tried it and it's a little more floral and fruity on her skin. She actually called me this morning to tell me that she put plastic wrap around her wrist so it wouldn't wash off in the shower. We are both addicted to the scent of this oud! – Dan, NJ

    I just love my Oud Sultani and believe I will wear it until it's gone. I'm desperately trying to figure out how to get another bottle. The thinking is, if I get run over by a bus tomorrow at least I won't leave a bottle of the best oud ever to be tossed by the un-ouducated. – Jason, Alaska

    My top luxury oil for fall is Ensar Oud's 'Oud Sultani'. The opening is an unusual mixture of transparency, light and creamy smoothness, its ethereal greeting as uplifting and carefree as a mountain breeze. Notes of vanilla and caramel sweeten the midrange of the scent; the drydown is layers of warm woods, myrrh, powder and balsam. Distilling the oil from resin-heavy chips and aging it since 2001 helps to explain the mellowness and complexity of Sultani's enchanting bouquet. It is elegant, sensuous and eminently tasteful. Although many ouds have become available in recent years, I'm not sure there are many of which Coco Chanel would approve. Oud Sultani, I think, is one of them. – Perfume-Smellin' Things 'Best of 2012'

    I feel like I have been on the Oud train for a while, getting off here and there to smell different gardens, and now it seems I have finally reached home. This Sultani is my home. – Hisham, FL

    Oud Sultani is truly Royal quality oud. The best I've ever smelled. It is like the finest perfume, blended of the best flowers and woods together. I've never experienced anything that comes close to that. If I could afford it, it would be the only perfume I ever use. It is so delicate yet you can smell so many different notes. Superb and absolutely beautiful. Thank you for the opportunity to smell this heavenly oil! – Tatyana, HI

    Sultani boasts very similar notes to Oud Royale, but it's as though someone blew air through them. They are floatier and more graceful, sweeter, lighter and more frolicsome. The floral side of the spectrum is emphasized vs. the earthy, damp tawny notes. The same amber notes of benzoin and vanilla are present but they are more translucent and cleaner, and the scents of oakmoss and labdanum are less evident than they are in Royale. The molasses twang that is the sticky double helix binding Royale together isn't present, though I smelled it in an earlier, ambergris-laced sample. Royale is dark purple. Sultani is lilac. Royale is Wagner's  Das Liebesmahl der Apostel, Sultani is Chopin's Nocturne in D Flat Major. Royale grabs the wearer by the hair and soars him into Neverland. Sultani liltingly waltzes atop the skin, enchanting and charming everyone who is fortunate enough to smell it. – Isabella, NY

    As a perfumer, you have to smell things that are reported to be the best, and this is the cleanest smelling oil I've ever tried. You could pour it on and go into a public place with zero worries of offending anyone. It's delicious. I get a sweet cola fruity basalmic scent that's very hard to describe. I don't get a strong female or male trait, but I'd love to have a woman that smelled like this. I wouldn't be able to stop smelling her. – Jason, Alaska

    To experience an oil from Ensar Oud is a privilege, one I do not take for granted. The unrivaled calibre of your oils is testimony to your passion and dedication and it is a privilege to own several of your oils, all superb in their own right ma sha Allah. For once, I couldn't but help to take the time to express my thoughts to assure any other Oud lovers, that what they are in for with Oud Sultani is unlike anything they would have experienced and an experience not worth missing out on, if they can help it.

    True to its name, Oud Sultani is an ultra exclusive oil in which you have captured the essence of an exquisitely majestic and supremely formidable scent in an oil unlike any I have ever smelt. Alhamdullilah. I was kept mesmerized from the opening to the dry down and found myself taking in long deep breaths to feel the scent and fully submerge in the experience and not let any note escape any part of me. It has a unique wholeness to it, and leaves nothing for the imagination. If ever there was an Oud oil by which others can be measured, Oud Sultani would be it. It is truly worthy of majestic acclaim and an olfactory experience unlike any other. To give a description in a few words is to do it injustice. To really appreciate it, one must experience it for oneself. – S M Khan, Sydney

    The smoothest of opening notes! The oil is thick and spreads with a diminished honeyed sheen on the skin. This is a seductive greeting, sweet opening and succulent white pear fruit with light hints of patchouli, peppered in with some white ginseng roots. All taking flight under the wings of a dark purplish Oud. Scent emanating is like the best of Malaysian/Indonesian king super chips. Sultry would be the right adjective for this Oud. It is very similar to the original Oud Royale.

    Because of how smooth it is, one might mistakenly think it overtly feminine because in the dry down it has a resemblance to the finest aftershave or tonic. Ethereal, menthol and fresh. This is truly a gorgeous Oud that is about whispers of intimacy, short projection yet seductive webs spinning around one's mind. It is all about incense and wood, sweet Kinam wood.

    There is no assertiveness, in-your-face kind of thing associated with a lot of the ouds one encounters, especially young ones. This Oud wins one over with softness and tenderness. The notes are condensed together but not elbowing each-other, rather lounging together on a Persian carpet and billows. There are no off-putting notes, no still notes or discord in the opening so that you have to wait for the drydown. This oil is a luxurious ride all the way from the beginning till the end of your journey. My personal likability scale, and this is a first for me, is a 10! – Hisham, FL

    I put a drop of the Oud Sultani on my father's wrist this morning. Since he is recovering from surgery, he's been in bed resting. I've walked by his bedroom several times today and found him with his wrist to his nose, inhaling deeply. All he's said is "Wow" and asked me: "Do you have any more of this stuff?" He just loves it. The way things are looking, I might have to purchase a second bottle soon. – Dan, NJ

    Oud Sultani is made for royalty.  For me it's up there with Oud Mostafa and Kyara Ko-Twe in terms of how much I adore it. Thank you so much for this wondrous creation and for allowing me to purchase it. – Sultan, IL

    I've been taking a swiper from a 1ml vial and dipping it just up to the notch (2.5mm) and placing it just under the center of my nose and pressing it to the skin under my mustache. I then give it a twist depositing the oil and press it against the skin as I pull down the swiper. This is a VERY conservative way to stretch out your favorite oil. As I go through the day, I'm pleasantly surprised by completely random whiffs of Oud Sultani. Olfactory fatigue can set in if you just sit around, but if I'm walking I can smell it whenever I want, I just breathe in though my nose. If it gets faint, just a simple brush of my mustache and it kicks up the scent for a little burst of oud. This way I get to smell it as much as I want to. I can still smell the Oud Sultani 24 hours later and I only applied a tiny amount. – Jason, Alaska

    Oud Sultani is of such extraordinary beauty, such innocent aura and heavenly intoxication that when I inhaled its scent for the first time I fell to the ground and nearly broke down. It reminded me of my childhood, when I was still naive to all the troubles of the world. How is an Oud of such magnificence even possible to create?

    I was soon lifted off the ground, towards the light... As I made my way above the clouds, I looked down towards earth. I could see the creation of the world below... It was incredible... In amazement, I continued my journey upwards... I put my hands out above me and felt the comfort of the wind, the light, the beauty all around... above, below, as I ascended, higher, the scent of Sultani surrounded me from all directions... No matter where my destination begins or ends, I will be accompanied by the graceful, delicate and supple smell of purity, innocence and love. I picked up speed towards the sun, stared directly into the blinding light... and its power, its luminosity was overwhelming. I had to look away. I had to cover my eyes.

    Though I only have a small vial, I am humbled and honored to even possess this amount. I feel privileged to simply share in this experience, even if only once or twice... That is enough. To stare into pure light, pure ecstasy, pure beauty, for too long, you must look away. This is an oil to be treasured, taken out only once every few years to experience its aesthetic piety, to put away for those rare occasions when you truly want to embrace that transcendent journey to behold. No matter where you first apply Sultani, or when it eventually does fade, this is something that you simply must try to believe. Oud Sultani soars above the rest. – Chris, IL

    I just got to smell Oud Royale No 1 and – subhan Allah! – Oud Sultani is exactly the same! – Ahmed, IL

    Indeed the cheapest oud offered at now.... Just imagine you will have sinking-grade agarwood essential oil on your hand... – Adam, Russia

    I really didn’t know what to expect from this oud. I have tried other Malaysian oils which I really enjoy. These have consisted of oils coloured so deep and dark that they draw you in. Notes of smoke, resin and a profound oudiness. I know many believe the Malaysian species of oud to be ‘the Mother’ of all oud species and I can see why.

    Then you have this oud. Total contrast on all fronts. The colour is a vibrant goldy/yellowish orange. The impact that colour has on expectations is rather accurate. The bright colour of the oil takes one away from dominating notes of smoke and resin. The very first thing that came to mind when I sniffed this for the first time was the word ‘pristine’. It is a pristine and mellow oil. Needless to say there are no off notes. It possesses a certain ‘zinginess’ and energy.

    This really smells like perfume. At times it can be hard to pick out different scents. It is smooth and sweet. There are dominant notes of flowers and sweet candy. Subtle hints of fruit, green and just a touch of resin in the ‘drydown’ stage. No note overpowers another. A harmonious olfactory experience.

    I would never guess this was a Malaysian oud oil. The distillation must have been very delicate. The description for Oud Sultani mentions that it was a copper distillation and the smoothness of the oil reinforces that. Seems like all the ‘heavier’ elements were left out and only the fine, delicate and high frequency elements left.

    A top quality oil.

    This is a testament to the amazing variety of oud that Malaysian wood can produce and to the art of distillation. – Zartash, UK

    I got some Sultani two weeks back and put on a swipe. I can still smell its wafts of sweet oudy goodness from my t-shirt after a good three washes. It would be very difficult to make an oud like that today. – Bilal, Pakistan

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