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    Oud Sulaiman

    Now a Legend
    Final Bottle Sold
    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    You are the park that puts forth pomegranates,
    With all choice fruits;

    Spikenard and saffron, calamus and cinnamon,
    With all kinds of incense;
    Myrrh and Aloes,
    With all the finest spices.

    You are a garden fountain, a well of water
    Flowing fresh from Lebanon.

    When the wealthiest man of all time wrote his Song of Songs, Indian 'Aloes' was not only not endangered and on the verge of extinction – it was the only oud known. The caravans made their way to the Holy Land from the East, carrying musk pods from Kashmir, precious aloeswood from Assam, and 'all kinds of incense'.

    We have not taken Solomon's heavenly fragrance and mixed it with Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, or Hexyl Cinnamal, or Benzyl Benzoate, or Hydroxycitronellal. Oud Sulaiman comes to you directly from the remote woodlands of Assam, from the very last few Oud trees to be found in them.

    Alas! The Oud I have been searching for over a decade. So near but yet far, why did I not go for the Oud Sulaiman! – A. Ali, UK

    Yet another bottle of magic to tempt me! With the economy so shaky, I should not do this but if I have to stand in the unemployment line I will at least smell like a Prince! Thank you! – T. Kennedy, NY

    Wonderful!....very, very Assam. I have spent much time with the Sulaiman and have come to regard it as as a truly spiritual medicine. – G. Ehlers, NJ

    I think I'm slowly falling for the Sulaiman. It is special indeed. – Erol Sinan, NY

    An irresistibly full and varied Oud. Capturing the attention with its wide and deeply fruity scent, Oud Sulaiman gives its wearers a gift of the reminder of high beauty, and through this connection an aura of light and feeling of joy. A delightfully refined Oud. – Yunus Fitzgerald, UK

    Many aspects of Japanese culture are condensed in the cosmological triad of Heaven, Earth, and Man. This triad has many manifestations, perhaps most clearly seen in the harmony of ikebana arrangements. Astonishingly, with the introduction of the Oud Sulaiman and the Kyara, you have opened the door to this cosmology in the realm of scent. Of all Ouds, the Sulaiman is truly the essence of earth – mysterious, sultry, fecund, erotic. And of all Ouds, the Kyara is truly the essence of heaven – ethereal, sublime, numinous. What could possibly connect these two? In the visions of Zen and Shambhala, the connector is man, the human. But this connecting is a potential, not a given realization. Who can rise to this occasion and manifest this potential? This is the challenge put by these two Ouds – to deepen one's innate spiritual nature and become worthy of linking heaven and earth. In this way your Ouds are a true blessing, not just as pleasurable scent, but as latent spiritual realization – if one is willing. – L. Nichol, NM

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