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    Oud Sulaiman LTD

    Now a Legend
    Final Bottle Sold
    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    You are the park that puts forth pomegranates,
    With all choice fruits;

    Spikenard and saffron, calamus and cinnamon,
    With all kinds of incense;
    Myrrh and Aloes,
    With all the finest spices.

    You are a garden fountain, a well of water
    Flowing fresh from Lebanon.

    When the wealthiest man of all time wrote his Song of Songs, Indian 'Aloes' was not only not endangered – it was the only oud known. The caravans made their way to the Holy Land from the East, carrying musk pods from Kashmir, precious aloeswood from Assam, and 'all kinds of incense'.

    We have not taken Solomon's heavenly fragrance and mixed it with Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, or Hexyl Cinnamal, or Benzyl Benzoate, or Hydroxycitronellal. Oud Sulaiman comes to you directly from the remote woodlands of Assam, distilled eleven years ago, available this Eid only.

    If new-age non-barn honeysweet Assams are not your cup of tea, and you like to announce your presence on a megaphone, this is the Hindi of the ages, worn and praised—and sought after—since the days of the Temple. Primal agallochean oud with a spicilicious punch, intense meditative pull and over a decade’s natural aging to boost.  


    Reviews of Oud Sulaiman I:

    Alas! The Oud I have been searching for over a decade. So near but yet far, why did I not go for the Oud Sulaiman! – A. Ali, UK

    Yet another bottle of magic to tempt me! With the economy so shaky, I should not do this but if I have to stand in the unemployment line I will at least smell like a Prince! Thank you! – T. Kennedy, NY

    Wonderful!....very, very Assam. I have spent much time with the Sulaiman and have come to regard it as as a truly spiritual medicine. – G. Ehlers, NJ

    I think I'm slowly falling for the Sulaiman. It is special indeed. – Erol, NY

    An irresistibly full and varied Oud. Capturing the attention with its wide and deeply fruity scent, Oud Sulaiman gives its wearers a gift of the reminder of high beauty, and through this connection an aura of light and feeling of joy. A delightfully refined Oud. – Yunus, UK

    Many aspects of Japanese culture are condensed in the cosmological triad of Heaven, Earth, and Man. This triad has many manifestations, perhaps most clearly seen in the harmony of ikebana arrangements. Astonishingly, with the introduction of the Oud Sulaiman and the Kyara, you have opened the door to this cosmology in the realm of scent. Of all Ouds, the Sulaiman is truly the essence of earth – mysterious, sultry, fecund, erotic. And of all Ouds, the Kyara is truly the essence of heaven – ethereal, sublime, numinous. What could possibly connect these two? In the visions of Zen and Shambhala, the connector is man, the human. But this connecting is a potential, not a given realization. Who can rise to this occasion and manifest this potential? This is the challenge put by these two Ouds – to deepen one's innate spiritual nature and become worthy of linking heaven and earth. In this way your Ouds are a true blessing, not just as pleasurable scent, but as latent spiritual realization – if one is willing. – L. Nichol, NM

    Reviews of Oud Sulaiman III:

    An initial burst of earthy/peaty and animalic/musky notes, soon gives way to ripe fruits, flowers and tangerine peel, sugary and milky but not cloying.  Light and airy feel, leaving a light trail of incense, resins and woods. Few hours later, I get hints of powderiness and greenery. Most complex and amazing scent profile. What an ethereal scent!  Magnificent. – Kenny, London

    When I visited my mother in law and was wearing Sulaiman, she commented on it and how that is what she remembers oud smelling like over 20 years ago when she first moved to the Emirates. I happened to have it on me and promptly swiped some for her. – Taher, UAE

    I found this scent written in braille within the recesses of a lucid mind, the notes quite vivid my limbic system describing the sublime, the scent atomistic, for I inhaled it prior to you shipping it. Once arrived one swipe of it, de ja vu in constant increments, a conscious feeling as I speak with Antecedents. Simply other world Ensar! – Tracy, CA

    Ensar’s mention of Ancient Woods, Musk and Animalic Elixirs from other eons had me curious immediately – this sounds like my kind of Oud! The opening note of Oud Sulaiman III was instantly one of a bygone era, very deep, rich golden bronze, hay, barnyard, feral animalics and leather (I knew this was one for me!) quickly settling down to a feral, civet, hay, leather & slight zesty-ripe fruit character, over time these notes taking a step back and letting the fruit & oud shine through. Sulaiman III is an experience, it makes me feel that I really am wearing a scent of times past. A very special oud, most evocative – Royal Stables more so than Pastoral Barnyard! In the early stages, it is tenacious... An absolute must for the collection. – Jim, UK

    Oud Sulaiman III is fantastic! My favorite Hindi type oil so far, and now one of my very favorite oils in the collection. It’s got a rather strong barnyard to it and quite a bit of complexity that I don’t really know how to describe in terms of familiar scents. The barnyard isn’t quite as pronounced as Oud Yunus but still quite substantial – it is a very appealing barnyard though, very addicting – I keep re-applying the oil to get more of that scent... There is a background fruity element but subdued, and merged with that intoxicating liqueur type barnyard scent. There is sweetness to it... I can see why this style of oil has such a long tradition. It’s an acquired taste, so to speak, like many fine foods and spirits, but highly rewarding... Beautiful oil to look at also – darker reddish type color. – Josh, CA

    I have had this serious craving which, as good as they may be, ouds from other countries just can’t satisfy. Almost as if there is a special brain-center which refuses to respond to anything but a true raw Hindi. But Oh boy is this center active when stimulated with these oils!

    If it weren’t for the fact that people would think I was completely insane, I would be duck-taping the oil directly to my nostrils and just ride the olfactory wave all day. Suleiman III has none of those off-putting sharp notes, just smooth, mature, intoxicating dark Hindi character. I have smelled so many oils from this region which have only ever given me minute hints of what potentially exists... Alhamdulillah, I am finally satisfied! – Taher, UAE

    I love the leather and the hay and all the classic complex smells that come with this type of oud. I can smell the fullness for so long before getting olfactory fatigue, which points to the sheer diversity of the scent molecules within. – Matt, Canada

    Yes I can’t get enough of that Oud Sulaiman! – Josh, CA

    The Oud that really put a smile on my face is Oud Sulaiman III. The scent profile is from the Bengal region that connects into Burma. I have a bottle from sylhet (Bangladesh), and I just have bit left & thought I will never smell that top note again. 

    When I received the samples (very quick delivery) & when I opened Sulaiman III & smelled the oil, I almost started crying, tears of joy by the way. It's the note that I missed & craved. Strong on the barnyard note with an amazing uplifting feel that words can't explain. It's definitely a scent from the past that I encountered again. JazakAllah to the whole team at Ensar Oud for all the hard work to put a smile on my heart. – Ish, Canada

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