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    Oud Shuyukh

    Now a Legend
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    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    A translucency comparable to the Borneo 3000 permeates the funky tones of this delectable Assam oud. Needless to say, if you like the 'barnyard' character of Assam oud, you will love it.

    Unlike other Assam ouds available on the market, Oud Shuyukh was extracted exclusively from wild-harvested agarwood. Nearly all Indian ouds we've come across to date were extracted from cultivated Assam agarwood, which is widely available. Unless allowed to mature fully, the cultivated varieties of Assam agarwood will yield an oil that is reminiscent of the medicinal smell of sea salt and iodine. These oils will altogether lack the spiritual element of wild Assam oud.

    A fine example of a cultivated Assam oil is our Assam Organic, which we distilled from trees that matured for over thirty years.

    But if you want that wild Indian oud fragrance which is the stuff of legends and wonders of the past, you must opt for the rarities – the exotic specimens of Assam oud which are now harvested in the jungles of Bhutan, Nagaland and Manipur.

    Oud Shuyukh is one of the extremely few specimens of such oil that are available in the world today. Because of its rarity and scarcity, we recommend that you order your bottle now, before our limited stock runs out.

    I'm sorry but I often find myself indulging in my Oud Shuyukh more than once a day. I constantly recieve compliments when in the ranks for salah. There should be a way for a customer to get larger bottles. What do you think? Is there any help for a lover of oud? – A. Ashraf, DE

    I think your current description doesn't do the new Shuyukh justice. You might consider saying that this one surpasses previous ones, or at least has new and desirable characteristics – one of which is a creamy, buttery quality that cradles the spiciness and the fecalness. In my experience this is a new aspect of the Shuyukh that really puts me in a swoon. – L. Nichol, NM

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