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    Oud Royale

    Now a Legend
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    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    Also known as the Oud Sultani, this oil is literally the Sultan of Oud. Distilled for one of the richest oud lovers in 1982, it is almost 30 years-old!

    As you may know, oud oil is normally extracted from wood that ranges from $20 to a few hundred dollars per kilogram. The quality of agarwood that is burned as incense, and which costs several thousand per kilo, as a rule, never gets used in the distillation of agarwood oil.

    However, our rich friend would not hear of such a custom. He ordered the choicest wood out of Indonesia, and hired the greatest experts in oud distillation (the Indians) to cook his oil. This he then presented to the highest officials and dignitaries of foreign countries when they visited him. A truly Royal gift.

    Connoisseurs and amateurs alike will attest, in the Oud Royale you have the very finest oud oil available in the world at the present time. It is by far the oil whose scent most closely resembles that of the smoke of precious oud wood when burned − a quality that is never met with in inferior or low grade oud oils, which have a harsh leathery smell instead of the subtle, intoxicating scent of burning gaharu.

    Aaaaahahhhhhahahhhhaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! − T. Bershad, PA

    My next purchase will definitely be another Oud Royale. I am so besotted with this oil!... and really want to build up a multi-year supply. It is hard to justify buying anything else when this is available! − L. Nichol, NM

    This Oud oil defies description. The complexity of the aroma is simply unmatched by any essential oil, agarwood or otherwise. Just as stated, it very closely mimics the smell of burning agarwood: a feature only possible when the oil is distilled from a high resin content wood. One is warned, however, to remain humble after applying this oil, as it actually does induce a sense of 'royalty'! − M. Behairy, FL

    This is definitely one of the best Oud oils I have ever smelt. It resembles the smell of burning wood chips. Once you have tried this you will never go back to another Oud oil. − F. Banaras, UK

    After wearing this for a day, I was completely hooked. I have never encountered such a sublime, mysterious fragrance − utterly intoxicating! Buyer beware - this oil is completely addictive! I will no longer even think of risking money with other companies − Oriscent is the best, hands down. These days it is rare to be able to have such confidence in a company. − L. Nichol, NM

    Just a quick note to let you know that the Oud Royale arrived in my Saturday mail. Indeed another wonderful scent from − John Leonard B., WI

    Hello. The bottle of Oud Royale I ordered arrived today. I love it. This stuff is amazing! Thanks a lot. − Harold C., NY

    I am totally addicted to Oud Royale as is my partner. − T. Kennedy, NY

    ...And the king of them all is really the Oud Royale. Its name stands for its quality! It has a very intoxicating, lovely and beautiful smell. It's not too strong but very mystical. It's just great! I am happy to be one of the few people who own some of it. I think it's one of the few chances to get such old and especially such high grade oud oil for an affordable price. − Andy Abbas Schulz, Germany

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