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    Oud Khidr

    Now a Legend
    Final Bottle Sold
    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    Oud Khidr will probably become the most legendary Assam oud ever distilled. It's blacker than Assam Black, deeper, as rich as our first Oud Royale yet with an Assam undercurrent which makes it impossible to resist.

    Take Assam Black, multiply its blackness by about three, intensify its oudiness to the point where all typical Assam notes disappear to make way for the woodiest, deepest South Papua oud you've ever inhaled, and you've got – a major problem. Either your artisan is lying, or you just distilled a miracle oil.

    The deeper you delve into the mysterious world of oud scents, the more you crave that wondrous scent of the immaculate heart of Hindi oud, purified of all modern-day tampering, the stuff of legends and wonders of the past.

    From a remote and hidden jungle previously unexplored, we bring you this most exotic of all Hindis we've ever extracted. From agarwood trees at least seventy to eighty years old at the time of harvest, this is as wild as pure Indian oud is ever going to get.

    A fantasy of resinous dark-woody oudy-spicy agarwood notes, Oud Khidr is everything you have never dreamt of finding in a wild Hindi oud oil.

    1.1 gr

    The Khidr Oud really does take me on a complete journey. Before smelling your ouds, I never thought it possible for the sense of smell to completely transport me to an exotic and unexplored world which I'd only previously dreamt of. The first swipe on my wrist commenced with the terrifying smell of complete darkness, the smell of rotting earth, with an underlying note of something which is hard to describe in words. Not something most of Western society would associate with the word pleasant. The unexplored and previously untried smell which radiated from my wrist caused me to wince in shock, and for a split moment, doubt the value of your Oud. How foolish this was. The ethereal beauty of this scent was soon obvious, as the initial smell still lingered in the background. The complexity and interweaving of different scents took me someplace transcending, on a journey ethereal which I am still unable to entirely comprehend. The most beautiful, terrifying, complex and ever changing aroma which my nose has yet encountered delightfully began to envelop me. Khidr breaks all preconceived boundaries in my experience with scent. This is not simply a scent. It is an experience. Thank you for introducing me to your ouds. I look forward to trying many more, as I anxiously long for the next olfactory journey which awaits me. – Chris, USA

    Thick. Black. Potent. Indian. This is oud. This is why I love oud. This is what I am always searching for. The rich and deeply resinous aroma of Oud Khidr freshly permeates the air, exhibiting the darkest barnyard character that I have smelled in an Indian oil so far. And yet it is so clean and smooth. There is even a sweetness tingling in its resinous purity. Tone down Oud Mostafa's fruitiness, deepen and darken its Indian notes as much as possible, and you have something similar to Khidr. Both are epitome oud fragrances – Khidr moreso in the sense that its scent profile is more classically Indian.

    Khidr is a strong and powerful fragrance. It's aroma hovers above my wrists. The inhalations are not deep enough to reach the bottom of this scent. There is more that I cannot express. Creamy in the mid-range, but only subtly. The body of this oil is the core of the fragrance. I return to my wrists to go back for more – and there is always more.

    Oud Khidr takes me back home, to the sacred and fragrant heart of India. A breath of Khidr is a fragrant taste of sacred history. Khidr is the oud spoken of since ancient times, the primordial and timeless fragrance used in many different religious and Spiritual traditions for its absolutely powerful, rich, deep, and penetrating aroma. Khidr is the oud that has perplexed mystics for ages with its uniquely complex and living aroma.

    A must have for all lovers of Indian oud oil, I deeply recommend Oud Khidr to everyone who is interested in tasting the essence and epitome of pure Indian oud oil of the highest calibre. Wild-harvested from trees at least seventy to eighty years old in the jungle of North Cachar. – Neeshee, Hawaii

    I love it. If there was a 'diesel' oud oil, this would be it. The strength is noble and assertive. I like wearing it when it is cold out for some reason. I have to apply it about a half an hour or so before if I'm going out. I'll go into a room and roll up my sleeves and the strength of this fragrance will set the tone and atmosphere around me. If I'm not going out I will put a good smear on and the powerfulness helps me focus. It almost takes you back to the dawn of creation and time if a smell could do that. – Edward, FL

    I'm currently having my brain blown to bits by a swipe of Khidr!
    Wow. WOW.
    Classic Hindi profile, but with the intensity-notch cranked to-the-max. Zero notes that aren't completely welcomed, and it's not a background oud, which I thoroughly appreciate; it's holding my attention, relentlessly.
    I'm not going to want to be without a bottle of this one, either. – Emmett, CA

    I just received the Khidr Oud today and it is simply stunning. I will be purchasing more very soon once I am able to. Also, after smelling other ouds from [another vendor] and comparing them to yours, I must say that there is no comparison. – Chris, USA

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