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    Oud Emerald

    Now a Legend
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    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    Its cool, tangy top-notes breathe with a lavish herbal undercurrent, typical to Oud from this lush Indonesian island.

    Refreshing, moist and exotic, Oud Emerald adds some body to the subtle and smooth aroma unique to other Indonesian Ouds.

    If Borneo oils take you for a mid-day stroll along a dry forest path on a blue-sky summer day, Oud Emerald invites you for an early morning jog deep into the jungle, where pine leaves glitter with the clean morning dew. It is unspoiled, fresh and crisp, with a soft tropical muddiness to sink your toes into.

    For those familiar with our now legendary Papua oils, Oud Emerald will remind you of the wild green foresty, even minty character that made Green Papua so exceptional.

    If you've never had the chance to try our Papua oils, Oud Emerald offers everything you've been missing out on.

    It packs quite a punch! In fact, I was initially startled by its liveliness. It smells cleaner than other Papua oils I've sampled – maybe because of the strong “magic marker” note at the beginning. Subtle, familiar herbal notes are there, though they are not nearly as strong as a salty, mineral quality that gives this oil a kind of spa-like dry sharpness. White pepper is very predominant – more than the patchouli and nutmeg notes present in other Papua oils. I think people who like ambergris would enjoy this oil as it has a similar bleached scent. If I were into blending scents I'd definitely try them together, as the mineral aspect is one that I particularly like. – Isabella Lee, NY

    The Emerald is green and golden like an early morning sun. – Hisham Suliman, FL

    I like the Oud Emerald because it smells like a lush thriving tropical forest. – Yen Nguyen, CA


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