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    Oud Ehab 2

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    This one goes out to Sheikh Ehab of The Morning Oud Show. Of all ouds, Sheikh Ehab loved our Borneos and Archipelagos the most. If you’re like him, with a soft spot for semi-dry woody ouds with a piercing resinous twist — then this is for you.

    Slather on a swipe of oud that’s fresh, herbaceous, almost peppery, spearmint-green (without being minty), and pregnant with a rich pollen-powdery, cedar-dry, vanilla-sweet Malinau heart that’s wafting through clouds of Papuan vapor. 

    Oud Ehab 2 balances the cool floral tones of an aborigine's jungly Papuan syrup and the sweet honey notes of the choicest Borneo. Devoid of any harshness, muddiness, or terpentine tones, with contrasting layers of gyrinops’ earthiness against the ethereal, raspberry flavor you’d smell in the most delectable of Borneos.

    Imagine a spread of fresh pine leaves, vanilla, and cedar (i.e. the freshness that’s characteristic of an awesome Borneo), while throughout the scent, you get whiffs of an intoxicating mentholated wood chord — a piercing sensation in the way minty notes strike you, but toned down and slightly more raw/sweet like a gentle infusion of ambergris and peeled bark, revealing a sweet, sappy citrusy note unique to fine Indonesian ouds. This feature makes this oil immediately likable and super accessible (you can wear it to work no problemo).

    This is a special Archipelago in memory of our dear Sheikh Ehab, who passed away recently, may God elevate him. He leaves behind his family, including his youngest daughter, and I know he would have wanted us to help, just as if it happened to any of us we’d want the same from our brothers and sisters.

    We’ve created an education trust for his daughter, Hedaya, and a portion of the proceeds from each bottle sold will go towards Hedaya's fund.

    On The Morning Oud Show, Sheikh Ehab represents the everyman. He was known as a nature-lover, minimalist, and someone who joined between the rebelliousness of the 60s and the wisdom of a Sufi. He didn’t like fluff and fakery. And so neither does this oud. Smell it. Dig in and discover a full-on blast of O.U.D. 

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