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    Nirvata Muana

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    Bhutanese oils are practically unheard of. It’s much easier to source kynam than it is to get your hands on quality Bhutanese agarwood. When was the last time you heated up any? Oud oil… even rarer. Since the release of Oud Idrees more than six years ago, how many Bhutanese oils have you smelled?

    I can count the number of Bhutanese distillations we’ve launched on four fingers. And you know how things are looking in Meghalaya and Yunnan, so just imagine the jungles leading to the barren planes of Tibet.

    Nirvata Muana is all exotic high-mountain wildflowers. Rich, lush, expansive. Spicy, pollenesque, white chocolate vanillicious, injected with tuberose, frangipani, and freesia. Mysore’s smooth cream, coupled with the tenacity of forest honey.

    This oud is at once an overtly risqué pheromonal tease and a monk’s best companion. Some ouds excite and intrigue. Muana calms. Where Guallams are medicinal, Muana is meditational.

    I’ve talked about this, and many oud lovers have felt the same thing. Ouds imbue a hal—a mood or feeling that conveys a portrait of its origin. Maroke ouds smell aboriginal, Thai ouds playful—even sexy. Vintage Cambodis raw as the vastness of their cracked-dry war-torn rice fields. And Indian ouds, ancient. The primordial, meditative ambience of Oud from the Forbidden Kingdom is no accident. You wonder at once: How a scent so smooth can pack so much punch; a single Senkoh note so replete a bouquet.

    Doctors now prescribe meditation. If they knew about this oil, no doubt they’d add a bottle to boot. The scent has been described as ‘serene’, ‘calming’… ‘It slows you down’. No wonder a dab under your nose takes the edge off as you sit in padmasana.

    It is my personal conviction that Bhutanese oud is a secret, if not forgotten chapter of Oud history. A passing flicker through the window as the Oud world instead remembered Pusong, Nha Trang, Malinau and Koh Kong. Whether overlooked or off-limits, how beautifully true Muana’s rarity resonates with its origin, the Forbidden Kingdom.

    30 min seated meditation felt like 5 minutes thnx to Nirvata Muana on the upper lips. Roiboos vanilla tea with snack of dried fruits and grandpa loading his pipe with blonde fruity tobacco. – Rasoul, Canada

    Nirvata Muana is MOST amazing! I had never tried anything from Bhutan but if this is indicative, I sure hope that you guys can get your hands on more from that region. – Eric, USA

    Nirvata Muana… I get the ‘solidity’ of the Assam contribution, but the florals and the lighthearted spirit of
    the Bhutanese ‘wild’ wood are startling! What a great balance in the distillation! Yup, ‘enchanting’
    is a fine word for the waft. – Linh, USA

    A dreamy oud. Everything is light, sweet and soft. Sometimes it comes across as watery – very unusual. A sliver of green incense too. Fruits and flowers, with a sprinkle of dried orange peel and spices, against woody undertones. The world stands still after smelling this oil. Much later, one is transported to another world, like gazing into an important Golconda diamond and seeing the rays of light dance. Pure joy. – Kenny, Hong Kong

    A gentle Oud, powdery sweet wood, soft pink pepper spice, slightly euphoric. Balsamic with a sweet Assamese backbone. There’s and oudy twang atop a resin base. It radiates a candy floral aura. It’s nothing akin to a Cambodi or Thai, staying true to its Bhutanese roots, however, the sweet Assamese does assert itself, making the overall scent less powdery, a little stronger, more resinous, and a touch of almost-barn. – Curt, USA

    Lots of honeyed notes with freshly split light wood, spicy, and apple pies baking. – Keith, USA

    There is a figgy-fruity note in what feels like the heart note of Nirvata Muana (very ‘alive’ oil). It is beautiful and my nose just wanted to keep going back to it. I use that note to help me see the beauty in other people’s heart, that I’m not able to do, on my own. – KS, USA

    Muana is truly something else. I put it on and can smell the wildflowers all day long. Wore this scent to Taraweeh tonight and the concentration was out of this world. – Nazif, USA

    The Muana reminds me of the Assam 3000, but closer to an Assamugo note. Is very mellow but still smells great 6-8 hours later, longer than many other oils. Really nice. – Mark, USA

    Nirvata Muana is great. I need to spend some more time with it to fully gather my impressions. All I know so far is, while the opening is more or less familiar (clean, some complex, lacquered, honeyed semi-floral tones, but less intensely floral than something like Yusuf), the base is uncharted territory for me. I’m not really sure how to describe it yet – kind of a suede/leathery tea-like note, but not smoky and dark like Lapsang, it’s very mellow and less austere… it smells light gray. There were hints of some of the opening of OZ in here, but without the feral animalism. Almost like Nirvata Muana had worn Oud Zachariyya a few days ago and the ghost of it lingers.  It’s really neat and fun to wear. And however irrational it might be, I love the fact that it’s from Bhutan! – Ben, USA

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