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    Nha Trang Attar

    Price: $645 $599

    Composed of premium, wild Vietnamese oud and precious flowers (including a hefty dose of tuberose), this is one of the most expensive attars we’ve showcased to date.

    Exceptionally diffusive, with a piercing fresh opening soon engulfed in the rich creaminess of tuberose sweetened with deep red jasmine. Whiff by whiff, a cherry sweetness contrasted by that tart-sour-softly-bitter sinensis signifier layers the zingy opening in a blanket of oudy bliss. 

    Some got a sneak peak during Black Friday and LOVED it—and now practically demand its release…

    We couldn’t ignore the encouragement and praise, so here’s your chance to get a whiff of a scent that bites with a Guallam citrus floral aroma I haven't smelled in even the zestiest orange Hainans.

    Writing to say that, of all I have and have tried, the most addictive thing I’ve smelt is still the Nha Trang Attar…

    I haven’t wanted to douse myself in anything like I do with this. – Sam, USA

    ​This is love at first sniff!!! 

    Imagine orange blossoms dipped in a bit of jasmine and a bit of oud and possibly a bit of ambergris... there’s a lil honey, and vanilla in there. It is absolutely exquisite!

    This one is definitely orange blossom heavy and I just never thought a perfume like this could work, nor did I think it would last. It is Intoxicating! Has me going back for more all day long!! 

    My son who is not the biggest fan of oud, was absolutely enamored as well! He was nervous to smell it at first cuz he knows my love of oud... so... I told him he couldn’t have any dinner til he did... 🤣 of course, I was joking and he knew it... but he also knew that it was special!! And quickly found out why... he even stood back worried I’d swipe him with it... cuz, yes, I have done it to him before too... 🤣 

    Ensar Oud, this is my favorite attar of yours thus far!!!! It is incredible!! – Cristina, USA

    What is this sorcery? I'm getting plums, tobacco and medicine altogether and at different times. – Mohammed, UK

    This feels like a 'calling' to Daughter Spring to come out. She no longer needs to sit in Father Winter's shadow. Now is the time for spring to blossom into the young maiden she is becoming. It's also soothing to Father Winter as she settles him into his nest deep below the earth's surface to rest up for next winter. And, she says, 'it's ok Papa, you have trained me well, I will take it from here. You can rest knowing that I know how to be. You can surrender as I have.'  

    The blend is so harmonious. It's intoxicating! The brush upon an orange tree at this time of spring, the flowers - jasmine, (I picture narcissus, maybe because this blooms heavily where I live and has some similarities to tuberose) being lit up by the sun, and yet the earth is still moist and gives off this subtle scent that comes up to meet your nose.  – Cristina, USA

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