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    Musk Motia

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    We have a wonderful twenty-year-old jasmine attar originally intended to be used exclusively as an ingredient in our perfumes.

    Instead of using the vintage jasmine attar neat, in a historic first we infused the entire batch with our antique Tibetan musk.

    As an ingredient, this fusion takes things to another level. But as a perfume…

    It’s difficult not to like jasmine. It’s difficult not to love jasmine. Its smooth, morning-fresh, inviting fragrance is why jasmine is adored worldwide, just like oud. This jasmine showcases the inimitable beauty of the flower captured in a bottle and adds a nitro boost to lift projection and sillage. 

    The addition of raw deer musk steeped right into the attar makes Musk Motia a pristine combo that hits you with an unmistakable, crisp earthy-musk opening as the freshness of jasmine steeps steadily through. If normally jasmine is gentle and soft, Musk Motia cloaks that gentleness in a layer of noir with a deep sweetness I haven’t smelled in neat jasmine. 

    Like all precious florals, it takes an insane amount of jasmine petals to produce very little oil (both essential oil and absolutes require millions). Not to mention, these petals were distilled two decades ago as a traditional attar where the jasmine and sandalwood were fused together in the same vessel—and have been maturing ever since.

    As for the sandalwood, we’re talking olde Mysore here. Tibetan musk tincures, if you can find any, can easily sell for several hundred dollars, while vintage Mysore infused with any kind of musk…well, you know what they sell for. So, it's not hard to imagine how someone else could easily ask much more for an unheard-of jasmine / Mysore / Misk Tibti infusion this old. (Then again, where do you even find such a rarity?)

    Because fine jasmine is so immensely calming and the scent so sublime, it’s easy to splurge — and by all means, do! — so, aside from putting away a bottle or two for yourself, this really does make a fantastic gift, especially if you want to nudge someone close to you in a more fragrant direction.

    Sillage is fantastic and projection piercing enough to exude this beautiful scent to those around you with ample presence. If there were ever a ‘safe bet’ for perfume, it’d be jasmine. With this jasmine infused Mysore, you’re not just playing it safe: you can confidently share one of the most beautiful fragrances on Earth—amped up with the most precious vintage Tibetan musk.

    Musk Motia is so soothing. When I first smelled it, I immediately fell in love. A scent that truly calms the soul, you feel as if you’re lying on top of a million jasmine flowers. – Hamza, Denmark

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