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    Musc Royale

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    I was upset. Frustrated. With tightened fists, I paced around the room with the regret of someone who scored 5 out of 6 numbers for the lotto. What if—! 

    Sandalwood lovers rejoiced in Santal Royale. Even oudheads adore it, and some now actually prefer it to oud. Despite how incredible it smells and how far it outranks just about every sandalwood oil you put next to it, despite it all… I felt regret.

    Why did I ever sell Santal Royale neat? What was I thinking!? Imagine I took it all and did THIS from the beginning. What a waste! I thought.

    And that’s how the bulk of Santal Royale ended up in new German pyrex with fresh Siberian musk grains bubbling in the bottom.

    The fact that you’re reading this means you and I both crave a certain caliber fragrance; that we hold our perfumes to a certain standard. That’s why I’m sharing this story. To show how highly I regard both Santal Royale and why I believe Musk Royale is EVEN BETTER. And that I’m sure you’ll be blown away; that Musk Royale will satisfy your crave like lemonade does on a hot day.  

    Now, if you already own a bottle of Santal Royale, you shouldn’t feel that you missed out. This is what I discovered. You should be double thankful for the chance to smell it neat… and on steroids, like what you’ve got here.

    Musk upon musk. It’s as if Santal Royale, hands down the muskiest sandalwood scent out there (distilled in Taiwan, using the same set-up – even the exact same pots – that produced the most renowned ouds in the world, including Kyara LTD and Royale Kinam) was made to be infused with musk. 

    Like a musk bomb blew up in your face, you don’t even know which way to smell… did the Siberian grains musk-efy the Santal Royale or did Santal Royale add more musk to the pods? Either way, you get a blast of musk from both ends, combusting in the center to explode in a musk-sandal match made in heaven. 

    Zen and desire don’t normally hold hands, but the sensual, pheromonal pull in Musk Royale is off the hook—and yet… it pampers you with the tranquility sandalwood is known to imbue; the meditative cool that calm your nerves and slows down racing thoughts. The way Musk Royale lets you discover the ‘here-and-now’ of zen and the zesty ‘here-and-now’ that any aphrodisiac stirs up in him and her, is pure olfactory magic.  

    So, whether for the monk or the newlywed, a drop on your neck will go a long way……  

    Musk Tonga with the other Musk are on similar level to me, but Musk Royale is a true Royale! It started as heavy sweet scent, and within few minutes it developed into most beautiful sweet fragrance I ever tried! – Hanna, Australia

    I treasure this oil and use sparingly. The combination of soft, buttery sandalwood and the sharp, almost acrid, funk of musk is absolutely terrific. This oil is among my favorites of your fantastic products. – David, USA

    Musc Royale has a depth that warms my core. It sings within the range of a bass. – Lu, Canada



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