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    Muana LTD

    Now a Legend
    Final Bottle Sold
    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    Kyara wakes you up! Cuts like a knife. It’s so sharp, it numbs your mouth.

    You’d recognize it by the yellow strains running between deep-brown-black lines of resin. When burnt, it smells green. A menthol flush that hits you like brainfreeze. Where it comes from, we don’t know. Some say Vietnam. Still, because it’s so rare, we might never know.

    But beyond the wild green wonder, lies a scent equally rare. Indian oud hunters have only found the Muana note in ancient agallocha trees in a unique jungle range that stretches along the north-western border of Assam, leading into Bhutan.  When found, it’s already sold.

    The difference between kyara and muana is that you’d find strips of kyara changing hands on the market. The almost mythical appreciation the Japanese attribute to it has made kyara familiar to anybody who knows something about agarwood. In contrast, this might be the first time you’ve even heard of muana. Whereas kyara is the buzzword in the oud world, muana is hardly a whisper.

    Today, for anybody to buy kyara and make oud oil from is... what’s the word?


    If you’re a multi billionaire with ten or twenty kilograms at your disposal, it’s theoretically possible. But, as much as we’d have loved to run a kyara distillation today, we can safely assume that not a single bottle will sell. We’d put ourselves out of business instantly, unable to distill anything afterwards.

    So, what about distilling muana?

    I personally know very few people who own a batch of muana burning oud chips. In fact, I don’t know many who own any high grade chips from Bhuntan to begin with. And like kyara, using it exclusively for burning is all any sane person would ever think of doing with this wood. But as always, with our sanity shoved aside, we’ve gone through great care to gather the only batch of muana that won’t be used for burning. This select batch of Bhutanese wood is pure Muana... only in liquid form.

    For a long time, kyara was where muana is now; unknown; no buzz; accessible. Instead of waiting to see what will happen when muana too becomes a piece of history, it’s currently available as part of our Vintage LTD collection for a few grand less than it will be before too long. We now know which jungles produce muana and how to separate it from the regular grade agarwood, and we’re not yet paying what we would for kyara, so neither will you.

    If you believe that kyara hails from Vietnam, regular Vietnamese oud is certainly no proof. Kyara is its own scent category that defies wherever it comes from. It’s as much Vietnamese as it is Indonesian. Connoisseurs familiar with Assamese, Burmese and Bhutanese oud will likewise confess that muana is the black swan of ancient BÅ«tan.

    In Muana LTD you find zero barn. Instead, a palette of mild spices jostled against a lotus-orchid warmth. Like the evanescent smell of poppies in bloom, a gentle euphoric note lies in wait after about half an hours’ wear, after which the smell quiets down into a powdery sweetness. Kyara excites and intrigues. Muana calms. If you use oud to aid your meditation you’ll soon discover that there’s no substitute for Muana LTD. Where kyara is medicinal, muana is spiritual – the scent of silence; of serenity.

    Unusual, exotic, delicious Oud! No barn. It smells something like a salad of flowers, with a good olive oil and spices. Indeed, ouds from Buthan and Burma are incredible! – Alan, Brazil

    Muana is just like a lost olfactory treasure that has just been found. It amazes you from start to finish. Muana’s notes collaborate to produce a well balanced single note that is unique. Do not expect it to smell like the Indian oud that you are familiar with, because it doesn’t. It is a classification by itself. Do not compare it to anything, just enjoy it. – Raed, Kuwait

    I just received my Muana LTD and it is lovely! It’s the sweetest, softest one, it smells as beautiful as Hawaii, it’s just as lovely as my favorite Kyara! – Francine, CA

    I really appreciate the Muana LTD. I do use it during my Meditation practice. A small dab under my nose does the trick. – Curt, CA

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