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    Maroke LTD

    Now a Legend
    Final Bottle Sold
    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    Here you have it. An oil a decade old, from the wildest raw materials ever collected.

    Pitch black Maroke agarwood, distilled in 2004 by my Taiwanese Kyara Wizard.

    It’s like unleashing a genie from the bottle. A jungly mineral effervessence of the crispest green incense notes abound as you untwist the cap.

    This is just about the most potent oud oil you’ll ever experience. And by ‘potent’ I don’t mean foul, off-putting or overwhelming. I mean this oil’s aromatic dynamic is ultra loud and crystal clear.

    Untwist the cap—and you’re all of a sudden in the presence of something surreal—that could never have been bottled up in such a small glass jar.

    Wild Maroke agarwood—pitch black resin—distilled in 2004—in Taiwan—by one of the greatest craftsmen the agarwood scene has ever known—and then aged for a decade.

    This is wild-harvested Artisanal Oud at its finest.
    And for the price, it’s a gift...............

    The Maroke LTD is blowing my mind. Up until now I never had any idea how much difference there would be between really good oud and normal oud! This is real pleasure, pure pleasure going up my nose and sending waves of pleasure through my body. Pure excitement for the soul! Love its medicinal smell characteristics. – Mark, UK

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