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    Mélange Priveé SQ

    Price: $825

    Oud Royale 1980 and Ward Sultani are among the most iconic aromatics. And both were brought to life by Sultan Qaboos’ passionate pursuit to unearth and acquire the world’s most impressive scents.

    As with the acquisition of Oud Royale and Ward Sultani, those who were honored to mingle in royal circles had special access to either pure oud or pure rose. That, or a third class: oud and rose blends.

    Precious though Oud Royale and Ward Sultani may be, Mélange Priveé SQ is a peerless and priceless combo unlike you’ve ever smelled…… unless—

    How do I describe the smell? Take Oud Royale and Ward Sultani, and mix them. As simple—and otherworldly—as that.

    Everyone who has smelled either of them over the years has borne testimony to their quality and their almost unanimous superiority in the world of oud and rose. You know how much each of those has sold for, and continues to sell for—so you know what Mélange Priveé SQ should sell for.

    The what-if? fantasy of blending these two legends together teased me countless times, and I regret not having had the chance to do so after Oud Royale sold out. But now, sixteen years later, I again marvel at the foresight of our dear Sultan: he did what I’d wanted to do—before I ever knew I’d want to do it!

    That’s how old Mélange Priveé SQ is. Sinking-grade oud distilled in that era, blended with rose oil only a Sultan could afford to bring to life. The two macerating in the same royal flacon for decades since.

    This weekend is your chance to own a Rose Oud perfume literally made for a sultan, at a price that won’t come again.

    This was certainly an appropriate time to stop and smell the roses, however I did not take into account fully whose roses I was going to be smelling.

    Wow! Is the Melange SQ real or a dream? This is the aroma I have imagined and dreamed of. It is perfectly smooth with none of the pointy edges Ward can often have. There can be no other like this. I can’t even think of this as a Rose-Oud as this is so impossibly incredible. Now I’m confused did you steal away my dream or make it come true? What could come after this?

    All I can say is, when Ensar tells you to smell the roses you’re gonna smell THE roses. – Jeff, USA

    I am taking a quick break from work just to tell you that Mélange Privé is INSANELY GOOD. Mind blown! Philip, France

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