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    Legends Sampler

    Price: $785 $599

    Some of our ouds come in very limited batches, or they simply sell out before you’ve had the chance to get your hands on a bottle. Or, you’ve just recently stepped foot into the world of artisanal oud and wish you could get a whiff of one of those oud legends you keep hearing about that have shaped this niche arena in some way or other.

    Here you’ve got the chance to turn back the clock and rewire your nose. These legends have been the definition of quality oud. They are the apex, the emblematic benchmark, and the ultimate reference guide for oud aficionados. And up till now, they’ve been in the hands of private collectors who – let’s face it – have every right to be a bit reluctant about handing out free swipes…

    You get:

    .15 gr Purple Kinam – Malaysia, 2011

    .15 gr White Kinam – Malinau, 2017

    .15 gr Oud Ahmad – Kelantan, 2001

    .15 gr Chugoku Naya – China | India, 2016

    .15 gr Borneo 50K – Malinau, 2005

    .15 gr Kinam Rouge – Vietnam, 2014

    .15 gr Tigerwood Royale – Malaysia, 2001

    .15 gr Maroke Ceylon – Papua | Sri Lanka, 2018

    This extraordinary selection lets you smell ouds from the remotest corners of the oud world that have sent oud lovers flying in olfactory wonder for years and years. Each one of these is a benchmark distillation to which other oils can be compared and through which your own appreciation for this magical scent will be refined. 

    If you factored in the age of these oils, along with their scarcity and rarity, you’d be looking at thousands of dollars just to buy these on the market. We want to make these otherworldly fragrances as accessible as possible so each vial contains .15 grams, enough for you to wear multiple times.

    How I now wish I had more Chugoku Naya, or that twenty-five-years-aged Malaysian to turn to! Smell the ooze of powdery incense-green gushing from the most soul-stirring Borneo I know of. Experience the jungle heat of Maroke and feel the power of the vintage Kelantan oud.

    You’ll have to hunt down collectors and bargain until you’re blue in the face for them to at best let go of a drop of one of these. Here you get eight oud legends that have stood the test of time. They’ve been revisited and reviewed and the vote is unanimous: “This is as good as it gets.”

    Purple Kinam

    I was on the phone with a dear friend as I opened it for the first time... I took a lil smell and instantly started sighing with delight. And, then I took another smell... Mmmmmmmm I couldn't stop... It was enchanting. Delighting. Blissful. Transporting. Orgasmic... So much so, that my friend asked me if I was having an orgasm... ;) I said, 'Pretty much!!' This lil magical liquid takes you to that place that our souls know, but yet our human minds don't remember much of the time! It's a journey in a breath! And all the complexities and simplicities in there... It is so well balanced in it's dichotomy! OMG!!!! It's a pure sensual orgasm!!! How else can one describe it?! Not the kind of orgasm that leaves you tired, but the cell-shaking ones that leave you energized and yet so relaxed! –  Cristina, USA

    I’ve tried countless fragrances with fewer layers and less complexity than this oil made from just one type of wood. Granted, it’s the top-of-the-line and very expensive Kyara/Kinam varietal of agarwood but, even so, what a remarkable fragrance. Purple Kinam creates two completely different but equally well-defined worlds. The first was an old, book-lined study, where I rested in a Churchillian-studded leather armchair… click for full review. – Kafkaesque, ‘Best of 2017’

    And man, Purple Kinam… atop an active volcano is a special mix. – Chris, New Zealand


    You found the perfect word to express Purple Kinam – it’s truly a Galaxy! :)

    I first tried a sample (thank you again for the opportunity). When I tried the sample, it was enough to fall in love with Purple Kinam. I thought I smelled purple concord grapes and plums crushed in ice crystals from frozen mountain tops… definitely purple color…

    But now I know, there is a huge difference in trying a small sample and experiencing the same oud from a larger vial.

    So, when I experienced Purple Kinam I received from you fully… it is really just one pure note of pristine acacia honey magnified a thousandfold. But the most amazing thing is not the smell, but frequency signature of this oud. The waves are short and very fast and it goes directly to the pineal gland and plays it like an instrument. The pineal has micro crystals that have piezoelectric properties. So as an interesting fact, how comes the purple color (actually more like violet color)? It is actually an effect of Purple Kinam acting on the pineal. Micro crystals squeeze and produce violet color. So it’s not imagination that produces the violet color, it’s actual color produced by the pineal gland. This violet color then floods the pituitary gland and activates far-vision (vision on a distance) and long-vision (vision in time).

    So, yes, for me Purple Kinam is currently my Holy Grail :) For which I am Very GRATEFULl! :)

    P.S. About long-vision… :) I was wondering if Ensar remembers one of his life-times when he in fact was Leonardo Da Vinci.

    – Elena, Russia/USA

    PK is just simply a wow oil. When I first ventured into this wild world, I never thought I'd be investing in my nose this much. =) A year and a half later, here I am holding a true legend. Opportunities like this don't present themselves often. I'm grateful to be amongst the few who will ever be graced by this gentle, gentle monster. –  Michael, Canada

    The moment I took a whiff of Purple Kinam, I felt like I was soaring. It is literally an uplifting feeling. I can’t even describe the scent. Purple Kinam doesn’t share any of the ‘oudy’ characteristics that you usually pick up with most oils. I’ll need some time to really review it. The only thing I can say is that this is the most amazing thing I’ve had the pleasure of smelling in my life. Actually, it’s the perfect scent for me. – Steve, USA

    And once again my idea of what Oud is completely changes. This had almost the same scent profile 12 hours later as when I first applied it – Kinam must have different chemical properties compared to ‘normal’ Oud or my skin really reacts well to it.

    Well, no getting around this, it really is purple. If orange smells orange than this firmly belongs in the same end of the spectrum as slightly dehydrated but freshly pressed purple grape juice sprinked with damask rose petals and hibiscus-manuka honey swirled in a huge red wine bulb and downed.

    Watching Rome on my laptop, I now imagine the Emperor smelling not only of stridgeled olive oil, poor sanitation from his sandals, leather, horse and sweat but this too. It’s a truly royal aroma.

    Purple Kinam majestically projects in all directions, like an EDT or EDP, and female appreciation of this is very, very high indeed. I had three compliments in the space of an hour from a very good hearted but rough around the edges teenage babysitter, mature student and a fortysomething mother of four. I found this rather surprising as there was absolutely no pheromonal type twang to this for me.

    The quality of this certainly commands an appropriate price. I strongly advise anyone who is wealthy to put all of your ready cash and easily pawned items into fixed income instruments before you sample this or you might find yourself living off canned spaghetti, taking the bus and trying to steal your neighbours wifi because you will have spent every last penny on a kilo. Then again, it just might be worth it. – Robert, USA

    These high end oils of yours are without parallel, it appears to me. I believe that Purple Kinam is my favorite oil of all time. I rarely use it to conserve my precious amount, but each time I do I’m spellbound by its sublime complexity – these swirling contrasting notes which form a seamless whole. – Josh, USA

    My favourite has got to be Purple Kinam. It’s way out of my budget but when I put it on, it’s crazy how it makes me feel. The smell literally evokes all kinds of joyful emotions and I can’t help but lose myself trying to ‘listen’ to the notes. I usually apply the oud oils before bedtime and only Purple Kinam and Sultan Afnan make me delay sleeping so I can smell them more. – Elvin, Singapore

    That’s what makes this a very hard decision… It is almost as if it is not just the oil that matters but this choice will define my path in life… if that at all makes sense… It’s perplexing and not what I bargained for… It really shows the complexity, depth and soul of this oud… it truly is destiny defining… What a creation!… – Chris, Taiwan

    Purple Kinam – okay, now HERE’S some strength and longevity! WOW. This is oud in high definition. Not much for way of subtlety here, and I love it. A top notch oud note turned up to 11. The legend of “kinam” continues. – Adam, USA

    What a profoundly amazingly beautiful oud of purple Paradise! It engulfs my senses with translucent wafts of the highest grade agarwood that is truly a wonder, the pinnacle of an artist’s work that lay beyond the ability of most. – Yusuf, NY

    Purple Kinam is Magic in a bottle... Really captivating and evolving by time and weather... I tried it at home and tried it outside in warm weather... Each time it gives me something new to smell and guess about... – Abdul Aziz, Kuwait

    Purple Kinam is one of the most beautiful oud oils I have ever smelled. First of all, it does not have any off-putting notes. It starts off with a very nice kinam note which fills up the whole room. It has the power to penetrate deep into your brain and calm you down. After about 30 minutes, I get a smell of roses. It’s like you took rose petals and rubbed them on your hand. Very fresh and natural rose. I have never experienced such a note in oud oil before. The next stage smells like a woody bouquet of flowers. Very, very nice. On top of everything else, it also has somewhat of a Bornean character. It can be worn as a standalone pure oud perfume without any other ingredient. Highly recommend this one. For people who like Oud Yusuf, this oil is a must-have in your collection. – Inder, CA

    A study in contrasts. An Oil that is of adventure and destiny. This powerful extraction is a forest in a bottle. Complex Cedar Moss mixed with the scent of Sky High boulders and towering trees. Purple surrounds you, slowly raising you aloft until you’re finally soaring above the canopy, free of worldly cares. This is a tangible experience so dynamic I can actually sense the physicality of the forest. Then after a while, comes bergamot tea time, tiny Pistachio nut encrusted cakes with Warm Raspberry sauce. Few oils I have found to be so contrast rich as Purple Kinam. Both nutty and sweet, spicy and warm. – Robert, CA

    The beginning of Purple Kinam is such an alluring scent. It is so very mysterious, yet it’s like I’ve smelt this scent in a thousand past lives.

    Purple Kinam shares the otherworldly floral notes of Oud Sultani, but a bit more subtle. The florals intertwine with a soft damp woody air. All these notes overshadow the slight whisper of a musty note. It is as if you are approaching the edge of a very old forest from a spring meadow filled with tiny flowers. About 3 hours in, the musty note rises up and becomes a little more noticeable. Now walking along you find yourself deep within the forest. The scent morphs itself into a dark enigmatic pleasure. I catch whiffs of fragrant pieces of wood, buried in musty earthen moss. The musty note really takes over after awhile, but I absolutely love it. It lays down this really ancient vibe! The florals and woods are still there, just not as dominant as before.

    To really convey the scent of oils like Purple Kinam requires the use of metaphors. As words tend to fail you when you encounter a scent like Purple Kinam. For a rare treat, at about 3 hours in put a tiny drop on your tongue. Breathe the scent out of your nostrils and back in off your wrist. It takes the experience to new heights. Sure to flood your mind with past memories! Given time to age this will be a highly collectable oil. – Chris, SD

    Right from the unopened sample vial I smell a soft Kyara note – most promising – and reminiscent of the Kyara note in LTD Centennial. On my skin Purple Kinam starts with a Kyara note which is soon laid out as a spectrum between floral notes, like that of wild flowers on a meadow, against a powdery camphor note. This might sound like a contradiction, as camphor is not powdery or soft but pungent and strong – but here the camphor is really soft.

    Soon a note of something powdery, even smoky mixes in. It becomes stronger and it reveals itself as the scent of fresh sage leaves.

    Further on, the notes differentiate and form a unified picture of soft florals, fresh mint leaves, and the tiniest speckle of lemon peel oil... or is it grapefruit? Definitely it is very subtle and coming from the citrus family.

    A while later I get an image of a ballet stage full of dancers, each with a dress of different color. And as they whirl around, they take turns in coming to the front of the stage. The notes in Purple Kinam seem to dance with each other, and every now and then another one takes center stage.

    The scent is really perfume – in that it develops nicely and has a broad spectrum of scent notes.

    Trying to compare it with other oils I know, I’d say Purple Kinam could best be compared to LTD Centennial in its sweetness, and to Encens Khmer which it shares the Borneo wood character with, soft and powdery.

    Overall, Purple Kinam shares some similarities with earlier “Kyara” or “Kinam” oils. But as in the case of its predecessors, Purple Kinam is something altogether individual, unique. That makes Purple Kinam a nice addition to the collection of those who wish to own some beautiful Kyara oils. – Thomas, Germany

    Lovely light honey-coloured oil with a citrusy lemon opening. The opening is of flowers, rose and sweet vanilla. Within a few minutes something sweet comes through. After 15 or so minutes, this smells more like a perfume than an oud. There is a subtle camphor/menthol undertone. This mingles with the sweeter aspects more and more as the scent progresses.

    This is quite a powerful oud. The scent is full, plump and deep. A very clean smelling oil. After about 50 minutes the bright opening starts to fade and resins come into play more significantly. There are wisps of smoke.

    Upon inhaling deeply, towards the end of the inhalation there are hints of tobacco.

    on. It was only a tiny amount but it made my tongue tingle. It didn’t taste horrible, towards the bitter spectrum rather than sweet.

    It lasts for a long time. 12 hours later I can still smell it quite strong without having to bury my nose to find it. This is having applied overnight too which is my primary marker; if it is still there the next day having survived the night, then performance is stellar. – Zartash, UK

    I don’t know how you talked your Taiwanese distiller out of retirement but every single oil that he has done that I have bought was simply outstanding and without a parallel. – Hisham, FL

    Suspended on a quivering rope bridge between the sheer faces of Taroko Gorge, the fractured cliffs dared me to attempt another swaying step in either direction. I froze, trembling but transfixed—mesmerized by the aerial acrobatics and cursive dives of gliding swallows. Purple Kinam embodies the swallow’s soaring grace and shines with the crystalline audacity of Qingshui Cliff.  The opening notes ascend with effortless swiftness, flashing and sparkling as brightly as the gorge’s crystalline marble escarpments.  

    While the “birds of freedom” resist captivity, Purple Kinam’s spiraling flight is easily tamed, its fragrance mellowing and softening as it melds to my skin. During the drydown its ethereal sparkle is polished into a luster as smooth as the lotus petals on Motherly Devotion Bridge, notes of powder and vanilla forming a mosaic of silky translucence. From its exuberantly youthful opening to its serene closure, Purple Kinam is suffused with vitality, radiance, ease and grace. It has stimulated some of my most beautiful and treasured memories and I know that, years from now, I will just as deeply cherish my memories of this exceptional scent.

    I just finished reading the article about Purple Kinam on the Ensar Oud website. You can imagine my surprise when I read that the oil was distilled in Taiwan, the home of Taroko Gorge!!! Taroko means “magnificent and splendid”, an apt description of both the scenic landmark and the mesmeric oil. Perhaps it is something more than coincidence that stimulated my memories of this landscape of natural wonders when I smelled this wondrous creation. – Isabella, NY

    A kindly thirst stirs the soul,
    In quest of heavenly balms,
    Thence I tread upon a scented path,
    Wherein, a grace most lush bestowed,
    Alike the sweetest dew,
    Amidst meadows rich and gold,
    Yet, a nectar not from vernal blooms
    Nor nocturnal flowers,
    Rather wounded trees, in forests deep;
    Trees which hath prostrated night and day,
    Enriched in earth, distressed in gain,
    Kissed by dawn, embraced by dusk,
    Wept in rain and incensed with healing balm,
    A blessing in every wound there is indeed!
    Perfection beyond created mind can know,
    Nature’s work never ceasing to enthral,
    What wondrous blessings our Maker hath designed!                                    
    For favours abundant, mounting dues,
    Gratitude plenteous I offer to The Creator,
    And thanks to genteel hands who crafted treasure,
    Thereupon indulging a slightly drop,
    Splendid rainbows flood the heart,
    A nosegay laced with ambrosial flavours,
    Quaintly blushing champaca romances purple darts,
    Theron a mist of sweetest lotus befalls,
    Whence I ask does this scent belong?
    Soothly, like a breeze beyond earthly bounds,
    A fragrance near and far cradles deepest in my breast.
    – Sajida, UK

    This is the oil that changed my life. The pinnacle of a lifetime of work in crafting the finest oud oils by the mysterious Taiwanese kyara master-artist. I could live the rest of my life and die happily in this oil. Words just can not do this oil justice. You can tell this oil took months to make cooking at a low temperature under the watchful auspicious master's eye paying the keenest attention to the most minute of each detail. So that's the intro, let me tell you what the oil actually smells like: 

    Like something from outer space the oil begins with this soaring high note of iridescent purple ecstasy. Your olfactory senses will be engulfed in the sunshine of a candied purple dawn. As the sun warms the earth so too does this oil warm the soul. Your mind body and soul will be pierced by the uplifting transcendent nature of the kinam like properties of this oil. 

    I've heard so much about the psycho active property of oud oils, and to be honest thought people making such claims were either high on drugs, exaggerating, or being compensated for their writing: but I can attest to this oil's amazing mind and mood altering properties that as I take deep inhalations as I lay in the dark in my bed I am transported to a bright purple paradise cloaked in the white cloth of infinity when my life completes it's tenure on this temporary this is the last thing I want to smell. Mashaallah for playing the part you did in purveying this amazing work that reflects the beauty of humanity in an otherworldly glow of gorgeousness. 

    As the oil winds down hour later you detect little remnants of the purple fireworks imbued with a light and airy but rich and clean woodiness that carries until the last wisp of the oil fades. This is my oil, this is the scent of my life. Few oils make it into my collection past a sample and even fewer do I buy a tola of. For this one, my brothers and sisters, I will be holding off on buying much more oud so that, InshaAllah, I will be able to afford a tola or more of. I only hope it's still around. I can not advise you strongly enough to buy this oil, it will change your life as it has mine, I am no rich Sheikh, and we all know these oils are astronomically costly to make and as such the price is reflected, however it is a gift of charity to buy and wear this oil for others around you, how could you not buy at least a quarter tola? – Edward, NY

    Purple Kinam is a very powerful oil. Just holding the dipstick transferred the scent to my fingers. For a second I thought I was smelling an ultra rich Borneo. But later on the scent progressed on its own chart. There is a woodsy scent with heavenly flowers. Very expensive. Maybe the best things in life are expensive. – Uday, India

    Plum Purple Spice
    Hint of Creamy Honey
    Ancient Woods Mustiness
    Warm Majestic Mahogany
    Balsamic Berry Floral
    Deep Resinous Incense
    Enchanting Powdery Kinam Smoke
    Mature and Refined
    Amber Syrupy Smoothness
    Elixir of Purple Haze
    Cool Sweet and Rich Mustiness
    Deep Resinous Roots
    Balsam Woody Incense
    Sweet Musty Smoke

    PK keeps on peaking, continually fluttering on the edge of ecstasy. All from the tiniest dab. – Joel, Cambodia

    I advise anyone trying this for the first time to try and capture the expression on their face while doing so. My first thought was; what planet is this from? What am I smelling? I felt like Jodie Foster’s character in the film Contact being shot through a wormhole……more on this later, it’s going to require a a few earth rotations to grasp it. – Stefan, Canada

    Oud Ahmad

    I saved the best for last. Oud Ahmad is what collecting Oud is all about. Every once in a blue moon, if we’re lucky, we manage to find an Oud that transcends almost every other Oud we have. This is one of those. With an Oud this good, the scent becomes extraneous, even though this one is exquisite (caramel, resin...). This Oud transports you so far beyond ordinary consciousness that it Reminds you of our Origin. Sniffing this fills me with gratitude, holiness, and vastness, stopping time... Beyond this, I am speechless. – Hank, USA

    One of the most singularly unique ouds. Period. A mature oil at ease. Non-terpy, comforting, with the scent of meadows and fields with grazing 4-legged friends. Gentle breeze blowing from a direction of lush flower-filled vista. Yes, it is very musky but a very mature and fragrant floral musk. Traces of anise, fennel tops, and a beautiful terra rosa clay being worked into a bowl. even the scent of baked clay. – Rasoul, Canada

    The sample of Ahmad was a dream come true, particularly when coupled with the Kinam Rouge. This for me is so subtle yet can fill a room with its glorious power. At first, the musk, and then all those gentle, completely smooth, round notes that are so powerful it’s hard to describe, and I will need a long time to understand. This is in a different class of course and it definitely reminds me so much of Oud Sultani with its sillage that follows you – but from in front of you. It is almost exactly the same with a great violin or cello where you hear the instrument behind you as well as in front of you when playing. It surrounds you. It’s indescribable. And in this vein I would like to say that I have always considered Ensar Oud to be virtuosi who always deliver the very best in the realm of Oud, and as such are an excellent and accurate judge of the qualities or performance of any Oud from anywhere, from any era or age. – Jeff, USA

    I have to thank you for choosing Oud Ahmad as a sample to purchase last year. After wearing both Purple Kinam and Oud Ahmad several times, I have to say that Oud Ahmad is the most beautiful oil… period. I can go on and on about it. It unfolds something new all the time. It’s as if the oil has the capability of triggering olfactory deja vu. Sometimes I get Ambra, sometimes sandalwood, etc, but the one thing that is always constant is burning incense. I swipe it every day. I can’t believe that someone called it a mediocre oil. I don’t know anything about oud compared to most and even I can tell that Oud Ahmad is something special. – Steve, USA

    For the last two surgery days, I put on Oud Ahmad. I usually take a little sample vial and dab a small amount under my chin. Once you put the surgical mask on, it is constant olfactory bliss. I swear Ahmad makes me operate better. I Imagine it’s a placebo effect but who knows. I feel like I can tell a difference, my control of my hands and fingers seems to be on a different level. It is incredible stuff. – Phil, USA

    Yes indeed – Oud Ahmad immediately went right up near the top of my list after the first wear… It’s a ‘red’ oud for me, in terms of the sense of color the oud brings to my mind, whereas Oud Sultani is more gold and purple for me… Oud Ahmad is like looking at a beautiful cut red gemstone, and seeing that inside the gemstone is another gemstone, and then another inside that… There is the most wonderful combination of rich clean woodiness, camphor, musk, and decadent floral sweetness (and in that aspect it shares a good bit in common with Oud Sultani, though the sweet floral aspect isn’t right up front like Oud Sultani)… The scent is incredibly smooth and well-integrated, while at the same time presenting various sides of itself… Many times we think of or describe ouds as ‘royale’ in some way, and for me no oud I’ve tried evokes that sense of royalty, grace, and dignity more than does Oud Ahmad… – Josh, USA

    Perhaps you can answer one quick question for me regarding Oud Ahmad, tell me what happened to the little musk deer that had the misfortune to fall into your distillation apparatus? It is unbelievable Ensar! I’m taking a deep whiff off my left hand right now and if you hadn't told me otherwise I'd swear that I'm wearing a lovely musk agarwood blend! – Brian, USA

    Oud Ahmad is indeed incredible – especially that phenomenal, arresting opening! What a picture-perfect rendition of genuine deer musk, with its ability to blow air between layers of scent. I really like the transparent depth. I get an almost palpable sense of space – like being in a very nice smelling room. The sonic equivalent of listening to music in a concert hall rather than through earbuds. When I need reprieve from mundane cares, I will be spending hours in that room. – Rodney, USA

    Oud Ahmad is supreme! The darker brother of Sultani. – Ammar, USA

    And I’m so glad to have Oud Ahmad. He is like a refined king! Usually after washing the affected area the scent of the oil comes out weaker than before but Ahmad stayed with the same intensity permeating my hand. – Kevin, USA

    Today I went with the mediocre Oud Ahmad by Ensar Oud! Sorry, I had to, LOL! What a beautiful oil. In fact, this is my favorite oil to date with Purple Kinam a close second. Oud Ahmad embodies all of the Oud qualities that you could ever want. Woody, musk, sweet in a way, strong, and most importantly for me, lots of burning incense. This is the type of profile that frag heads always look for in a ‘winter’ fragrance, but of course, one never truly finds something like this in a perfume. – Steve, USA

    It is LOVE at first scent! Only in my dreams could I have imagined that such a scent existed. Un-freaking-believable! To say this oil is a revelation is a gross understatement. I am actually out of words on how to describe it. – Phil, USA

    Adam sent me a little taste of Oud Ahmad with my last order and I am in love. Wow, that is one of those oils where, when I tried it I thought ‘This is my new favorite oud of all time!’  I’ve learned, however, that when a gentleman like myself has so many fine oils, trying to pick a favorite is futile – that said though, I'm sure that Oud Ahmad will always be very high on the list! – Josh, USA

    Oud Ahmad is quickly becoming my favorite! The opening, which first hit me as fecal, I now see as an amazing burning oud wood note. Then it slowly transforms into what my nose detects as a fougere, complete with lavender and fern. It’s an amazing transformation. Feel very fortunate to have it in my collection. – Adam, USA

    What a monumental release. Oud Ahmad is really really amazing. At first the ‘deer musk’ note was really what stood out. But as I’ve developed a bit, and have had the chance to spend a good deal of time with Sultani, Kannan Koh and Kambodi 1976, I’ve only really begun to appreciate the real splendor of this one. It’s almost like you were able to extract the best parts of those oils to make Oud Ahmad. – Brian, USA

    This reminds me of a dark, incensed Ambra. Very animalic in the beginning, but then softens up to a nice, smooth Ambra/Oudy Incense blend. Very nice oil indeed. – Steve, USA

    Oud Ahmad is definitely one of my most cherished ouds. A stunning profile that really has to be experienced to describe properly. A sweet dark animalic scent which is just so incredible to wear. A classic. – Phil, USA

    My initial impression of Oud Ahmad is that I like it more than Oud Sultani… It doesn’t have the same sweet floral aspect that grabs the happy receptors in the brain right away like Oud Sultani does, but it is an exquisite and royal scent. I’ve just begun my appreciation of it. – Josh, USA

    .7gr of insane. Words don't fit. Cat got my tongue. Richebourg of essential oils. – Rasoul, USA

    After a few days of hardcore work out yoga and spinning I am laying low and gonna exercise the mind. Oud Ahmad comes out to play.

    Generous swipe goes on. Sooooo goood. Polite, gentle in its gargantuan weight. An oud with presence. Mature and lost all its terpenic and camphoric youthful notes. It carries itself with a sense of calm maturity and confidence. A personal oil. As in projection is low and sits quiet to the skin. I love oils like this.

    Of course, as always, it is a very very musky scent. Real deal musk. Hints of undergrowth and fennel tops. Super old vintage cigar box. A little more than small similarity to Tigerwood Royale, but less antique notes and more animalic in a leathery kind of way. I also pick up some Frangipani wax/paste.

    This is an oud for advanced users. It is gonna be lost on newbies. I am sure I also don’t fully appreciate this oil but feel I am just worthy enough to be in its presence every now and then. I still don’t get the tingle and the piercing top notes that Ensar alluded to. I get the heart. The red musky vintage heart in abundance and it's beautiful. – Rasoul, USA

    Borneo 50K

    Boneo 50k is out of this world. I had a sample in the past but I guess I didn't take my time with it. I remembered that I liked the top notes. Now that I have had it on few the last few hours, I'm getting a chance to see what's underneath and it's beautiful! I'm really surprised at how sweet its gotten considering the opening. I'm glad I decided to re-visit this one! – Mr. Jackson, USA

    Borneo 50K is like a walk in the woods on a wet day... seems like cedar and sandal and maybe cloves, so "heady" and divine. – Edith, USA

    Smooth, mellow, airy, ethereal and fragrant. The high toned top notes Malinau is famous for is toned down and have beautifully merged with the rest of the oil thanks to aging but I am also positive based on the distillation itself.

    Truly a beautiful oil. The colour that comes to mind is baby yellow. Seaaon is spring. – Rasoul, Canada

    This to me is the most scintillating oud I have smelled. The scent almost tingles. Menthol, mint emanate like rays, alternating with wisps of gold and honey. After some hours, when I was done at the gym, the scent was of a gorgeous green wood. A wild ride at the beginning, especially since I have never been a fan of mint, but this stuff has multiple personality disorder which makes it extremely interesting. – Phil, USA

    That balsamic scent again, that must be the heart of Oudiness. Milder in intensity than the Tigerwood 1995, but also more immediately likeable. Quickly opens into a rich, more perfumed smell with a touch of greeness in there. Half an hour in, this is turning into a story of minty deliciousness, touch of musty, musky exotic pot-pourri being made.

    After an hour everything in a beautiful green and purple woody minty musk, delicious. Two hours after application I caught myself compulsively sniffing my wrist every minute like what I imagine a 70’s / 80’s television film producer would have done with an *ahem* powdery substance at a hollywood hills party. This is a scent that I imagine an elegant toothpaste heiress applying, but also one that I would not be ashamed of wearing to a night at the theatre, for example.

    It’s cool, poised, but completely demands your attention and rewards you for doing so. – Robert, USA

    I have a little of the 50K and it’s gorgeous. My 3000 is jealous! – Mohamed, France

    Well WOW! It is just like you’ve read my mind and know what I’m looking for in a Borneo oil… Less nuts, less wood, only top aroma refinement. – Ammar, USA

    Wow! For an initial impression, can I be forgiven in saying that it’s similar to Satori Kensho but a lot sweeter, mature and complex? It starts with a deep and lush incense with an ethereal mint note. A transcendental honeyed wood then manifests that just goes on and on. The longevity is amazing. – Nick, UK

    Ensar, I put the last little bit of the Borneo 50K I had in 5ml of perfumer’s alcohol, and I swear that alone in the alcohol is the best cologne spray I ever found. If I were you I would pull the rest of the Borneo 50K from sale (except mine ;) and sell it to TOM FORD or CHANEL or something... It’s that good... As you might suspect I have gone through many a cologne, perfume etc on my way to naturals and many naturals after that before oud, and the B50K EDT (hehehe) is my current favorite! – Robert, CA

    Way beyond my means, I just had to try a small vial of Borneo 50K to see what joys the ‘top end’ has to offer... Possibly all my future purchases could be measured by this? Upon first swipe this gave me a hint of fine shoe leather, vanilla & honey, quickly moving onto a woody earthiness. I can perceive the pea-mint note Ensar describes. To me this is an ethereal cleansing aroma, radiating around the other notes, light sweet blossoms against peach. This is a very clean Oud. I can actually perceive the different layers individually yet they intertwine and move in such a sublime way! This is wonderful stuff... Really makes me feel that I am giving people around me a rare treat. Now I would like a bottle of this! – Jim, UK

    What can a mere mortal say to describe an Ambrosial Nectar of immortals? This Artisanal Oud is Balanced and Refined. Elegant Distinction. The definition of Unisex. It was really nice to discover that each Oud though very differently priced, has a level of complexity that is commensurate with the cost, so that It’s not a case of the less expensive Ouds being ‘cheaper’ but rather the costlier ones being ‘greater’. They all have complex character and some like Borneo 50K are so irresistibly refined one ceases to question the price. It is what it needs to be. If you love Oud you owe it to yourself to try this one before it is ceremoniously moved over to that ‘other’ list on this webpage. The one where you can only look and wonder ‘what if’! Exhilarating. – Woody, CA

    Borneo 50K is a great buy for the price. If Kyara de Kalbar and Borneo 4000 had a child, he should be named Borneo 50K. – Imran, CA

    It's doesn't open with the "medicinal" Borneo note at all. It's nothing like Borneo 3000 with the exception of the quality! It opens not with menthol mint. It's like honeysweet mint with a touch of cinnamon & a tiny touch of vanilla fruit (raspberry?). It all melds together in perfect harmony. You can pick each note out, but they don't mash together. They drift in & out in tiny waves. This goes on for about an hour. It all locks in vanilla, honey, cinnamon, a little floral, that golden mint is there, they slowly drift along then slowly the wood starts to come through: the best is yet to come. The woody base is superior quality wood, the most amazing wood, the best. It goes on & on into the night & the next day. – Kev, MS

    Opening of very high, vaporous, clear sweet notes. Acacia honey, marzipan, Mediterranean mimosa, almond blossom. After a couple of minutes it starts to get its body of transparent resin (actually, Borneo 50K is loaded with it). Gentlest sandalwood, green peas, macadamia nuts, white florals, perhaps a hint of elderflower. It reminds me of Khao Yai's lightness and sophistication, Borneo style.

    The whole pitch is higher than usual, even for Borneo oils. It starts to unravel in slow-motion, like origami in reverse. It gains momentum and depth, slowly, slowly. Hint of pears, anisic element of fresh fennel. Fresh laurel leaves, chamomille, vanilla with a dash of cinnamon, its smell so clean and airy, like days of innocence.

    Paradoxically, its green herbaceous notes are hidden deep in its golden heart. The vaporous element just goes on and on... all the way to the drydown. This is an extraordinary oil with an unusual dynamic of scent evolution. Slow and steady progression of Ravel's Bolero, brimful of resin, bound to bring a smile to your face. – Andrej, Croatia

    Honestly, I have prayed to Allah Most High to grant me a perfume that is worthy of the prophets, and I beleive that my prayers have been answered. I have just tried for the first and last time my bottle of Borneo 50K and oh my goodness....... I say it is my first time and my last because something that smells so good cannot be worn again. In fact I have purchased a small safe to keep it in.....

    First when I wore it I visualized a quiet beach, then as it took me I came into a small forest with a waterfall in the background splashing gently against vanilla flowers and a bed of roses, only to be towered by huge lush green trees swaying above, with a slight hint of moss. Then it took me back to the beach where the sands were clean, sea breeze gently passing over my skin, only to make me feel like I'm actually on a journey through space into a another world emitting a toally different aura... It is so hard to explain the scent, it feels like something totally out of my perception, but something so close to my heart it's strange... – Adam, UK

    This is beyond anything before it. The 50K is incredible and the most incense-like Borneo so far, a lot in common with the 3000. – Jeff, IL

    Lovers of the legendary Borneo 3000 and Borneo Kinam have reason to rejoice with the release of Borneo 50K – a classy Borneo oil that combines elements of both oils with its own unique twists.

    Borneo 50K opens with elegant displays of honey and vanilla top notes that ride above a rich and resinous woodiness. Upon first swiping the oil, I was reminded of the rich, creamy and balsamic-woody fragrance of some of the best vintage Mysore Sandalwood. It is an aroma that sparkles and glistens on your skin, hovering its aroma above your wrists, tingling with life and indescribable aromatic textures.

    The honeyed-vanilla-sweetness begins to fuse with the woodier tones, creating a beautiful earthy aroma that also reveals more of Borneo 50K’s resinous core.

    on of the oil, I have to say that it is perceptible as a kind of surrounding aroma, radiating at the edges of the fragrance’s core. It is a pristine herbaceousness that makes you feel “clean”, as if you are standing in the depths of a rainforest after a fresh rain.

    But that is not saying much for the experience of wearing it. As a fragrance, it is incredibly smooth – perhaps the smoothest Borneo I have worn so far. I swiped it in the morning. It is now evening and Borneo 50K remains nicely perceptible on my wrist. I can’t say whether or not it outlasts previous Borneo releases since I have not conducted a simultaneous comparison yet, but I am certainly pleased with its longevity.

    Expectedly, Borneo 50K is not very diffuse. However, unlike other Borneo oils, Borneo 50K is noticeably less “airy”, exuding a surprisingly grounding feel. I find that I really enjoy this aspect of 50K because it is something not found in other Borneo oils in my collection.

    Borneo 50K has a lot to offer as a fragrance – and, like all fantastic Oud oils, is as much of an aesthetic experience as it is an aromatic one. A complex fragrance with real aromatic depth and subtle nuance, 50K offers a scent that will not be totally “familiar” to Borneo lovers. – Neeshee, HI

    I almost considered not reviewing it so it doesn’t disappear on me! – Woody, CA

    Borneo 50k truly smells like it was distilled from $50,000 wood. So many variations on so many different distillations from so many different parts of Borneo, it's easy to throw a dart and land on one that may not be to your specific liking. With Borneo 50k you can safely blind buy this king of Borneos with the assurance it's a crowd pleaser. Many claims are made about the aphrodisiac qualities of certain ouds, given the often unconventional profile of oud to the western palate this is all too often not the case for those of us in the western hemisphere. However, once again here is where B50K blazes through like a shooting star, rest assured, the evenescent wafts of vanilla wood will draw in both men and women alike, and has more sex appeal then any niche or designer fragrance I have ever smelled. When Ensar says "you should wear this in good company" he means it! Without exaggerating there should be a warning label on this Oud "caution!" This is an aphrodisiac, only to be worn by your spouse, or someone you intend to attract!"

    The smoothest and sleekest of all the Borneos on earth including anything previously released by Ensar that I've put my nose to. Begins with a cool and gentle honeyed fresh herbiscious vanilla vibe that very clearly evolves into a mind blowing deep and refined resinous wood that by itself could create a flash mob. Here is where the 50K really reigns supreme,  these heart notes are nothing short of perfect. You could spend your whole life trying to find the prefect Borneo....or you could just fork over the modest $1500 for the most expertly crafted smoothest, sexiest, crowd pleasing, wife pleasing, perfect Borneo on earth and save yourself the many thousands you would otherwise spend trying to hunt it down. This is what a lot of people don't get, it's not like you're just paying for something from some vendor, it's not just that you're paying for the art and all the blood, sweat, and tears that went into the toil of its craft, nor just for the initial investment by the artist. You're paying for all of that and the time, money, experience, and expert knowledge that Ensar and his team have devoted to providing you with the most profoundly beautiful works of art you can imagine and the reassurance that what you're getting is absolutely the best oil made from the best wood with the most beautiful and gratifying profile you can have. I have a deep and profound love and respect for my brothers at Ensar Oud for what they have done with Oud oil is nothing short of amazing. I know this may sound like alot of hyperbole and exaggeration, but I encourage you to be a cynic and buy a bottle and investigate for yourself and prove me wrong. I look forward to reading your awestruck reviews! – Edward, NY

    Vanilla Menthol Spice
    Nutty Sandalwood Richness
    Rich Royal Mustiness
    Fine Aged Cognac
    Woodsy Pine Breeze
    Sweet Cinnamon Warmth
    Fuzzy Amber Depth
    Lemon Cream Meringue
    Resinous Golden Dew
    Light Ambergris Woods – Joel, Cambodia

    Un estallido de luz aterciopelado, como una menta luminosa con corazón de flores. La suavidad  aterciopelada y picante de las especias, y un eco de maderas nobles que llega desde lejos. Borneo 50K es uno de los aromas del Paraíso. – Juan, Spain

    White Kinam

    The most mysterious substance this side of heaven: WHITE KINAM. Just a sniff from the stopper; cherries? cinnamon? pepper? juniper? gun powder? sulphur? diamond dust? emerald powder? a shadow of tangerine? a condensed white flower? moonshine? rays from Venus? humming of molecules? a comet? a cricket? aurora? This is completely way-out. – Erhard, Austria

    The White Kinam... what can I say? With a description like Ensar has offered, there’s not much else one can add. It’s everything one could want from an Oud, with such a piercing level of clarity and performance that it seems almost impossible. From the moment you apply it, you’re greeted with vaporous gleaming beauty, and that’s where you stay for the entire wear. Which isn’t to say that there is no progression, as there certainly is. But it’s like the idea of tracking projection becomes irrelevant. You just enjoy one perfect moment after another. It calls you to presence. I was even called to taste a pinhead-sized amount, and it deepened my appreciation even further. The bitter medicinal kinam note completely overwhelms the senses when tasting and smelling simultaneously. Blissful and enlivening. – Kim, USA

    White Kinam, my hands are shaking! – Alan, USA

    The Oriscent signature is evident. Traces of Kyara LTD felt in this oil. Vietnamese to the max yet fully both feet planted in Malinau. An oil that leaves me breathless speechless and motionless. Total couch lock. A magical cocktail of mandarin orange creamsicle, most beautiful cinnamon, open knit yet very dense at the same time. Packs quite the upper cut and delivers a knock out each and every time for me. Energy wise I enter a unique state of mind with this oil: fully awake and alert yet bubble head and mellow. – Rasoul, Canada

    To honour today’s Labour Day holiday; a day to pause and reflect on how hard we work and the sacrifices we make to sustain ourselves and our families, nothing else is more justifiable than a swipe of the best of the best: White Kinam from EO. – Simla House

    Possibly the most heady oil I own. That and Guallam Solide. Vaporous was a word used elsewhere and I totally agree. Heady, vaporous and kaleidoscopic, in a beautiful way. Just superb.  Brian, USA

    Top to bottom this oil has it all. Vaporous top notes that excite and thrill, hefty mid notes and that soul-stirring Kyara LTD-esque dry down. Yowza. What an oil. It yells Borneo. The scent profile to my nose is somewhere between Malinau and the brighter green like Kalimantan. There is that kinamic bitter buzz that is mind bending, similar to the way that Kyara LTD 2.0 excites. Words don't fit. Gotta try this one yourselves folks. – Rasoul, Canada

    This will sit well right along side with Purple Kinam . That inital blast of Oriscent explosion just makes me want to come back and reach for more everytime. White Kinam is absolutely amazing. Words can't do it justice. A powerful, heady, vapoury yet smooth oudh. I get notes of vanilla, peppermint and cinnamon along with the classical Borneo profile somewhat akin to Borneo 50k. How I'd love to own a full bottle of it!! – Tayyib, USA

    Tigerwood Royale

    Its peppery, leathery, camphoric opening gives way, on my skin, to a light marine note awash with the smell of seaweed, rocks, sand, shells, and ocean foam. The dry down, composed of resinous incense notes that linger for many hours, is jammy — leaning toward the raspberry type. I also smell bergamot in there. It is a fine oud. One I cannot get enough of!  – Lu, Canada

    The Tigerwood Royale is my overall favourite so far. I have had quite a few decent Malaysian ouds in the past and enjoy the strength they possess however what I am enjoying greatly about this one is the smooth refined nature of it whilst still possessing that Malaysian jungle power. It really feels like a cut above and a special experience and I look forward to a full evening of it.  – Richard, UK

    Tigerwood Royale of course is the classic original seen in black and white from a bygone era, not as versatile or youthful as the newer performances, but the soul is...  – Wan, Malaysia

    Tigerwood Royale is really really Royal ... It is not the smell that impressed me most, but the feeling that it gives you!... This is my first Impression. The second Impression: it's one of the Wildest Ouds I've ever felt. Third impression: it's breathtakingly elegant ... an Arabian elegance! But this caliber of oud takes a long time to fully understand and admire deeply. – Nacer, France

    I just wanted to say thank you for sending me my Tigerwood Royale.  I am absolutely delighted with it.  I first tried it as sample some months ago and I have to say that initially I didn't think it was right for me.  It was only more recently, whilst during a period of difficulty, that I returned to it again. And again. And again!  I found its psychological benefits uplifting to say the least.

    Needless to say, this stuff has great medicinal value to me.  And with the opportunity to buy a full bottle on sale.  Well, it was as they say a 'no brainer.'  And the smell has grown on me many fold over time.  I have to say that it is one of the most comforting, uplifting and fortifying Oud I own and I just love it.  Thank you all. – J, UK 

    Tigerwood Royale is a really nice one too. This one is extremely rich, deep and there is a darkness to it that I really enjoy. I swear I can sense a “fight for life” type feel in this wonderful oil that only a true artisan could have rendered that life full credit. –Jean-François, Canada 

    Tigerwood Royale... Tigerwood Royale... When I first took a whiff it does remind me of everything old, old house, old people, that old chair, that root drink my late grandfather used to sip, it reminds me of Kopi Aceh, Acehnese coffee, it has a bitter-sweet cocoa scent of that coffee, Tigerwood Royale is very complex. It does not grab your attention. There is no mint or airy or smoky features. I remember reading one of the reviews saying it opens with opulent roses, I don't get any roses, or floral notes. But wait... Now and then the flowers appear in passing with discreteness and grace and hides again. Its like an old solemn wooden house full of treasures that do not glitter but just there for anyone to seek and appreciate. Truly a beauty. –Mohammed, Malaysia

    One of the best Malaysian oil out there I have tried to date. – Hafiz, UK

    Part of my learning curve with Oud was to offset a bit from the Barky Barny Hindis most of us started with. Along this path I first got the EO sampler to navigate here and there and came across the incredible Oud Ahmad.

    Calling EO to understand what would come close to this I was advised to check on Tigerwood Royale which is more compatible with ‘daily use’. What’s fascinating with both OA and TR is how they start with a path of their own : neither offensive, no trace of barn or otherwise Hindi tones YET they still carry wood / incense tones right from the start along with fruity floral scents.

    That’s maybe just me but this feels like strength & self confidence at the same time. The evolution of the scents navigate on an elegant ground of nice burning agarwood scents and brings everything you expect when taking time to heat / burn chips. Around it comes and goes medicinal, fruity and fresh notes for the longest time.

    Wearing TR is an instant pleasure both for me and people in the elevator and then for the long day following. At the end of the journey, TR leaves you with this its final notes still on a quiet incense side.

    A Majesty introduced with Majesty, neither loud nor shy, staying itself until the end though dealing with the complexity of a long busy day. – Sebastien, France

    I am in LOVE with the Tigerwood! Ok, I’m actually in love with them all!!! But that Tigerwood… mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

    As I love reading some of the testimonials… Here is something I just wrote Kim after opening them and wanting to thank him for turning me onto you guys!!!

    “The Tigerwood Royale (they all did) gives me this absolute breathtaking exquisiteness bubbling forth from my cells while also calming that sends me into a deep breath! The scent softens my eyes so I may see clearer as who I actually am and opens me into this magnificent world of possibilities!” – Cristina, USA

    Was this Oud of the Year 2017? Not sure – but it’s a worthy contender. Oud of the Year isn’t necessarily the very finest/highest end oud, it’s the oud that’s got personality, mystique, bang-for-the-buck, and various other qualities that make it ‘the people’s choice.’ Sometimes the Oud of the Year may also be the finest/highest end of that year – I wonder if this will be the case if/when Ensar releases his Oud Royale made from the Maluku wood?

    Tigerwood Royale fits those criteria for sure, and I can say for sure it is Oud of the Day 3/1/2018! It’s an oud you keep going back to and discovering more – the notes are so smooth and harmonious together – it has a very ‘neutral’ or perhaps ‘balanced’ or ‘restrained’ sort of scent rather than being particularly fruity or floral or barnyard or dramatic – it’s reisnous oudy equanimity – but within this one discovers the fruit and floral and barnyard etc qualities with a little study – they peek out at you here and there… Man, I should write more oud reviews, I’m crushing it on this one! Anyhow, where was I? Ah yes, the TW Royale – “Soul of the Ancient Tree Perfume” it could be called, a most sumptuous and enigmatic oud… – Josh, USA

    A Special Day, so I swiped Tigerwood Royale. Ooohhh wait! It’s the other way around... I swiped Tigerwood Royale, so now it’s a Special Day! – Curt, USA

    My favourite has to be Tigerwood Royale. I love its complexity. The leather, the woodiness, the mahogany, the mild mint and subtle florals make it a complete experience. – NK, UK

    The oil opens on an opulent rose. Hint of cotton candy. Black tea lightly infused with bergamot. Crumbling under a resinous, bitter kinam accord. A bitterness that makes me think of white cola nut. In the heart notes, we find: A rose dressed with a touch of sweet caramel. Tapioca pearls. And cloves (light). This ensemble is supplemented by a rich presence of glutinous resins. A sweet and dignified smell with a touch of bitterness. Not aggressive, but rich and complex. In the background notes, it reminds me of two exotic African woods: The Sapele and the Bossé (dry for the first, fresh state for the second). These two trees when sawn give off a very pleasant ‎smell of peppered cedar. Also the smell of Western Red Cedar (which is a soft wood) when sawn, followed by notes of tropical fruits. Mango, papaya, guava. With a hint of camphor. I never experienced an oil like this before. Discrete on the skin, while being present. Aristocratic, delicate, elegant, distinguished, graceful. A truly striking beauty, really an oud apart. – Adama, France

    The Tigerwood Royale is superb. I was worried it would be too similar to the ‘95. It takes everything you love about ‘95 and just multiplies the beauty, complexity and satisfaction by 10… or even 100. – Taher, UAE

    My SOTD is Tigerwood Royale. Do you remember Aladdin and the Monster inside the bottle? Be careful before you open the bottle of this oil, you are about to release a Monster! – Jalal, Canada

    Tigerwood Royale is no less complex than Oud Ahmad. I am on day 2 with Tigerwood Royale, and I still require more time to get to know this oil. There are aromas that mask other aromas, it’s like a black-laced veiled beauty. The muskiness is like deer musk, that’s amazing. The scent sphere emanates through the drydown. The oudiness and woodiness are binding. It’s like a serious perfume, not playful but dignified, one to wear during evening. – Curt, USA

    Tigerwood Royale is a perfect name for this oil. It has all of the great incense, old school oud qualities that the 1995 has, but in a more refined way. 1995 is dark. Royale is dark red. There is something red about Tigerwood Royale, but I can’t put my nose on it. Possibly a touch of musk or floral. The heart of this oil has similar qualities not only to 1995, but also Oud Ahmad. Royale is truly a gift at that price and it’s worth every penny. – Steve, USA

    The Tigerwood is superb! It’s so enticing that I have been wearing it daily. The top notes are spice and sugar. With time I smell aged oud reminiscent of high grade oud wood for burning. Then it settles down to a bit of sweetness again mixed with oud and jungle. – Bob, USA

    Tigerwood Royale opens with a “green-leaf nut-oil camphor” which becomes more vaporous. A resinous-woody-oudiness intermittently breaks through the vaporous top. This juxtapositioning continues till the top notes dissipate. Then comes the transformation… Notes of musk, oud, and wood running parallel with a refreshing bergamot and white ambergris, all very tightly knit that they’re difficult to discern individually, but come together to put a smile on my face. – Curt, USA

    Потрясающий oud для всех случаев в жизни: носить дома, с друзьями, на работе. Но я всегда готов к тому, что внимание к моей персоне будет завышенным. Темный цвет, мускус, величественный профиль, аромат который вспышками дразнит всех вокруг. Носить это масло приноси

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