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    KLTD 2010

    Now a Legend
    Final Bottle Sold
    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    You wanted Oriscent back, so here you go! Kyara LTD, re-done from New Guinea gyrinops in 2010.

    This is the oil that triggered the entire Sultan Series and its unlimited takes on PNG gyrinops – and the only one out of the series that was distilled 100% Oriscent style.

    Someone challenged me recently. They said, people are wondering how come you can't distill stuff like the Oriscent legends anymore. My answer was, I can! It’s just that my style has evolved. I’ve learned new things. I’ve ventured into uncharted waters…

    But to give you a more direct answer to that challenge: Take a swipe of KLTD 2010, and tell me it’s not the same oil, of the same caliber, as Kyara LTD. The only difference being the origin of raw materials. (If you’re a method man, then the scent of Chinese sinensis, of a vintage Burmese distill, can be juiced from New Guinea gyrinops – well… I’ll let that sink in for a second.) 

    Oud isn’t about origin. A Borneo is a Borneo is a Borneo doesn’t apply here. STYLE is what it’s all about. How many of you who own a bottle of the original Kyara LTD even knew it was Burmese when you first got it? Nevermind if it was copper or steel! It’s the scent physiognomy – the artisan’s signature on the canvas of raw materials – that you remember. You fell in love with that unique style.

    And that’s what you have here. No avant garde, no experimentalism, no ‘new generation’ techniques. Pure old Oriscent, just like back in the day. – Hey, you asked for it! :)

    If you’ve lived and breathed Oriscent through the years and care for little besides, then sinensis or no sinensis – KLTD will hurl you back to the heydays of Borneo 4000 & Royal Kinam.

    A drop is worth a thousand words, and this is the sort of oud they tell you doesn’t exist anymore. Well, it exists alright.

    Extremely limited.

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