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    Khus Exclusive

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    About a quarter of spray perfumes contain vetiver because its green nighttime cool gives it such appeal. Of course, these often contain isolates, not pure full-spectrum vetiver—here, you get the full blast of khus. A tobacco-esque leaf aroma with a balsamic veneer less sharp than lemongrass that layers like magic with frankincense.

    Vetiver is a grass (hence its more common name ‘khus’), of which the roots are distilled. So, this oil is technically grassroots. That’s why it’s more vibrant, earthier, less top-note-ish than other grass scents like lemongrass or citronella. These are sharp, piercing scents, while vetiver is much more mellow; a more encompassing forest smell that stands out among the flowers and shrubs.

    Along with oud oil, vetiver is one of the most complex essential oils in existence, with over a hundred known components. So, when you smell this deep forest aroma with wafts of patchouli, vanilla, and citronella all at once, you’re not just imagining things.

    But, as intoxicating and rich as vetiver can be, it could be equally flat and dull. In fact, the most vetivers on the market are bland run-of-the-mill mass-distilled vetivers meant to supply a massive perfume industry that relies on the very cheapest ingredients.

    Vetiver can range from dry to spicy to moist-earth to muddy to warm scents of citrus-laced grass. Khus Exclusive balances the various profiles and lets you enjoy full-spectrum vetiver, with a profile that isn’t too… anything. 

    Just as mass-market ouds are hollow, flavorless, and all too one-dimensional, it takes skill to coax the finest vetivers and capture the roots' rich plethora of spice and deep green. If all you're after is a cheap base for your synthetic perfumes, cheap vetiver abounds like fast food—and smells like it.

    If you're a scent lover who enjoys the ride through fragrant valleys, then you're in for a treat. Who knew vetiver can smell so lush and zesty!

    I tried just a sample of Vetiver Exclusive. Rather than airy I would say it was smoky. [...] It smelled a bit like tobacco leaves on clean skin, a tad salty sweet. After smelling it again I got even more allured by this scent and I am wondering what would happen if I get a bottle! – Javier, Peru

    Alhamdulillah, I am very pleased with my order, the woody and green smell of the Khus is absolutely amazing, really tranquil and calming oil. I will definitely be ordering a 6g bottle in the near future In Sha Allah. – Ahmed, UK

    So many smells all together. Kind of like some ouds...where you smell the whole history of the plants with one sniff. These things contain worlds! Wow...thanks again. – Beverly, USA

    An outstanding vetiver. Very versatile and opens with Aroha d’Afrique’s “halva” sweetness and dark complexities cooled with hunter greens and freshness. I always thought Khus Malagasy was Aroha d’Afrique's charming cousin smoking a vanilla pipe under a panama hat. Khus Exclusive is Aroha’s little brother only in the sense of its springiness and bright joie’s de vivre. – Jasim, Dubai

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