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    Kambodi No 1

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    Imagine White Kinam injected with Kambodi DNA. Oud with sulfuric potency, an aqua note with an amber stone (not ambergris) sweetness that’s see-through clean, and zero tartness—that sour note that’s hard to escape in Cambodian ouds, gone.

    To tinge a Cambodi with the Oriscent oud aesthetic has been a dream of mine since the beginning. That the dream took me fourteen years to realize tells you something about what it takes to make it happen. 

    Years of our lives, buckets full of sweat, countless Camry trips along the broken road to Koh Kong, and boat trips across the border have tattooed Cambodi on our backs. So, we’ve definitely put in the hours to distill the best Koh Kong and Pursat’s jungles have to offer.

    To re-create the vintage Cambodian profile is one thing. To distill modern-day renditions is a challenge we’re happy to accept. But, to distill a Cambodi, Kyara LTD style… that’s a whole other mission altogether. 

    One by one, we pass through Taiwanese customs pushing carts loaded with six suitcases each, all stuffed to the brim with crushed Cambodian crassnas headed for Sifu to work his magic. This is the first round. The next morning, we’d fly back to Cambodia, drive back to the distillery to select, sort, and stomp the remaining bags into the suitcases to once again stroll them into Taiwan to get them to the only place, the only man, the only distillation system that can get you this smell.

    It’s like that same Cambodian flavor gets filtered of its usual fruit and infused with the aquatic Filarian green of New Guinea and the rich blue texture of Brunei oud, against a backdrop where subtle notes of boiled cacao and vanilla bubble in tandem with that sweet fossilized amber scent. 

    Kambodi No 1 creates an enhanced Cambodian aesthetic in the way Sultan Series ouds redefined New Guinea or Pinoy LTD did the Philippines. Your first whiff takes you straight to the Cambodi kernel, where every guava green note shows up in HD.

    As an oud collector myself, first and foremost, distilling this class of oud is a labor of love. The struggle to make it happen is way too much for any sane systems analyst, and the cost… unless you’ve smelled Sifu’s ouds, you’d certify us mad. 

    And it’s as a fellow collector that I’m sharing Kambodi No 1, the first-ever Oriscent Cambodi, with you. It not only redefines what you thought Cambodi oud could smell like, but lets you fall in love with this fabled fragrance all over again.

    If you’re like most oudheads, you’re probably most familiar with Cambodian ouds. Pursat and Koh Kong aren’t just staples and benchmarks—for many, those jungles are often where their oud journey kicks off. Kambodi No 1 acts like a pair of 3D glasses; a swipe reframes the usual red and tints it green and blue to let you into a brand new scentscape of Cambodian oud in all its glory.

    Kambodi No.1 is a revelation. While there is no question that it is a Cambodi Oud, with many of the same elements as most; it is much more ethereal, vast, refined, transcendent, and breathtaking. And phenomenal! Completely worthy of its Oriscent placement. – Hank, USA

    Wow I really do get a vision of Port Moresby crossed with the Vietnamese Kynam No1 pretty insane stuff and Ensar's oils definitely stand in front of the market when it comes to quality.  – John, USA

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