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    I’ve met people who don't like oud, and I know people who don't care much for vetiver or frankincense. Surprisingly, even rose... it's just a tad too sweet or too sharp for some.

    But I don't know a single person who doesn't love jasmine.

    You might not know about tuberose or frangipani, or you've never tried Japanese rose, but even if you have... you either love quality jasmine as much as any of those — or more.

    Similar to oud, jasmine is hauntingly varied, in quality, scent spectrum, and price. Some kinds aren’t so good, some are cheap, while some ruhs are out of this world and will cost you a fair penny to access rare and limited harvests.

    With such mass appeal and variety, we wouldn’t offer just another jasmine. So, what you have here is a jasmine on steds exclusive to Ensar Oud.

    In most cases, jasmine oil comes from one region, distilled one way (essential oil vs. absolutes, etc.), from one species (grandiflorum, cape, sambac, etc.) Here, you get to own something quite different: a multi-regional and multi-species co-op so unique you haven't smelled any jasmine like it.

    Being totally unique is one thing. But when an oud man embarks on a jasmine distillation, it’s all about the depth and penetrating soul of the aroma; to create an unparalleled jasmine that's tasty as honey, lush like the butteriest blue lotus, and even prettier than tuberose. (For proprietary reasons, we cannot divulge technical details regarding the extraction technique.)

    Of all the florals, jasmine is probably the easiest to wear neat and you just can't go wrong donning it as a stand-alone perfume for any occasion. And with this special release, you've got as much going on as a perfume replete with top notes, heart, and base — except the base is more top, and the top all heart, with a bright white imbued throughout. 

    People can be easily fooled by synthetic rose, but there's a depth and richness to real jasmine that miserably gets lost in translation, and so the synthetic alternatives leave you with a dull echo of the beauty of the real flower. This jasmine showcases the inimitable beauty of precious natural aromatics…… there's no way they'd ever be able to mimic this caliber complexity and pristine beauty.

    All of us know someone (probably a few someones) who insist on spraying themselves with cloying, smell-bad mass-produced Fast Perfume. Gifting a bottle of this might well get your friend hooked on a scent with universal appeal — and make them realize what they've been wearing pales in comparison. Imagine a workplace where instead of the onslaught of muscone and phthalates, the entire office smelled like a Midsummer Nights garden…

    Like all precious florals, it takes an insane amount of jasmine petals to produce very little oil (both essential oil and absolutes require millions), and this is even more true for this special batch. Because fine jasmine is so immensely calming and the scent so sublime, it’s easy to splurge — and by all means do! — so, aside from putting away a bottle or three for yourself, this really does make a fantastic gift, especially if you want to nudge someone close to you in a more fragrant direction.

    Silage is fantastic and projection piercing enough to exude this beautiful scent to those around you with ample presence. If there were ever a 'safe bet' for perfume, it'll be jasmine. With this jasmine, you're not just playing it safe: you can confidently share one of the most beautiful fragrances on Earth.

    Simply out of this world. Never in my life I have smelled a Jasmine concentrate that resembles so close to the actual flower. The description on your website is right on the point, it smells exactly the way it has been described. Will definitely order a larger batch of this soon.  – Varun, Australia

    The jasmine is heavenly.  It's going to be a fragrant light in these cold, dark days. – Patrick, USA

    It lasts like forever which on its own is insane. I've never smelled a jasmine quite like this one before. It is sweet yes, but there is a godly greenness about it which make me think of the blossoming jasmine in my garden in France. Truly a joy to wear this oil, I really appreciate the craftsmanship. – Alexandre, Czech Republic

    Update: I might be in love with your jasmine, it's so bright and full of love, awesome stuff. – Alexandre, Czech Republic

    Heavenly...Slight green smell as the bottle is opened and/or placed on your skin (HYPNOTIC), a buttery honey, then the full unleashing of jasmine flowers that invade my olfactory system, reminiscent of my first experience of inhaling sambac jasmine and finally knowing the depth/scent of true Jasmine. When wearing Jasmine, I envisioned myself in one of the ancient temple(s) or sacred grove; deep in the forests of India or Cambodia. As I'm meditating praying (sitting lotus of course), I hear the brilliantly colored birds singing/squawking and animals calling, inhaling the earthy and green forest scents with the heavy, velvety humidity coating my skin that is redolent/saturated from the millions of jasmine flowers in full bloom – Linda, USA

    What you’ve done with the jasmine is really remarkable.  I’ve smelled essential florals before.  You can always tell the real smell is in there somewhere but how do you capture the actual beauty of a flower in mid bloom?  It’s like trying to photograph a lunar eclipse or sunset...somehow you can never do justice to the real experience of it.  But uncork the bottle here and I’m walking through a lattice overgrown with blooming jasmine in the spring.  100% on point.  My wife is going to go crazy for this.  – Mike, USA

    Formidablement, « Jasmine » a un tel corps que je le ressens comme l'esprit complet de la fleur apprivoisé par l’artiste. Je m’y suis déjà attaché. Il fait partie de ces rares parfums auxquels je penserai peut être de temps en temps un peu comme je penserais à quelqu’un. – Antonin, France

    The Jasmine is a bomb and the smallest amount fills up an entire space with a floral beauty. I couldn't be happier or more grateful for Ensar Oud. – Hafni, Australia

    Never I smelled a flower scent in a bottle expressing the *exact* scent of the flower in nature. With it I have the feeling to be in summer, with a soft wind bringing to me nose the fragrance of a beautiful Jasmine bush next to me. But it is more again. Because this nature is hère worked by the genius of the parfumer. I smell the care. I smell the love, the dévotion. Beyond all my better hopes and expectations. – Antonin, France

    This Jasmine is like smelling a real flower. Now, I haven't smelled a Jasmine I don't like. All have those very mean, distilled smell to them. This though, has all that plus a real grounded physical flower, pollen, honey like sweetness, and I am confident to say, a very very very very very, light sweet good type of woodiness, floating throughout it. – Eric, USA

    I have never put my nose on such a tenacious distillation of Jasmine. I have a few absolutes that don’t even compare to the intensity and lasting power of your creation. It feels so vibrant and three dimensional. I even used a single drop in a 15 ml perfume I created and it dominated the whole mix. That’s not a bad thing though. It creates an experience that is Jasmine in the head, heart, and base all at once. Very unique. – Jason, USA

    The famous perfumer François Cotty said before dying his regret was to never have achieved his dream to make his « Chevrefeuille » (honeysuckle) With Ensar’s « Jasmine », I have the feeling of sweet drunkenness that I expérience when I put my nose on a honeysuckle flower and that I breathe in slowly and deeply until perfect satisfaction. – Antonin, France

    I received the order yesterday evening and had a chance to compare Jasmine with a few other jasmine absolutes in my collection.  It is unlike any other jasmine that I have smelled before. Most jasmine absolutes (both grandiflorum and sambac) are quite waxy compared this beauty. Jasmine comes off as clean, vibrant and airy which is reminiscent of the smell of blooming jasmine flowers being carried forward by a cool summer breeze. – Pierre, KSA

    Jasmine is definitely special. Heavenly clear scent changing from conquering piercing tones to calming creamy embracing ways. Lifts the mood and does not lose you easily from its grasp. – Milan, Slovakia

    The Jasmine is truly the finest jasmine I have ever owned.  It is sweet, smooth and balanced, without a single wrong note. I gave a little sample to a woman who works for me and she thought for sure that it was a perfume, and not just a straight essential oil. Totally worth the price. – Michael, USA

    Jasmine is literally love at first sniff. It smells so alive and fresh with undeniable charisma. It felt like being at a jasmine garden in full bloom and utters that reminisce Borneo Zen. It’s quite euphoric and has this mental effect of focus and optimism. Rose might be the queen, oud may be king, but jasmine barges in like it owns the place and is beyond worldly hierarchy. I adore it and love how it feels so healing. – Jasim, UAE

    The Jasmine...oh, that Jasmine...this is the Jasmine I remember from my younger days! It has a certain spice to it, like Japanese Rose, that is floating under the leaves of green. – Beverly, USA



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