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    Irian Sinking

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    Unlike much of the lacquered-to-perfection and otherwise enhanced second-rate stuff so readily available in the suq, these chips are absolutely saturated with complex resin that quite literally bubbles out of them.

    On low heat, it sparkles and shimmers.

    Visuals aside, the scent profile of high mountain Irian agarwood is as variegated as a sweeping mountain range. It is not at all fragile, so feel free to explore—put it on a cool electric plate and slowly turn up the heat, or preheat and let the resinous sweetness introduce itself. Whatever the temperature, expect to be pleased as you explore the olfactory orbit that reveals different facets to the aroma as you tweak your heating setup.

    The ambient aroma jumps off the wood on low to medium heat and lets you savor sweet wafts that smell of vanilla infused into sandalwood save for a supporting base of earthy, seaside, jungle greenness that gives Green Papua its herbaceous tenacity. 

    It takes just a few millimeters of wood and a few minutes to fill a room with that seaside jungle greenness, by which time the initial sweetness would have faded into a agarwoody background that reminds you of lignum vitae doused in the exotic earthiness unique to highland Irian harvests.

    I know some folks prefer smaller, thinner oud chips to larger ones. Of course, with less resinated pieces, smaller oud chips can actually be worse because the heat punctures the entire chip straight through. So, unless the chip packs enough resin, the chance that the firewood smell (not a good thing) will dominate is higher than in larger pieces where the heat takes longer to penetrate and the resin's release is more steady.

    With that in mind, rest assured that’s not the case here. For one, this batch is sinking-grade, so you don’t have to doubt the resin content. On top of that, each piece has been professionally chiseled to make the most of that fact. Flip one through your fingers and you’ll notice the resin penetrate the typically-unresinated back of the dark layer (as seen below) to ensure that your burn is even and the resinous oozing of Irian delight uninterrupted.

    If, for some inexplicable reason, you would rather skip the initial sweetness then start the burn at higher heat. The burn will begin with a salty, fresh coconut sweetness before taking you to the jungle shores of Jayapura. I would not put this on coals without dampening the heat, though, as too many of its savory notes will be lost to smoke.

    A few weeks ago, the King of Papua, as he’s called, told me he’d stopped his Papuan escapades. What’s left of his harvests is for sale, and then that’ll be it. From now on, you can find him in the new shopping center he’s decided to invest in instead. The operation costs have become too expensive, he said — the effort to access the trees, too much.

    So, this class of agarwood is not only rare (and becoming rarer) but possesses a unique character that no lover of Irian oud can afford to be without. Burn it during a Jin Jun Mei tea session or after a few swipes Oud Royale 2004 and try not to bite your tongue!



    The experience of heating this wood was far more superior than I had imagined. There is this extra depth that just takes you into another realm. While slowly heating the wood and trying to make out the exact scent; I soon realized I had spent 10-15 minutes just sitting through a totally different experience. It felt like I was travelling through destinations in a very relaxed atmosphere. This has really opened up a new world to me and I think it's going to be a life long journey exploring all these special elements sustainably. Shahabal, Pakistan

    This ultra resinous, sinking grade wood brings about a sweetness that instantly fills a room.  When burned with a lower heat, the top note is as if you have just sprayed the highest quality perfume.  I use this as a daily burn. Mohammed, USA

    Irian Sinking opens with notes of mint-flavored green tea but you also find some sweetness and saltiness. Personally, I don't like this salt note but it appears for a while and plays a part to create balanced aroma in top notes then goes out of the way gradually. In the middle phase, it turns down into a sweet, creamy vanillic tone and lasts till the end. Irian Sinking is a good wood for daily usage. Packed with a good amount of resin and only 2 or 3 small slivers are enough to fill your room. Osama, Pakistan

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