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    Hun Yin

    Now a Legend
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    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    Hun Yin is the first and quite possibly the last oil of its kind in the history of Oud oil: a hybrid fusing centennial aquilaria malaccensis trees harvested in Sumatra with colossal gyrinops from the last agarwood frontier: New Guinea. Its oudiness is unparalelled, and its depth and richness are mind-boggling.

    Ghubal rich New Guinea gyrinops were fused with wild Sumatran malaccensis to craft a scent profile that is vast and subtle, with our signature incense heart note and ethereal vanillicious top note ever present. (Think Kalbar 3000.)

    The scent fuses green cardamom and akebia grapes and exudes a kakao-vanilla warmth with a pristine blue-green seashore scent synonymous with ouds such as Sultan Fatih and Sultan Osman.

    The top notes give off a crisp New Guinea green incense vibe that you’d expect would only emerge later on towards the drydown. The aquatic salty-air blue then turns bold base. The Sumatran presence shimmers unmistakably as the top notes quieten to give you a clean earth-in-autumn aroma. Think mint-laced patchouli, soft wet bark, ground kakao.

    I’m thrilled to offer you this first-of-its-kind distillation. We showed you some fantastic Sumatran scentscapes in Unnu Izza and Unnu Accha, and the New Guinea Sultan runs have been just out of this world. A hybrid of the profiles is a new direction for me, one that’ll be hard to follow up on after Hun Yin.

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