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    Hainan Attar

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    Hainan Attar was created specially for the Chinese New Year. Composed around red mandarin, it’s deliciously enhanced with the intoxicating zesty citrus of high incense-grade wild Hainanese Oud.

    An assortment of florals, including tuberose red rose and mimosa flank the aroma’s mandarin heart to pay homage to the beautiful bouquets you’d usually see, and smell, everywhere across the Far East during this holiday season. 

    Reddened by a touch of saffron to bolden the rose, and orange blossom to add depth to the mandarin, you’ll enjoy much more than a mere splash of orange peel, as mandarin lush with its supporting cast are honed by super fine Hainan agarwood.

    The Hainanese backbone of the citrus-floral aroma is of the same caliber as Hailam Kilam. In fact, oud makes up half of the composition.

    The diffusive effect of fine rose coupled with the thick fixing character of saffron brands the mandarin orange flower sweetness into the addictive red powdery core of the Hainan oud. The result is a luxury attar that's layered with flavor, edible even, and smells regal.

    We may not be swaying to the tune of “Gong Xi, Gong Xi” this year but here’s your chance to join in a floral citrus olfactory celebration of our own.

    So, take a fat swipe or three, or gift a bottle, and let these oudy wafts of mandarin marinated in Hainan’s wildest agarwood be your bouquet, your gift basket, your rich citrus oudy feast this year.


    I love the Mandarin orange top in the Hainan Attar and the dry down is amazing. That one will be perfect for the spring and summer. – TJ, USA


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