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    Green Papua

    Now a Legend
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    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    Who'd ever think oud could be green? The Arabs, with their synthetic oud 'mukhallats', maintain that oud should be a reddish brown, or as black as possible. Not to mention thick like molasses, so that you could hardly get it out of the bottle. – But green?! That doesn't sound right.

    Yet here I am, telling you this is 100% pure oud of the first order, and it's green. That's because it is not a mukhallat, first of all. Secondly, it is not Indian (so no barn smell here either, for that matter). Thirdly, this is no Aquilaria at all. This is the oil of the newly discovered oud species Gyrinops. And Gyrinops is green. At least the very finest Gyrinops is green. There are Gyrinops oils that smell like sun-dried tomatoes (and look it too). But this is a green one.

    With the green tinge comes an all new agarwood fragrance. A fragrance that is juxtaposed to the farmland smell of Indian oud just as its color is juxtaposed to the brownish hue of the synthesized Assam smells the Arabs are so fond of.

    Cool and light, Green Papua promises a new start for the newcomer who never really hit it off with the strong odors of Indochinese oud. Fresh is the word I was looking for. A foresty leafiness that almost verges on mintiness.

    Far from farmland or pasture, this oud promises the tropical breezes of the Indonesian island it originated on. Aboriginal, wild, uncut and green, oud never smelled more pristine than Green Papua.

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