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    Fleurs d’Orange

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    When you smell a flower, it smells like…… well… like the flower.

    But, what if you’re missing something; what if you could get different scents from a single flower? What if you could take a blossom of bitter orange and capture both that smell you feast on when holding the petal to your nose and the scent that starts to tickle your senses as you walk through an orchard in bloom?

    Take orange blossom and neroli. They are the same—but they’re not.

    Both come from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree, but one captures the scent through distillation (i.e. it’s an essential oil), while the other is a solvent extract (i.e. an absolute). The result is that you get to smell the same blossom from different angles that reveal unique nuances dormant in the same flower.

    But Fleurs d’Orange isn’t just a blend of orange blossom and neroli. Nor is it about just the scent of the flower smelled up-close as it cleaves open a new dimension in the floral landscape.

    This is effectively an attar that goes after the whole orange spectrum, from the leaves to the blossoms, and then uses the tone as a lever for a note that showcases the orange aroma on full display—but also lets your nose feast on more than that, both in scent and projection.

    You’ll smell a more indolic tone in orange blossom that’s more sultry and, dare I say it… edible… than in neroli, where you indulge in a scent that’s pristine, fresh, and crisper on the citrus scale. 

    Then, while you usually have to choose between citrus and floral, Fleurs d’Orange lets you smell a scent where citrus meets floral in a fragrance that’s at once delicious and beautiful; energizing and pristine. In fact, it’s so citrus-floral you might be startled to smell a subtle note of jasmine underneath a blanket of green akin to petitgrain, all awash under an orange peel chord marinated in rose. 

    Analyze orange blossoms in the lab and you’ll discover they share a smell with jasmine. So, the jasmine note you smell in neat, well-extracted orange flowers is actually there. But, to enhance that effect, Fleurs d’Orange also contains a good dose of fine jasmine.

    Like with other precious florals, it takes a truckload of orange blossoms to extract only a tiny amount of absolute. Same with Indian jasmine. But even more so rose… which adds a diffusive tone to the orange peel I’m sure you’ll agree is…… potent!

    This fusion ties the whole shebang together with a plum-like sweetness, this honeyed syrupy chord which you don’t distinctly smell but is what boosts the orange flower’s projection and depth—and makes it stick around way longer than any orange top-note normally would.

    The experience of walking through the white floral wafts in an orange orchard is a joy in its own, with a lighter, crisper citrus scent in the air. This, while the flower up-close smells deeper, more pollen-rich and comparatively… more herbaceous. The absolute is more viscous, with umami that’s absent in the essential oil, which generally means it’ll last longer on your skin and boasts a longer drydown. (This is also why, as a stronger fixative, it’s preferred as a perfume ingredient.)

    Fleurs d’Orange tries to take this smell of the orange orchard—and bottle it…… and then amp up the volume and tenacity. The drydown is delectably raw cane sugar sweet. From the delicate white floral tone of neroli to the wholesome, almost earthy tenacity of orange blossom dancing with jasmine, rose petals, and a touch of saffron to redden the orange hue just a tad bit…… relish it all with a swipe on each wrist.

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