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    EO Red

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    Mercilessly, the scent of a young girl inflicts a pubescent boy with an unshakable obsession. Such impossible lust, enough to turn the young Jean-Baptiste’s fixation on the scent of female flesh into a fetish. Leopold Bloom gazing at his limp languid member, like you too once relished the smell of the baker’s breath down beneath.

    Fictional, perhaps, but not far-fetched. Just as certain perfumers have gotten requests from their significant other to bottle up their musky armpit sweat and make a perfume out of it, this is a bottled up memory of coming of age, elevated to the immaculate olfactory vistas of a Sultan’s finest rose harvest.

    Perfume can be intensely carnal. And it would be chicanery on my part to shy away from the all-too-human eroticism we are meant to indulge in, not deny. Bygone lovers who sought out and lacquered their bodies in expensive perfume to meet, newlywed, behind the curtains, and let sweat meet rose, emit musk, leaving that lingering scent of spent skin as your body slips into soma, gratified and wet.

    Instead of that, branded synthetics reflect the monuments we erect to our hollow, empty, sex-obsessed selves who no longer dare yearn with a lover’s passion for the smell of her nape, for your soft cheek on his sweaty chest. Glaring each at his Exegi Monumentum, holding a magazine loaded with one synthetic more tawdry than the next, one-dimensional man is losing that all-too-intimate, willing-die-for – to kill for – passion for Lola. When was the last time a fragrance moved you? Made you tingle down there and your cheeks blush? Made you want.

    Perfume has become just an aftershave in a hyper-sanitized world. BigMacs with big budgets for big posters of big stars. Designer colognes that will forever remind you of the airport Duty-Free, where they stand for marketing and glitz next to tax-free drums of cheap whiskey, cartons of cigarettes and slabs of KitKat. To remind you of Hollywood’s latest show, not the ravishing libido of your embarrassed teenage self, discovering your sexuality, fantasizing without a flinch of those moments where you’d lie there smelling his armpit sweat, in love, wanting more. The scent of the ointment that sticks to her hair that sticks to your cheek. The scent of rose, of the Himalayan oyster, the Greeks’ red grape. Makes you wonder, when did the rose gardens dry out? For what did we sacrifice the vigor of young Jean-Baptiste?

    Through premium rose and pure musk, Sultan Red Rose Attar sets out to conjure not animalics but these human, all too human odors that we encounter in our most passionate moments.

    When did rose beds and the raunchiest musk lose their carnal intimacy? Why did perfume turn into little more than a poster of bad boy actor X or the sad shallow image of a saucy looking actress?

    Just like that plastic flower at the department store gives you as much oxygen as the plastic pot it’s in, muscone isolates and lab-made rose stir up sales, streamline and cut costs, but are bereft of soul. That’s why natural ingredients matter, and why I used aromatics that are the crème de la crème in each genre, some of which I’ve had to wait years to acquire, others I’d kept for years waiting for the right time to bring them out.

    EO Red is based on Sultan Rose Attar, which was originally composed of three ingredients. Sultan Red Rose Attar adds thirty more, including eight years aged Imphal oud for its sleek orange zest and virgin musky allure. On top of that, a thick dose of Maroke oud oil to round the scent out with a über-rare oudilicious base. Even the carrier is dstilled 40-year-old vintage Mysore granules.

    The Sultan’s private rose harvest from the early 80’s, the reddest rose, oud dripping from its petals, infused into pods potent with primal charm. A motif that celebrates love and rosy-cheeked blushing hot-blooded play. A risqué aphrodisiac that kisses your skin and stokes the titillating flame between the two of you.

    This oud parfum is my humble rendition of those timeless fragrances so pheromonal you feel that sultry musc a la musc carnal lick-your-lips primacy, just as you felt it for the first time at your sweet sixteen. When you felt it again, but deeper, as you dreamt of holding her hand. As the poets taught you, to fancy a kiss. And more than that.

    Older as I now am, I remember fondly and uncomfortably my coming of age. A single swipe of this red rose pastes it all onto a canvas for me to behold. My finest ouds, a Buddhist master’s finest sandalwood and rose in a scent that lets you look back at the teenage you; your first look at her, her first look at you. Young love. And lust. Ultimately, for many a dedication to such intimacy lost.

    Absolutely stunning composition from Ensar. EO Red showcases a familiar composition but with much more clarity than you'd expect.

    What I mean by that is Ensar's parfums/attars often highlight incredibly complex natural materials that can pose a challenge to some noses. EO Red simplifies Ensar's approach and allows the most sensual rose note to sing with a glowing ambery base behind it.

    Thick, jammy roses with that freshly plucked nose pressed to the petal aroma enveloped in what feels like sensual incense laden musk. This is truly comforting in every way imaginable. Silk and velour come to mind in terms of the textural qualities with huge tenacity on par with the original No 1.

    It's easy to wear with enough complexity and originality to keep this from becoming redundant. There's loads of warm bubbling resins, incense, and sandalwood along with a soft touch of leather to keep that ENsar DNA flowing through every chord in this rosen symphony – Aaron, USA

    Red opens with a burst of crimson velvet covered in rose petals. The deepest hues of red, like looking through a prism, the roses burst forth into the scene. 

    The musk is sweet and soft, plush smelt, and dense, whipped like cream and custard supporting that massive rose explosion.

    What a feat is done here. I've never smelt such a deep sweet rose and musk and this opening pitch is held for an unusually pleasant amount of time.

    Deep in the base, sandalwood can be felt, custardy golden flickers never fully coming into focus, proving a woody, creamy tone to the composition.

    As the scent dries down the rose, musk and sandalwood start to flow together. In the opening, it is all crimson coloured waves of scent with flickers of custard and gold from the sandalwood and musk. Swirling together, they form an accord of pulsating rose, musk, and sandalwood like we've never smelt before.

    Into the 2nd hour, what I perceive to be white ambergris add a shimmer and a sparkle to the rose/musk/sandalwood to reenergize the dance.

    INto the 4th hour and onwards, small, subtle tendrils of smoke arise. The lightest of touches like a lover whispering in tour ear the oud as arrives.

    On my skin, this is all about rose, musk, and sandalwood. The rose and musk are so central to the composition, the oud is as id a whiff of smoke is caught from a burner off in the distance,

    Overall, this composition is an absolute treat. Excellent longevity, intimate projection. 

    Lovers of sweet rose, soft pillow musk, smoked oud and sandalwood—this is for you – Ryan, Canada.

    EO Red is truly a Rose lover’s dream. And for people that aren’t a huge rose fan you’ll find merit in this composition as well. It’s perfectly balanced between jammy rose and smoky incense-laden amber. It’s so warm and sensual it quite literally feels like velvet in your nostrils. This is a damn good scent and is entirely original in its own right.

    As much as I love rose it can get overwhelming when a composition is loaded with rose. The scent transitions several times before the drydown and while there’s a hint of the leathery Ensar DNA this feels completely different than any previous rose composition he’s made. It’s also one of the most comforting and easy to wear scents in his catalog. This is easily office friendly.

    It’s really good and a huge surprise. I love comforting scents that feel like a warm hug so it was a pleasant surprise to really feel that sensual warmth Ensar talked about in the description. Someone said that every fragrance you own should make you feel relaxed and this one hits that target on all fronts. – Aaron, USA.

    Ask Ensar Oud, and he will deliver. Myself and some fans requested a perfume variant of his Sultan Red Rose Attar, and we got his answer with EO Red. This may be the best rose I've experienced yet!

    While the attar is still incredible, I actually enjoy the perfume more. The rose is bigger, sweeter, wetter, like a thick red juicy rose jam that you just want to slather yourself with. Under that is Ensar's traditional (exceptional) musk, oud, and sandalwood.

    There's a lot going on here, but to my nose everything here is in support of that rose and musk, and it's intoxicating. So much so that my wife told me she really liked it, and I have no higher form of praise than that. – Ryan, USA

    Reviews fo Sultan Red Rose Attar:

    I have to tell you that the level of Oud used in Sultan Red Rose Attar is so off the charts. I'm not an expert by any sense of the word, but wow! I've discovered that, if you smoke tobacco, as you blow the smoke out and immediately sniff the Oud, you can really smell the level of Oud, the quality, the grade, and let me tell you... wow! So good. I'm not sure if you've ever heard someone tell you this, but if you know anyone who does smoke tobacco, test it out. – Steven, USA

    I've had the Sultan Red Rose on for around an hour now, I feel enveloped in that spicy earthy tone as you described, it feels dark and mysterious. I expected it to be lighter as it settled but it maintains that dark wonder. I am glad I went ahead with this one – Adeel, UK

    I didn’t even know that a rose (and oud) could smell like this. Ensar just never fails to educate us on how raw materials can smell. A really sublime experience! – Tom, Germany

    I get a really musky orange blossom and rose opening. In the mid, I get the top notes mixed with a really smoky oud. For the dry down, I get a lot of musky sandalwood with a hint of rose and smoky oud. This scent is very complex and unlike anything that I've ever smelled before. It's different to say the least and I love different! Well done! – TJ, USA

    Greetings from the love of my life, my hometown of Grasse, France. This morning, the cool breeze is tinged with burgeoning Orange Blossom and Rose. May is a beautiful month here, and the Rose harvest season is upon us! Lily of the Valley is also ubiquitous as the May 1st national holiday is around the corner. How wondrous and fragrant are those tiny white bells.

    Quite à propos, my SOTD is my first wear of Sultan Red Rose. Per EO custom, quality is not spared here. To my nose, genuine Musk is very, very present much to my delight, both in the opening and heart. Musk is the first component that struck me. A luscious Rose comes to give it elegance, seemingly complemented by saffron and jasmine – is that what I am picking up on? A Rose centered bouquet of florals. Sultan Red Rose is Arabesque and it’s a delight.

    For those looking for a comparison with Sultan Rose Attar – I find Red Rose Attar to be more intriguing – the incredible depth on the Musk gives this blend a wonderfully dark, sensual aspect. You almost can’t really compare the two because Red Rose Attar is a composition, while SRA was a nod and a tribute to the traditional sandal-rose accord. – Philip, France

    How to even begin? Well, when first applied there are a few main themes that jump out. Rose, of course… a juicy red rose… fairly sweet, deep and rich smelling. Musk, which in this case smells clean, like the essence of musk with anything furry or halitosis smelling removed… more sweet and skin-like than animalic, slightly earthy. And another accord that is really elusive and complex… some descriptors are resinous, dark, woody, bracing, smoky, hard. A wild guess might include olibanum, myrrh, wood oils like teak, camphor, mint, pepper, gardenia and of course oud. At first, this 3rd accord feels dark and hard, like obsidian stone, and if you smell it up close it dominates the composition. The silliage however, is far more balanced.

    Over time the 3rd accord softens and recedes, the darkness starts to feel more human and less mineral, the composition transitions from Arabic to French as the rose and musk become more dominant and the 3rd accord, accompanied by the musk, becomes more like body odor in the best, most French way possible. I also think the oud becomes more prominent, anchoring the base. The heart of the fragrance, where everything comes into balance, is truly magical. Gradually, over hours, the 3rd accord fades even more and the fragrance softens, with the rose and musk gently dominating.

    The closest comparison to a mainstream fragrance is probably “Black Gemstone,” which is a nice composition, but like most fragrances today is marred by being too sweet and synthetic. Of course, Sultan Red Rose Attar is not synthetic at all… but also not for the faint of heart. It is a big, bold composition with plenty of silliage. The silliage is probably the best part. It’s very strong, much stronger vs the projection so you get whiffs of it here and there. For the most part, this is how I prefer to experience it as well. It’s better to wave your wrist past your nose than smell the fragrance directly, except for possibly the drydown when you’re left with a gauzy cloud of rosy musk with the 3rd accord mostly gone.

    Overall this is exceptionally good, certainly in the very top tiers of Attars/Mukhs in terms of both composition and quality of materials. It’s not inexpensive but I can also say it’s a great value and probably significantly underpriced, to be honest. If I could afford it I’d buy a tola… – Dorje, USA

    The Red Rose attars are intoxicating, in particular the SRRA – I’ve smelled rose “style” attars, and of course Bulgarian, Taif etc. but I did not imagine roses could smell like THIS. They at once let you know how extremely fine they are. As with so many of your offerings, they raise the bar impossibly high, and I’m fortunate to have them. As with the Oud, I get a bit sad thinking there are only so many bottles of each to last forever. – Jeff, USA

    Пишу тебе с радостным настроением – вот он, то что я искал так долго! Тот самый парфюм, который пленит все мои чувства, раскрепощает эмоции, дарит энергию и абсолютную радость. Я нашел сначала в Nuit de Ceylan эту французскую ноту, но Ensar раскрыл весь изящный французский букет в новых духах – Sultan Red Rose! Это блаженство… Мускус невероятно сделан в них! – Максим, Russia

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