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    EO Essentials Kit

    Price: $279 $239

    An oud lover’s greatest companions are, well…other ouds.

    But somewhere long your oud journey, the more you become familiar with aromatics other than oud, the more you appreciate and enjoy your ouds—that note of jasmine is all the more incredible if you’ve smelled fine jasmine; a ‘creamy’ oud is a different experience once you’ve smelled quality blue lotus…

    But more than enhancing your oud, this kit gives you access to the world’s most precious floral extracts, sandalwood distillations, medicinal frankincense, and more—to enjoy on their own terms. 

    And these are the most exemplary representations of each aromatic in its class—that’s why they’re listed alongside the world’s rarest oud oils.

    “Santal Royale is one of the best sandalwood oils that I ever came across. And it is huge coming from a background of dealing with pure Mysore Sandal for all my life (35 years!!)” – Ratnaditya, USA

    “Never in my life have I smelled a Jasmine concentrate that resembles so close to the actual flower.” – Varun, Australia

    “This Santal is unlike any Santal I’ve ever smelled!…… My, my, my... I’m aghast. Wow.” – Beverly, USA

    “With florals, I’m expecting something that reminds me of some cheap candle. That’s always been my experience. This Frangipani is nothing like that.” Matt, USA

    “The Blue Lotus caught me off guard with its potency, a lush rich alluring aroma which made me have the most vivid dream in a long while.” – Denis, Sweden

    The EO Essentials Kit includes ten aromatics. Alongside a full 25 gr packet of the highest grade frankincense resin in the world, the set lets you dive into the world’s most precious flower extracts, vintage Mysore sandalwood steeped in beach-combed Jamaican ambergris to compare to Santal Royale's oud-style distillation (using Mysore granules from the 70s and 80s!), medicinal frankincense oil, and more:


    0.3 gr Tanoishi (pure oud)

    0.3 gr Santal Royale

    0.3 gr Jasmine

    0.3 gr Civet Oud

    0.3 gr Frangipani

    0.3 gr Blue Lotus

    0.3 gr Ambra ’92

    0.3 gr Khus Exclusive

    0.3 gr Hojari Supreme

    25 gr Royal Hojari Resin

    With a palette as vibrant as this at the tip of your nose, you get a head start into the world of perfumery and fine olfaction. Enjoy the adventure!

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