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    EO Classics

    Price: $700 $599

    Iris Ghalia, Jungle Kinam, Kyara Koko ’92…… these were all limited editions that sold out in no time. Many missed the chance to smell them, and have been asking if or when they’ll ever be available again.

    It took a few years for us to re-compose Iris Ghalia, while the premium Papuan oud (among other things) in the likes of Kyara Koko and Jungle Kinam is always a limiting factor in making more of these perfumes. 

    And we’re not even talking about the exclusive variant of Borneo Zen—or my first ever Chypre…

    This new kit gives you access to the EO classics folks keep asking about, which includes five Eau de Parfum testers (9.5ml each)—plus Borneo Zazen, free, for a limited time.

    For some, delving into these EDPs is a chance to revisit their most loved EO perfumes, while for newcomers they’re a fantastic intro to the world of artisanal perfumery, offering you a tour through rolled tobacco leaves, fresh jungle petrichor, the most precious flower extracts blended with the world’s most acclaimed artisanal oud, and much more—all smelled through a prism of rare musk and ambergris tinctures very few perfumers use anymore.

    Iris Ghalia
    Jungle Kinam
    Kyara Koko ’92
    Thai Tabac
    EXCLUSIVE: Chypre Sultan
    Borneo Zazen—FREE (Limited Offer)

    The Borneo Zazen EDP is only available as part of this set and is included on the house, with our compliments.

    To give you a taste of our attars to boot, each order will also include a .15 gr sample of Ward Sultan Attar, as an added bonus.

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