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    EO 1: Assam - running low

    Price: $999

    Leather and oud go together like king and crown, and there’s no sweeter spot between the rustic allure of Ensar’s artisanal—often mad—oud world and popular perfumery than this oudilicious addition to the cuir tradition. A rugged aroma that makes you wonder if Hemingway just lit up a Cuban, or if Churchill’s in town.

    After 15 fragrant years, I finally took off my jungle jacket for a tie to dive headfirst into my debut spray parfum and create No 1. Since its first release, each iteration has had a unique flavor—still retaining the No 1 profile but showing off a different dimension—as we literally poured all we had of our precious distillations into the perfume.

    I approach perfume the way I do oud distillation. That’s why No 1 is composed of the rarest, most expensive ingredients in all of perfumery, including copious amounts of prized ouds.

    Not only is this among the highest quality oud fragrances that have ever been produced in spray-format (along with the likes of Oud Yusuf and Oud Royale), the entire composition is infused into a high-concentration, genuine raw ambergris tincture instead of just plain ethanol. Similar tinctures of this kind sell for around £400 for 30ml… here, it’s already included. But not just any ambergris…

    I’ve literally been called stupid for insisting to use such olfactory gems in a perfume. In fact, most critics and ‘professionally trained’ perfumers advocate using synthetics exclusively. And I see their point. Why sacrifice rare rose and oud instead of synthetics that are 1000 times cheaper? Not to mention—and this is a staple argument—you never have to worry about reproducing the scent! (i.e. it’s scalable, so you can sell a lot more.)

    I insist on these insanities because to me, and people like me, there IS a difference. You smell low-grade or lab-made oud (a.k.a. the ‘oud note’) and all you can do is laugh at how it’s being compared to real high-caliber oud. Most can’t even tell, but to any oud novice the difference is red and blue.

    No 1 lets you exude wafts of a tobacco-heavy, old-school leather jacket aroma with an unmistakable Don Corleone kiss-my-hand-compagno esteem. Subtle, but not soft, with a base that’s all oud and vintage horse-saddle leather.

    This edition is the closest to the original. In fact, it’s an improvement and the most classic No 1 to date thanks to the addition of traditional Assamese oud, aged for nine years, steeped in the late Sultan Qaboos’ own vintage ambergris – the same stones that went into Oud Royale.

    I soaked up all the feedback we received since No 1 first launched and improved where folks felt it could be better, rounded off some edges some felt were a bit rough, and introduced a couple of new ingredients to the ensemble that add tenacity and longevity. Plus a few tweaks to this new Pure Parfum edition make it even headier. The result is a stronger composition that lingers longer… but doesn’t overstay; louder sillage, with a gentleman’s discretion.

    Top notes:
    ​Sultan Qaboos’ Ambergris
    Lavender, Rosewood, Siam Wood, Nutmeg

    Heart notes:
    Indian, Turkish, and Austrian Roses, Juhi Jasmine, Tolu Balsam, Civet

    Base notes:
    Vintage Assam Oud, Vintage Timor Sandalwood, Tobacco, Vanilla, Oakmoss
    Ethiopian and Hojari Frankincense

    No doubt, No 1 is not your typical Extrait de Parfum. It’s not supposed to be. I wouldn’t dream of topping the master cuirs that came before, nor do I subscribe to modern ‘industry standards’ of how long, how loud, and how far.

    This is an indie cuir that’s limited and rare, where I simply wanted to add an OUD-inspired rendition to the legacy of Cuir de Russie et al., and offer perfume lovers the chance to experience just how amazing and exalting a fixative Artisanal Oud can be. In EO No 1, you pass third base to smell Oud & Leather drunk and in love, in a parfum that’s a first in a vibrant cuir heritage that’s been turning top hats and making hearts melt for decades. .

    This one is so well blended. It is a challenge to dissect and mention the individual notes. I have had the first version of EO1 too. The Assam version surely is an improvised, refined and a prettier version of the OG.

    ‘Addicting florals suspended in a strong Ambergris tincture’, this is what comes to my mind on first sniff. The overall theme is dark with complimenting florals at each stage. In one of the posts, Ensar mentioned how his Tuberose is one of the key factors in many hit compositions (like Oud Yusuf). I think another one that is rarely talked about would be Lavender Abs.

    I have never been a fan of Lavender. Mainly because of the cheap powdery Lavender Aldehyde or something used in every other cosmetic product. If you are from Indian subcontinent, you’ll understand where I am coming from. Talcum Powders, Make-up stuff, what not! Here, in EO1, Lavender sits in perfect harmony, imparting that spicy, herbaceous tinge to the combinations up top.

    A couple of minutes in, it shows a dark rose facet with spicy background noise. This is phenomenal. As time passes by, Lavender settles down, paving way for spicier tones in a mesmerizing fashion. Some coriander, a bit of peppery facets in the back from rosewood make things interesting at this point, imparting the warmth.

    The dry down reveals the most lavish oud-leather combo I have ever smelt. The resinous oud dry down goes on and on and on. This is one of the first perfumes where I really smelt oud. EO1 howls class and screams sophistication. – Himanshu, USA

    So after a few wearings now, I have to say that for me personally EO No 1: Assam is the best perfume in the world. FOR ME, I would go as far as to say,that it’s the best smell in the world. I‘m addicted to it. 😂 – Marvin, Germany

    EO 1 Assam has a beautiful aromatic opening, with spice, a little citrus and rose. The interplay between the precious woods and the ambergris creates a warm, lush, cozy feeling of softness. The interplay between the oud and leather is perfect, and when I focus on that I get the jasmine flashing in and out of it as well. The incense/resinous notes are absolutely majestic as well. Its quite difficult to put the experience of enjoying this fragrance into words because its so well blended! The individual elements say, in the top notes don’t just disappear in a few minutes with just a few base notes remaining on the skin in the dry down. It’s so much more than anything else I have had the privilege to wear! – Tony, USA

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for EO No.1 Assam and the sampler of pure ouds which I received last week. I never had the opportunity to explore such an authentic and unique piece of art. Wearing EO No1 Assam is like a journey, an adventure! – Mathias, Germany

    I am very happy with EO No 1. It’s a Parfum like heaven. Smooth, rich, natural and inspired, GREAT!!! – Ferhat, Germany

    What can I say other than an absolute stunning masterpiece. Wore the fragrance yesterday and it’s on another level compared to any fragrances I own (considering I have over 70 niche fragrances). It opens up very powerful (which I think it unique and lovely) then after about an hour becomes a deep and sophisticated scent...So good I don’t want it to end....... Ensar Oud, thank you for sharing this wonderful creation with the world! – Ademola, Scotland

    I have finally received the shipment, I am very happy. I want to thank the effort made to make it happen. That said, Ensar Oud No 1 is the best thing I have ever smelled, it left me speechless just smelling it, spectacular, it’s a treasure for me and I am eager to try the other fragrances and buy them. – Pablo, Spain

    Absolutely gorgeous and profound works of art. The EO1 is a journey through leather. Reminds me of my late grandfather's leather jacket and my imbuia wood Taylor guitar fused into mesmerizing wild oud. Castoreum has never been treated with such respect and skill. Wish I could buy the pure parfum bottles! – Casey, US

    EO No 1 arrived last Friday and all I can say by now is that it is mindblowing. I thought I had quite good niche houses in my collection, but Ensar Oud redefines this concept. EO No 1 opens with a power that I have never experienced before (I was a little worried in the beginning), but after 40 minutes on my skin, it becomes the most sophisticated and deep fragrance I have ever smelled. Congratulations on your masterpiece. Thanks for opening my smelling sense to a new dimension. – Jose, Spain 

    EO No 1 is the best perfume I've ever smelled. Every perfume I buy always leaves me wanting more after a while, but with No 1 it satisfies every itch in a way that no other perfume has been able to achieve.

    It's a masterpiece. – Aaron, USA

    Humans are born with basic senses, sense of touch, sight, hearing, taste and smell. Throughout the years I have had a couple of experiences, but somehow today, I felt that I'm crawling out of my little shell.

    My journey from the 90s started with designer scents, I was able to define those scents with a word, or sentence, most of the time. I transited to niche fragrances in the mid-2000s as my age ascended. To define them in a few lines is surely a crime. This time I am able to write a whole page, no inexplicable moments at this stage.

    Recently, I came across Ensar Oud. To put it simply, initially I was skeptical. After the purchase, little did I expect what ensued, An experience that is out of the world…truly magical. To just write about the scent in a book is doing it injustice, for no words or sentences are there to fully describe the scent. Therefore, without any form of bias or prejudice, I shall elaborate on what I have felt firsthand.

    Upon the first squirt onto my right inner wrist, my eyes widened after sniffing the first initial blast. That beautiful smell…that heavenly mist, a performance…unsurpassed. I was taken on a journey where I have never been, places and things I have never seen. To have those experiences is to try it yourself, like how I did myself. It is like being read a poetry book by the best author. A unique, ineffable ecstasy like no other. Thank you for creating this, Having it is such bliss. – Munir, Singapore

    A scent that I will forever admire, with its authentic facets of leather, incense, and fresh atmospheric notes while maintaining depth all the way through. Masterfully blended, and so far the best parfum I have ever worn. – Liam, Australia

    I was so taken by EO No 1, I just cannot get over how multi-dimensional this parfum is, and such a rise above the synthetic junk that you normally smell. It started off with Balsam and moss, and drydown very musky and animalistic. I just love it! (I've ordered it because it is so unusual and unlike anything else out there - just fab) Really impressed – Annie, New Zealand

    Soy un gran admirador tuyo me encanta tu trabajo que haces y me tienen tus fragancias enganchado no puede estar sin tus perfumes, estoy comprando probadores y quiero comprar una botella, Para mi el que más me gusta es el EO No 1 pero me gustaría saber para ti cuál de todos tus perfumes es el más SEXY..... !!!!! 

    Muchas gracias MAESTRO y sigue haciendo OBRAS De ARTE. Un abrazo de España!! Cuídate mucho y bendiciones. – Valeriano, Spain

    I am getting a majestic but thin veil of Oud drydown surrounding me that lasts throughout the day. The opening is glorious and strong - I do prefer this over the 2018 EDP.  Unfortunately, I haven’t even scratched the surface of this fragrance; I have only worn it to work and have been forced to tread lightly - limiting myself to a single spray. I’m looking forward to trying 2 sprays or more on the weekend and really dive into the depths of its drydown! – Greg, USA

    Your perfumes do something to time. They make it more permanent. More intentional. Thank you! – Matt, USA

    I just received the fragrances, to say that EO No 1 has just walked through my heart, has taken it and has kept it, it's INCREDIBLE, and what to say about Sultan Musk Attar, removed my soul. – David, Spain

    Per il momento ho spruzzato EO n 1 PP e devo dire che è delizioso, credevo sarebbe stato più duro e animalico mentre invece è molto delicato e seducente.
    Bellissimo! – Aldo, Italy

    Incredibly rich, beautiful and three-dimensional leather, oud, gorgeous citrus and rose. Really looking forward to being able to pick out more in this fragrance when my nose has recovered but it's definitely everything I had hoped for and more! – Joe, USA

    Es un placer probar tus fragancias son diferentes a todas me encantan todas distintas y a la vez unidades unas obras de arte!!!!! – Valeriano, Spain

    Very impressed with how Mr. Ensar improved on an already masterpiece. I've been wearing the tester for the past few weeks. It's an impressive work of art! – Steven, USA

    EO PP is a fragrance that stands alone and isn’t fitting any category. The 3D Ambergris effect makes all notes new. Yes, a new rose, a new Oud, a new leather effect. It makes all notes dirty and clean at the same time. My compliments to Ensar!!!! – Ruggero, Italy

    I love it! It has a beautiful evolution and after about four hours I feel a wonderful leather smell. – David, Spain

    Blown away, it's simply the best oud fragrance I've ever had my nose on. Can't wait to get home to test No 2 and Iris Noir. – George, UK

    It’s beyond perfect. I’ve been searching for something like this for years. And especially something that doesn’t just end up smelling of patchouli oil by the end of the day (like so many do). Very, very happy. – Niall, UK

    I don't even know where to begin?

    I've been on my spiritual journey since 21 years of age (now 47) and have smelled many wonderful things in India and some other places around the world. Unconcerned with all things material I've always respected those that have God-given talent and are able to discover and celebrate the natural beauty of God's creation without becoming trapped in wealth, fame and power. Wicked corrupt and destroy everything they touch, Godly preserve and are in awe of God's creation.

    When I sprayed EO No.1 the 1st time I felt confused and could not perceive anything right away. It was almost like I had no previous reference to understand what I was smelling.

    I thought to myself, did someone get to my bottles during their transit and replaced Ensar made juices with a cheap knockoff? I was really lost for a moment, I've opened the 3 samples you sent and it was the same to begin with, all smelled like herbal medicine at 1st. EO No.1 smelled like my leather wallet with some rose. Leather was all I could smell at 1st.

    I began to question my senses. Was this a con? Or my big nose no longer functioning properly? 

    So, I got into my car, started driving home not knowing what to think of the whole experience. An hour later into my drive. WOW! Once I was blind but now I see!

    Suddenly a whole rose garden appears and leather moves back into the overall background and is now a rocking chair! Everything is like a beautiful painting. Multidimensional. Somehow every scent is isolated in the air around you. Like in the orchestra, one can focus on individual players and listen when they play their parts. Some are obscured and hidden only to jump out unexpectedly from between my fingers! The whole thing is rich, trippy and vintage.

    I also love the smell of Sultan Leather Attar. When I smell it I see peacock blue velvet and gold, but it's not multidimensional like EO No.1 To me it smells perfectly blended and addictive. I crave to smell it again and again! It's beautiful. 

    Interestingly it sits well on top of EO No.1

    Thank you for bringing back to life this age-old tradition!

    This is divine! This is love! – Rus, UK

    But now that the cold weather has come around my focus has shifted a little. I got a new pair of leather boots a while back.. And for a while they smelled so strong they would fill up any space I was in. And I loved it. So my focus shifted towards leather. I was looking around at different leather fragrances, and most leather fragrances have so much else going on that leather is really only a part of the fragrance. I wanted to smell like leather. I had my eyes on a couple, but I realized I already had the holy grail leather. And that was EO1. So I busted out my bottle and fell in love all over again. There's really no other fragrance that compares to that rich, animalic, burly leather. It makes me think of the old days for some reason. I picture a burly man coming into a pub or a lodge at night, in the dead of winter. The place is lit by a fireplace and other lamps, pre-electricity, and this man is hardened and tough. Wearing fur.. not an elegant fur.. but rugged fur. The fur of an animal he killed himself. He comes in to warm up and have a drink and smoke.. And this is what he smells like. I love my bottle of EO1, and I had a little sample of Sultan Leather that you guys sent me. I like to use the Sultan Leather when I want to tone down the intensity. Instead of putting on a full spray of EO1, I can just dab a little bit of Sultan Leather on my neck. I like having the option of control so that's why I decided to get more of the Sultan Leather. It's amazing. I've also been inspired a lot by coniferous notes lately. For whatever reason I was looking at pictures of old-time lumberjacks from back in the 19th and early 20th century in the Pacific Northwest from the days of Redwood logging. Pictures of rugged, tough pioneers standing next to these absolute giants. Whether or not you agree morally to the cutting down of these ancient giants.. there's one thing I couldn't help but think of.. could you imagine the smell? These guys falling these massive trees with nothing but their hands. As they chop and saw into the flesh of the trees.. I can only imagine the smell that filled the air. The trees.. the horses pulling logs.. the leather boots and straps.. the slightly salty air coming in from the California/ Oregon coast. All of it. – Mark, USA

    EO1. Where does one even start? I suppose one could simply summarize the scent and experience into one word: Profound. I was closing out work for the day and preparing to go to a wine event and thought a squirt of EO1 would be a fitting accompaniment for a large event. A colleague whom I was attending the event with immediately commented, in simplest form, "sex juice". I almost regret having sprayed before the event because of its gravity and my need to understand it. Under any other circumstance, it would be a great addition, but not being aware of its intensity and what to expect, I was constantly focused on the scent and not so much of what was going on around me. I'm glad it I asked for the EdP sent as a sample and not the pure parfum. The diffusiveness of the EdP worked wonders in the Pacific Northwest's climate, but I do wonder how much more of a giant the pure parfum would be. It easily went a full day and was still radiating its charm from the laundry hamper until it made it into the wash. While not the greatest single scent available from EO, it is easily the greatest compilation of scents from EO, or otherwise. 12/10. – Michael, Canada

    Ensar Oud No 1, chosen scent to a wedding today. Here is my take on this beauty.

    Blown away from the first sniff, felt like a king wearing this, went very well in hot weather in my opinion, Two sprays were enough to get people wondering where this new smell was coming from, can still smell it after 12hr.

    I first got a blast of musk, rose, and Cambodian Oud once it settles. Rose is at the heart of this fragrance, beautifully crafted. Slowly, the leather smell kicks in to comfort the senses. An amazing and classy perfume from a master perfumer who has the highest levels of passion to give only the best the natural world can give. – Muzakkir, UK

    I must say it is the best oud and leather combo I have ever smelled. It is deep, rich, intoxicating even, and this is something no other perfume I have used so far can come close to. – Ushio, Japan

    EO No 1 is amazing, lovely mix of oud leather, flowery, powdery. It is high-quality perfume that you won't get in shops, fantastic. Many friends who have sampled it liked it, each with different interpretation of the smell, it's complex. – Ahmed, UK

    These are complex compositions and I need more time to get to really know them, but so far I can say that EO No 1 might be my favourite perfume ever! It is such a symphony of notes, which rather than competing for supremacy, work with each other to give me everything I've ever wanted. I literally got emotional when I've first smelled it. – Alexandru, Romania

    After several months of research I decided it was time to pull the trigger and order something from Ensar Oud. I was initially drawn to EO because of the connection that was made with the oil and spirituality.  As an artist and craftsman who values integrity and hard work, and after watching videos and interviews, I felt I’d be in good hands making this purchase. So this is my introduction into artisanal perfumery.  EO No 1 lived up to every bit of my expectations. I’m going to give it a proper wearing today. This stuff gives a new meaning to the word projection, silage, and drydown. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving. Ambergris and Real artisanal oud in one offering??  Civet??  I had no idea that the real deal would be leagues out of the ballpark from what I originally thought these notes smelled like. It’s pure heaven wrapped in leather. – Cierra, USA

    It was the first true fragrance that I have acquired that contained real oud, as well as musks, and ambergris. My first impressions of EO1 were extremely positive, as I initially got a lot of woody accords. As I kept wearing it, my senses started to open up, and I could smell the leather a lot more. I also really love the craftsmanship of the Italian leather that the bottle rests in, and appreciate the skill that comes with making such items. – Chris, USA

    Now here’s a fragrance you can journey into without walking the same path twice. This EDP is so well-balanced, vibrant, and intoxicatingly beautiful that the wearer is at once fully satisfied and yearning for more. The roses are prominent yet smooth, the oud deep and complex. All the other notes including an exquisite, cloud-like leather are so perfectly integrated that one glides, rather than steps, through its various phases. Spoiler alert - in the tail is a wisping foretaste of heaven. A masterpiece from Ensar Oud. – Rev. A. F., Australia

    I'm absolutely stunned by the incredible quality of EO No. 1. As much as I was expecting this, it's hard to describe the feelings that it evokes. – Nick, UK

    While I love EO No.1, it is almost impossible to wear on a humid summer day in New York City without overpowering everybody in a one-mile radius! – Robert, USA

    I have a collection of niche perfumes but I’ve never smelled anything like EO 1. – Alamgir, UK

    Let me say how happy I am to have these perfumes. Firstly because they are a wonderful return to the art of the real. It was such a joy to try them and to experience something other than the generic fumes that masquerade as perfume these days.

    Then the pleasure of traveling through the different and sublime layers of each one and to experience them also with a backdrop of burning chips of Vietnamese wood.

    I am in love with the wonderful animalic fixatives, particularly the civet in EO No 1. When I was a boy growing up in Malaya, I had a civet cat as a pet. These animals really do smell deliciously sweet and the same scent echoes in the dry down.

    Then to follow through with the musc in EO No 2!

    You know, for the first time in a long time I have people asking: “What is that beautiful cologne?” And then to be able to reply, “It is NOT cologne!”

    Many thanks, Tuhan Allah, for instilling such craziness in Ensar. – Nicholas, Australia

    Jazzakallah Khayr, I received the package in good time Alhamdulillah. Just want to say mashaAllah the presentation of EO1 is superb, I love looking at the bottle and admiring its craftsmanship, its such a great work of art. As for the perfume, my initial reaction was influenced by my oudy expectations which wasn’t the right approach as this is a perfume with oud inspiration. I then gave it time to grow on me and now am glad I have a bottle. It’s now an overall beauty to me, the intense rosy scents at the beginning that settle to subtle oud notes work great for me especially wearing it out. Its longevity is great and projection is not overpowering, I wore it today and easily went for the duration of my work. – Fatih, Australia

    I really like EO1. It’s similar to SLA but it’s not as intense. The rose and leather blend so well together and it stays longer. There are some other notes I haven’t quite pinpointed just yet. Subhanallah it’s an amazing fragrance. I have to wear it a few more times. It stays on all day long. I stopped wearing colognes ever since I discovered oud… till this one. – Nazif, USA

    I received it and what can I say... I’m pretty new in the oud game. Before buying EO1 I read about it, read about you. Subscribed to your YouTube channel. Followed you. And I watched all I found about you. I thought I couldn’t go beyond niche perfume. I have some oud from Abdul Samad and Arabian Oud and Ajmal and Abdul Karim al Faransi. They all smell wonderful. But what I just experienced is just crazy. So much depth and sillage! I am happy to have crossed your path in my fragrance journey. The sad thing is, now I won’t enjoy my entry-level perfume collection. – Waleed, France

    The pure perfume is something amazing. I have a collection of niche perfumes but I’ve never smelled anything like EO1. – Alamgir, UK

    I’ve just received the new pure parfum tester of EO No 1 and, after just two sprays, I am totally in another world. You have created not only a thing of beauty but also something that is so spiritually uplifting, so magical, that upon smelling it I am at a loss for words to describe exactly what I am feeling, what it is doing to me. I purchased three on the strength of your second release of the scent—the EDP version—which I purchased blindly. But that one was the one that got me hooked. I’ve worn many perfumes, scents, but none of them have affected me so strongly as that one. THE ONE. I fell in love with it, so much so that I hurriedly went and got a hold of three grams of Sultan Leather Attar. And that one… amazing. – Steven, USA

    SOTD: EO No 1 pure parfum. Simply amazing. After a long time trying all kinds of oils and perfumes I can say that this work leaves me speechless. It is of very high quality, and the essence itself is brilliant. Oud and leather are dominant, drydown is celestial. Thank you Ensar Oud for making this jewel. – Oscar, Spain

    I was able to test EO No 1 Parfum and I enjoyed it much more than the original EDP.

    The EDP is quite lovely, but on me it's primarily an oud with facets of leather and appears more or less linear. However, the parfum amped up quite a few different notes in the composition and has a very satisfying evolution as well as being prismatic. I get a mossy powdery lemony (I guess a facet from taif rose) lavender in the opening that reminds me of Jean Patou Ma Liberté. And this time the leather becomes an individual note like a more plush cuir de russie, instead of being a facet of oud like in EDP. The dry down sees a musky oud-y leather with a campfire-like smoky undertone but softened by the tender rose and fuzzy moss.

    Wearing EO No 1 Parfum reminds me of the excitement when I first smelt Ottoman Empire. They're of course not similar at all in their olfactory profiles, but how these two manage to mesh oud, rose and moss together in a harmonious yet kaleidoscopic manner is very impressive! – Stella, France

    The scent is something truly fit for a king. I write, poetry and anything that sounds like it. The only medium that I or anyone else has is life. I just try to document it as I see it… with a little bit of style. So, when I come across true works of art, I tip my hat, and try to learn something from it. You guys are truly doing it.  Steven, USA

    I’m sitting in a cloud of No 1, and 3 people in five minutes asked about my “cologne” while I’m waiting for my haircut. They all loved it! I think the whole experience from the box, the bottle, wood top, and the way the stunning leather is tooled with the E, O, No. 1 and Ensar Oud is truly a work of art worthy for installation at MOMA. Then, you spray the scent and it’s a magical elixir of strength and sensitivity. – Jerrold, USA

    I like EO No 1, even though I never had the pleasure of smelling Sultan Leather Attar, sadly. Further, I am not fussed with packaging, yet the leather cover around the bottle is exquisite – stunning – cherishable. – Supratik, USA

    On sampling the EO No 1, it immediately brought a memory of a scent I smelt when we met at last year’s OudFest in London. It was definitely not from any of the oud oils that I sampled, maybe it was worn by yourself or Ensar at the time. EO No 1 is absolutely magnificent and I love everything about it. – Siraj, UK

    I just keep getting more excited about it just seeing the photos with Ensar and the Leather expert. Just a phenomenal package. It should win a Coty Award. Then, what’s inside is truly the prize!! – Jerrold, USA

    Dear, I have received the masterpiece. The casing is superb, Italian fragrant leather (I am Italian and acquainted with our leather quality). It smells superb. The “juice”: I clearly detect Musk and flowers. The Ouds comes at dry-down stage. You don’t use Rose only, I detect tropical flowers. – Ruggero, Italy

    You have captured that vintage leather Jacket smell so brilliantly. It’s amazing how you were able to bring that smell just by using Oud oils. Now I see what vision you have for each product and how you use your skill and expertise to ‘exactly’ achieve that end result. Fantastic stuff! – Ramanan, India

    I really like EO1. It’s similar to SLA but it’s not as intense. The rose and leather blend so well together and it stays longer. There are some other notes I quite haven’t pinpointed just yet. Subhanallah it’s an amazing fragrance. I have to wear it a few more times. It stays on all day long. I stopped wearing colognes ever since I discovered oud.. till this one. – Nazif, USA

    EO1 is top-notch! Very elegant! – Alan, Brazil

    First off, congrats on EO #1 and #2. They are addictive, and they evolve in such interesting ways. I’ve found myself using them both before work, and after work, and especially on the weekends. I’ve also been using them on my jackets, shirts, and even my pillows! I love the leather on the bottles and it’s become a ritual to smell the bottle deeply before using any of the EDP. Aroya Kyaku, the new one, goes well with both of them and I sometimes wear them together. EO #2 is like nothing that I’ve ever worn. It really changes into something very personal, doesn’t it? It’s perfume as entertainment, both of them are. I watch a film, I listen to some music, I wear EO #1… They all get the imagination firing in different ways. We all know that feeling of coming home after work, and choosing the film that will be perfect for your mood, or the day that you’ve had. And the film helps you make sense of your day, it gives you something to reflect on. It’s the same for me with your oud. It’s so much fun. – Matt, USA

    I received my package yesterday as expected and last night I sprayed on Ensar No 1. Wow, I was totally blown away. As a person who was unable in the past to find a frag that I really liked featuring leather, I was absolutely stunned at how good No 1 is! This fragrance smells incredible! Perfectly balanced from opening to dry down, and its depth is unbelievable. Truly the work of a master. – Henry, USA

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