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    Ensar's Elixir

    Now a Legend
    Final Bottle Sold
    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    A medley of many journeys with many stories, Ensar's Elixir captures a lasting picture of what oud has meant to connoisseurs throughout the years.

    Time and time again 'the man who brought oud to the West' has produced the world's most insane oud oils; and turned this oil into the obsessive love affair you now share in, where everyone is passionately aware of just how precious each drop is – just how intimate the experience is.

    But the way of the artist is to never stop short of the extraordinary. With rarities like Oud Royale, legends like Borneo 3000, and sheer Kyara, you might think that this is as good as it gets. Well, close…

    Artisanal oud is not for those who wear oud oil just for the sake of wearing some smell. If you have a refined sense for anything perfume, the point is the oud and the bliss it delivers. Oud lovers take pleasure in every minute they spend drowned in its magical aroma. You don't wear oud 'just to smell nice' – it's the experience you're after. Oud is for you.

    A careful selection of single-origin distillations, cast together to produce a smooth summer breeze; a tropical fragrance, fruity and flight; blue tear drops sparkling in sunlight; a fresh floral paradise right in the heart of the Far Eastern highlands; the ordinary, turned to gold.

    When they want the finest, connoisseurs and collectors alike look to Ensar for their oud. Yet, Ensar's Elixir is not just a fine bottle of oud – it's the one bottle the man who brought oud to West himself wanted his name on. This is his 'Ode to Oud'.

    I received Ensar's Elixir the other day, and all I can say is that there is something mystically potent there. The scent is amazing in itself, but beyond that there is something that has me feeling blissful. I inhale the aroma, and feel myself relaxing, both physically and mentally. Wonderful stuff! – Don Harper, IL

    I like it! It has a rural, earthy wholesomeness that's appealing and seductive in the same way a freshly baked loaf of bread makes you feel good and satisfied. It makes me want to go outdoors and plunge my arms elbow deep into black, loamy soil, dig for earthworms in the pumpkin patch and bake mudcakes for the kids next door. It's going to be great to smell in winter when snow is piling up on the window ledge and the Ice Queen has etched the glass with her frosty breath. One sniff and summer's warm richness will be remembered. Thanks for the yummy treat, Ensar :-) Now I don't have to worry that it's the end of August. I can easily bring summer back whenever I want to by simply unscrewing the cap of your Elixir! – Isabella Lee, NY

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