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    Crime & Punishment

    Price: $599

    Crime & Punishment is pepper-spicy right from the start, tampered by the sweetness of raspberry fused with frankincense and ylang-ylang that boasts the added umami of blue lotus’ buttery warmth, all riding a chariot of decades-old Royal Tonkin Musk.

    Just like agarwood has Kinam and the rose world has Royal Taifi, musk has Tonkin.

    The funny thing is both kinam and Tonkin musk originate in Vietnam, and each represents the pinnacle of their aromatic class. Tonkin musk is the rarest musk in the world. For years now, it’s practically impossible to find genuine Tonkin pods, and it has turned into the Holy Grail of all things musk. If you’ve searched for pods, you know that the dealers themselves are searching for the fabled Tonkin pods…

    Rising through the Tonkin, a raspberry sweetness emerges, already admixed with the musk-morphed blue lotus that creates this strange post-modern chypre.

    Mimosa and coffee mingled with rose and jasmine all vape through a prism of sandalwood and musk to form a steady tone that lasts for hours.

    Top Notes:

    Ginger, Coriander, Peach, Fir, Pepper, Blue Cypress

    Heart Notes:

    Ylang Ylang, Mimosa, Jasmine

    Coffee, Petitgrain, Austrian Rose, Raspberry

    Blue Lotus, Frangipani


    Base Notes:

    Sultan Qaboos’ Sandalwood Oil

    Hojari Frankincense, Vintage Maroke Oud

    Wild Cambodian Oud

    Fixatives and Carriers:

    Sultan Qaboos’ Vintage Tonkin Musk

    80s Mysore Sandalwood


    There are 15+ ingredients not listed here, nor are the ones listed ones I specifically want to highlight. There are extracts in here that are rarer and as expensive as the most precious of them, which for proprietary reasons are not listed—but are certainly smelled.

    Most of the ouds, sandalwood oils, musks, and tinctures in here are our own painstaking productions, while many of the ingredients were sourced in person to check for quality.

    You might find out what these ingredients are worth (fresh Siberian Musk sells for ~$30-45,000 a kilo, for example). But finding the ingredients in here at all—that’s another question. 

    The only reason you and I even have access to Tonkin musk is because our beloved Sultan Qaboos and those before have stowed away these precious pods for centuries.

    We aren’t talking about just Tonkin musk. These are the sappiest, stickiest musk pods you can imagine. It’s like working with powdered molasses. The pods are literally one ball of musk putty—you can’t tell front from the back if not for a rogue hair, and you’re unsure if the scalpel cut the skin or if there is even any skin at all. This is old, old musk, so potent your neighbors can smell it.

    That’s what this edition of Crime & Punishment comes steeped in. And that’s just the beginning.

    The previous Crime & Punishment included Tanzanian Osyris tincture, which I decided not to use this time. Instead, the sandalwood dimension got cracked open to the max with the addition of not just Mysore granules from the 70s and 80s, tinctured in-house, but Sultan Qaboos’ very own collection of sandalwood oil acquired directly from the royal palace in Oman.

    And I don’t mean we added just a sprinkle for the baraka. Three different batches were dunked into this edition, drowned into a cocktail of Tonkin musk oozing with vintage Mysore. This should be selling for many times the asking price—and you’d be getting literally 100 times the aromatic depth compared to perfumes that sell for double that!

    I mention this and highlight the prices above to show that it’s unreasonable to demand that perfume with such precious components should be sold for ‘cheap’. You’ll earn more selling these oils neat, so this is not about profiteering through my perfumes.

    Once you’ve spent your days and nights and years deep diving the depths of an aromatic ocean, when you’ve passed the point of nosebleeds and olfactory coma, do you relish the extravagance of such a perfume. Some, probably most, who merely keep track of scent fashion won’t understand perfume like this. They’d be let down like Bieber fans are when they first hear the 9th Symphony’s overture, or Miles’ Blue.

    NoirIntense. Not because the labels say so, but because there’s more musk in your bottle than in all the niche and luxury perfume shelves of the world combined. More oud and amber and coffee and cedar drenched in black tea than any noir celebrity poster will ever let your nose feast on, or any bootlegger can fake.

    So, enjoy a pheromonal spritz that lets raw Tonkin musk bathed in the finest jasmines on Earth wake up a long-dormant naked attraction—not just carnal, but silage that also commands power and prestige… because fragrance once possessed such force—before musc got stripped of its K, and amber lost its gris.



    The leather pouches come exclusively with the 50ml Pure Parfum edition, while the 30ml Pure Parfum offers our new golden plaque edition.

    Wearing Crime and Punishment Tonkin. The sandalwood is stealing the show for me. This could perhaps be the greatest musk sandalwood ever created... This is one that I had a feeling was next level and was being perhaps lost on folks at launch. Very special. – Ryan, Canada

    Given the new Crime and Punishment which I’ve ordered a 50ml of, I spent a lot of time with the original EDP trying to decide about the new one. 

    After my 3rd day in a row of a wearing it, it was a no brainer.  The amount of Vintage Sandawood and of course the show stopping musk I can’t wait to compare these two. 

    Here are some thoughts on the EDP:

    No crime committed here. Were the critics silenced? I don’t know but as a fan I found one of the most wearable musks along with Tibetan Musk. Ruby red opening backed by spice. Raspberry citrus musk swirling around sparkling ambergris and sandalwood streaking golden through the red berry top.

    Rooty orris and earthy clean oud lend a buttery grounding feeling as the musk and ambergris stretch to the sky. 

    The pushing pulling tension between the two make for a fascinating combination.

    Soft floral, green clean oud, excellent sandalwood and Ensar’s legendary musk makes this a top Ensar composition.

    Excellent longevity and projection a wonderful Musk creation. – Ryan, Canada

    Every time I put this on it’s better than the last time. That initial blast is.... wonderful. And the musk in the base is classic Ensar. So many good fragrances but this one... – Chris, USA

    It's marvelous. I wish I had ordered 50 ml bottle instead of 30ml (it was a blind buy so I took a conservative approach). I had fear that it would be too fruity and floral given the raspberry and ylang-ylang being listed in the notes. And I can say I was wrong. It has the right amount of florals at the beginning and after that it settles for musky resinous oudy fragrance which I love. – Sergei, Russia

    This is a statement, Crime & Punishment has made it to my top most favourite list, I am quite confused if I love any other thing more than this, so for this very reason I have plans to stock up. – M. Raza, Pakistan

    I have now used my Crime & Punishment Pure Parfum quite a few times, and compared it to the EO1, EO2, Iris Ghalia and Tigerlust that I also own the Pure Parfum versions of. The Crime & Punishment starts with a, compared to the others, fresher tone of raspberry with a musk, ambergris and oud blend that is woodsy and slightly reminiscent of sawdust to me. It wears lighter and fresher all around where the musky oudy base becomes more pronounced as the top notes dries down. It shares the unique Ensar DNA but wears more easily and has an uplifting "spring in the nordic woods" feel that I am totally in love with. Amazing quality and blended to perfection. – Peter, Sweden

    I have had C&P on for a couple hours now. It's totally unlike any perfume I've ever smelled except for one, [...] As soon as I sprayed it on, I was reminded of Tyrannosaurus Rex by Zoologist. It smells smoky/slightly burnt and somewhat floral and very animalic to me, which is similar to what I get from Tyrannosaurus Rex. At the same time, C&P is much less abrasive/aggressive and by extension much more wearable, and the difference in quality of ingredients is also apparent to me. Also, it smells different (and better) in the air to me than when I put my nose right up to my skin because on the skin it smells a good bit sweeter. – James, US

    Oh my goodness, now this fragrance is really talking to me. Bouncing round the house wearing this stunning fragrance dancing to Al Hudson & The Partnerss "You can do it". Loving this. – Gary, USA

    I've been busy working on my thesis and I wanted to give each of your fragrances a proper wearing. I don't know why it took me so long to try your fragrances but I'm quite impressed with them...the overall quality, performance, presentation, price you're offering them at, communion, shipping, etc. Well done! Crime & Punishment stood out for me. I found it extremely interesting and it took a few wearings to understand it. I mainly get frankincense and oud, along with the pepper in the opening and hints of different fruits and florals make their appearance depending on when I wear it and what I'm doing. I do tend to pick up on the raspberry quite regularly.  – James, Canada

    What kind of Magic is this?… After a week's wear, still trying to wrap my head around this.

    Raspberry… yes… Musk certainly… Oud, very beautiful, mind buzzing oud.

    Is this a crime? Not at all, nor is it a punishment to wear. EO No 2 arrived this past week. Perhaps I will start there first and attempt to unravel this one after getting to know the original Musk Creation. – Ryan, Canada

    I'm loving Crime & Punishment! I wish I could swing the 50ml, and when you offered the 30ml – JUMP! :-) I have the EO No 1 9.5ml Pure Parfum and have not even cracked it open. C&P is just that good for me. – Erick, Germany

    Regarding C&P, I have been spraying it very sparingly due its greatness and rarity. I love how it starts off with a sweet and fruity note and slowly brings out the musky and oudy notes. One comment I received was it brings back memories of Masjid Al Haraam. – Ahmed, UK

    I tried Crime and Punishment on my ice cold hand skin. It reminded me of the leather furniture in my father's office. But when the weather got warmer (my hand skin got warm, too), I tried again, the perfume felt much lighter than the first time. The floral scents all came out, I felt like I was in a garden of rare flowers, in a season that doesn't exist. It was like a fantasy.  – 任爽, China

    Crime and Punishment is the most well-blended Spray Parfum. Ensar has a signature DNA and I like it. The Sandalwood, Musk, and Ambergris have formed a more Perfect Union. Passion, Satisfaction, Exxxctasy... – Van, USA

    Big burst of RED on the initial spray. I literally saw streaks of dark red whiz through my mind – a "Whoa" moment, if you will.  I can't say I was prepared for that, though perhaps I should have been after all the reading I've done on C&P.  It's unlike any parfume I've ever used. I get the musk here, and it's very similar to Borneo Zen and EO 2, but a tiny bit more subtle in comparison. Alhamdulillah, it's very pleasant. I'm not very good with picking out individual notes, but I did get a few whiffs of pepper about 1 hour in. As for the other notes, I'm not sure I've ever smelled some of them to even identify them! It's still a bit cold outside here (just over 0), and this scent projects loudly in this climate.  Maybe that's due to the musk – being from an animal that habitats the northern, more cooler hemisphere, and I appreciate this. This is all just from one single spray!I also sampled the Siberian musk and Jamaican Ambergris (just smelling the applicators) and they are delightful, especially the Ambergris! I think both can easily be worn on their own.JazakAllahu Khayr for C&P - it's a special scent and I'm looking forward to additional wears to understand it more. – R.N., Canada

    Everything more than perfect - C&P the start of a long dream, and the bottle really outstanding – Erhard, Austria

    Crime & Punishment. I absolutely love it! I have worn it 3 times now and it smells better (also different) every time I wear it. I get a musky opening and then a sweet floral oud scent. Amazing! This will be another signature scent for me, especially once the weather warms up a bit. – TJ, USA

    I absolutely love C&P. When I first sprayed it, I literally could not stop saying "wow" to myself over and over again. That burst of peppery, musky fruitiness is absolutely amazing. The raspberry note is so intriguing and interesting. And it doesn't smell like a synthetic, fake raspberry. It's very rich. The way this perfume is blended is so genius. It's honestly hard for me to pick out a lot of individual notes. A few peak their head out but as a whole it's so amazing. It also has awesome performance. The sillage is great and it lasted a very long time on my skin. Over 10 hours easily. It's a fantastic addition to my collection. EO1, EO2, Tigerlust, and Crime & Punishment are by far my pride and joy perfumes. There's something about Ensar's work that just hits the spot for me. – Mark, USA

    Oh - how I love C & P!!! It is absolutely magnificent - captivate it does!! I'm in love with Rhapsody! And, she's still there... Mmmmmm - as for my dreamy experience with C & P!! It takes me to a place I have never been to physically. I imagine sitting around a table with hookahs (even though I've never done that before either), it's dusk. The smoke is making beautiful designs in the air. People are talking quietly, the music is quiet. And the energy is seductive. Not sexual. It's an asking of one to fall in love deeper with themselves and to listen to their heart and soul's calling of this love and respect. And to see it within every sovereign being there. It's asking for connection on a soulular level with these beautiful souls around, to see all for who they really are. TO know who I really am. To go deep! To not be afraid of my power, but to embrace it and even know that it is needed and wanted! – Cristina, USA

    My C & P arrived just two hours ago. Sprayed it at once... GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE IT!! It really smells great… it touches my heart. That is what perfume has to be for me. – Annie, Belgium

    I think it’s the most complex perfume I have ever tried so far. I need to understand the “tone” that is right in your face from beginning to end (and it’s a long time span, lasts for so many hours). The only thing I can say so far is that musk is the frontman and I cannot drive my feelings for excluding any reference to EO2. – Ruggero, Italy

    Today I sprayed C&P and I do think that it is gorgeous and sophisticated. They are all unique in many ways and yet something similar ties them all together. I am referring to EO1, EO2, TL, and CP. – Danny, Singapore

    All I can say is Mashallah 
    ‏ما شاء الله لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله
    Overall really blew me away with the depth of character this perfume has. The scent profile is unlike another I've ever smelt and the notes or ingredients are like Br Ensar said in the description like a chorus. Mind-blowing and life-changing stuff SubhanAllah. Would highly recommend to all lovers of natural perfumes. – Saad, UAE

    Conducting a mighty orchestration. First, I misunderstood the campaign introducing "Crime and Punishment" for a couple of seconds because I did not realize that the name refers to the novel called „Guilt and Atonement“- that’s the way how the German first translation was titled, later on „Raskolnikow –Guilt and Atonement“- in other languages it was C&P. Anyway, the projection evokes a scene set in Russia in the late 19th century, and lets it happen.

    The things we realize first- are the things we are familiar with. When unpacking the first layers of bubble foil of the fragrant wonder- most carefully packed and painstakingly well preserved for flight- I noticed a wave of iris essence that flooded my mind. Kruger’s bottle is a real gem…

    But let’s not talk about notes now. From my youth on, I was heavily shortsighted and hated numbers and musical notes particularly, because I felt all looked the same; I could not play music from the sheet at all – but I cheated all my teachers because I went way around and memorized all the sequences of sounds, so I played not from the sheet but from my memory. This aversion has led me to an experiment I made years later, and it is based on two assumptions about how a whole melody should be played:

    The first is, play everything except the red ones- this produces nothing but impenetrable noise, even though the melody’s notes are missing and should be noticed- but no one can! The second is the melody; don’t say, anybody can play that. In my turn, for instance, I can’t. I won’t even see if a note is wrong. It is a part of Shostakovic’s Waltz No. 2, it fits for „Crime and Punishment“ and a stable Russian flair. All I can say, you definitely have captured it, and a long promising journey has started with step number one.

    What else? I screwed off the cap of the Schott bottle and inhaled twice- and there they are: abalone waves of musk and orange, a bit tangerine&peach, suddenly templin and iris again, bit of hay and straw and horses, a hawk is flying from the cliff, a Fabergé egg in silver engraved and spotted with carmin red enamel, somewhere in the distance a steam locomotive rushes stomping and tooting - a Hereke silk carpet that shifts glows and colors depending on how the light flows in and the angle you look at it, and yes, a crystal bottle in the sun, spreading a rainbow here and there, shift and vanish. Is this the real millefiori or just a vision? – Erhard, Austria

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