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    Chinese Exclusive

    Now a Legend
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    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    Chinese Exclusive is a return to the dawn of perfumery, when there were no synthetic chemicals to bottle up and sell at the apothecary's counter. It's a return to harmony with nature and your own body. Far from an embarrassed cover-up, it celebrates our archetypal pheromonal fragrance and expresses our most hidden sexual instincts.

    Harvested in Hainan Island over a decade ago, this is one of our oldest and most precious oud oils. A bittersweet, honeyed orange peel aroma releases into sharp and musky, animalic agarwood and pheromonal madness. An evocative, sensuous and dangerously addictive oud fragrance, exhibiting stunning body, depth and tenacity. Its multi-layered and complex dry-down ranks Chinese Exclusive among the most precious specimens of pure Oud oil.

    I must tell you that the Chinese Exclusive smelled completely unlike the descriptions that I’d read about it, or even what I had expected it to smell like. The first thing I noticed after I applied it was such sweetness! It was the scent equivalent of tasting sugar, and there were no barnyard notes at all. Then for a moment it smelled like the Aroha Kyaku in much lighter form, before beautiful green notes started to appear in its fragrance, as one would think of green at Spring-time. One of these notes lasted for over an hour. An hour and a half after applying, a slight barnyard fragrance did develop, but it was a very sweet barnyard note that was really nice. I have never read about oud having a sweet barnyard note before. It only had three hours of sillage, but a lovely three hours. I can still smell it very faintly now.

    A family member commented that the Chinese Exclusive smelled so pretty right after application. In fact, I wore it to a restaurant directly afterward, and it did not offend anyone. This must be one of the most beautiful oud oils I’ve collected to-date. It is such an unexpectedly beautiful oud, and I am truly puzzled over the difference between the online descriptions of Chinese Exclusive and what this actually smells like. Baffled, definitely baffled, but also I am so very pleased. – Muriel, CA

    The first smell of this oil was a wonderful whirl of soft vanilla with tobacco’s earthiness, and a sharp edge of musk slicing through. The muskiness of the oil captures me immediately. I love that spiciness – and yet it’s not the spiciness of an Indian oil, nor the spiciness of conventional musk. It is more akin to genuine deer musk – a soft spiciness that has a floral tinge to it. The oil’s effect is grounding and earthy, much like an Indian oil would be, but not nearly as robust. Chinese Exclusive has higher notes and maintains a delicacy, like a breeze blowing from below to above the clouds.

    This oil smells like a perfect blend of Oud and deer musk, in which the alchemy of the two oils creates a scent completely unique to itself. When genuine deer musk is used as a fixative in perfumery, it completely transforms the scent, it reveals and ‘creates’ notes that you could not have predicted or imagined (see Borneo Zen). In this sense, Chinese Exclusive exemplifies the essence and grandeur of true perfumery. But it was crafted entirely by nature, in the jungles of China, within a single tree, where all the elements uniquely combined to create this wonderful oil.

    The oil is very complex, hard to dissect. Its anatomy is constantly shifting and is truly multi-dimensional. I cannot describe it from the bottom up. It has sides, angles, and curves. In the end, it has a fantastic sweetness to it that is just right – somewhere between Cambodia and Borneo. Its vanillin sweetness is all too reminiscent of the best Borneo oils, but it is not clear and pronounced enough, and thus allows itself to be nicely blended with earthy, musky, and floral tones in the body of the oil. Although lacking in fruit, there is certainly some orange peel in here.

    All in all, I have to say that Chinese Exclusive is one of Ensar’s hallmark releases. It is primordial and sensual, deep and exotic – and as Ensar wrote of it, ‘pheromonal’. It stands among his more unique offerings to date, truly one of a kind. – Neeshee, HI

    The Chinese Exclusive is the most mythical thing I have ever come across. Otherworldly and primevally earthly at the same time. My first impression is ancient water – the well of time. It’s soaking! It is damp basement, waterfall, heavy rain, wet earth, moist timber beams, dripping cave walls, marsh, swamp and ancient moss. And through all that, I’m walking my dirty elephant who just took a dump… How can anything smell wet? That should mean watery bland, but the Chinese Exclusive is anything but. I just can’t stop applying it. Pure oudiness! – Eric, Sweden 

    I am in transports of delight. The Chinese Exclusive was a real surprise. It is such a warm scented oil! I was expecting something quite challenging, but on my skin it is wonderful. An oil that needs no ‘breaking in’ time, unlike some of the wonderful Hindis – Nicholas, Australia 

    Chinese Exclusive ordered on Tuesday and well received on Saturday! I really do not know what you are putting inside the bottle...... Some sellers may add DOP or cutting agents but I really ask myself if you are not invoking the DIVINE when you start filling that bottle.... So transcendent, so spiritual, so lovely.... – Mohamed, France 

    The oil is amazing. It is one of the most complicated scents I’ve ever experienced. I wear it for myself, and the fragrance is something that comforts and strengthens me. This is not something I say lightly. Thank you for making such a high quality Oud available to us. – James, TX 

    Your Hainan is one of my favorites. – Gabriel, CA

    Upon our meeting I had failed to disclose a piece of information about myself. While it is true that I was born in Chile (my family having relocated from Andalucia to South America some five-hundred years ago to the best of my estimations), my mother is in fact French. As the most masterful of all European perfume-makers, the French have no light demands when it comes to perfumery. Thus for years no bottle would suffice me for fine occasions unless it had written upon it ‘Fabriqué en France’. Even after studying briefly in the Gulf, I failed to find a fragrance that surpassed my conviction in the scents of Gaul. My own experience told me that Saracen scents ranged typically from cheap abominations resembling the fragrance of a bubble-bath to weighty vials of what reminded me of cockroach-killer. It seemed I could not find a proper Oud that satisfied my demand for a deep, rich fragrance that still held harmony of lighter and more sensual tones. My dream of a primordial fragrance that embodied the complexities of the mystical was in danger of becoming mythical. This Oud, which you so masterfully recommended, has fulfilled my dream. As we say in France, ‘Chapeau’. – Rafael, Chile

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