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    China Sayang

    Now a Legend
    Final Bottle Sold
    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    Don’t ask me what the jungle was. And I won’t tell you anything about the distillation style. Save that this is a sister batch to an old Oriscent legend by the name of Sweet China.

    If you’ve tried Sweet China before, you know exactly what you’re in for. If you haven’t…

    When the world of oud has all gone unitone honey and non-oud, you need an oil like China Sayang to remind you what real oud smells like. And no, it’s not a soaking technique…

    The grand orange peel atop latakia tobacco scent so dear to the old timers is due to the sheer quality of wood used to breed this tiger, coupled with eleven years’ aging, coupled with the fact that Chinese Oud is just about the most coveted species on the planet… coupled with a couple other facts…

    There’s something about the oud of the early days of Oriscent… There’s reason people still talk about it today, and use it as the benchmark to compare everything else to. The depth is just different. The breadth is different. The wow factor is completely different… Some call it horizontal complexity. I call it the Real Deal.

    We didn’t play around in those days. We distilled oud the way it had been distilled for centuries, only with a different kind of obsession and attention to detail – just a tad more OCD than the old timers had. We weren’t out to re-invent the wheel. We just wanted to craft the finest oud anyone had ever smelled.

    It was Mr Jong’s cousin who manned the pots back in those days. I remember a lady going around the distilleries saying, “No pig fat, guaranteed.” Always tried to sell me her oils. Melinda, or Marinda, I forget what her name was, but she was a Canadian lady, married to a Chinese guy who knew some sort of colonel. Seeing what I was doing, she built herself a website counting to do big business in the name of Chinese Oud. Gone is her website, and I don’t know where she ended up. But I ended up keeping my Chinese Exclusive, as well as several other batches for a rainy day like this.

    I don’t want to bore you to death about how great the wood was and the kind of techniques we used because that kind of talk has started to really get to me. The bottom line is, the honeyed, tobacco’d, Hunan tiger’s armpits atop the crispiest breath of orange blossom, citrus zest, and the faintest hint of kinam in the basenotes make this the best Chinese oil I have released to date.

    If you miss the old days and you’re tired of the juice everyone is selling and you wish you could go back to 2005 and put me out of business, let me make it easy for you… China Sayang is the answer to your deepest, wildest, most insatiable oud crave.

    The China Sayang seems to last longest, I put barely any on, and it is very medicinal, numbing even. Reminds me of something very old. – George, USA

    Okay. Most of those who know me here know I have a thing for Chinese and Vietnamese Oud. Outside a few treasures from elsewhere, I could live off of oils from these two countries. Want to add a nicely done Laotian? Okay. I’m a Sinensis groupie. So, here is my 5th Chinese offering, 4th from Ensar, and this one is my favorite. I seriously doubted any oil would dethrone my baby, Hainan 2005. I actually held off on Sayang for a bit. Partly out of a financial fast, but also because I didn’t see the need. Boy was I wrong. This one starts with the lovely neroli and ambergris I love so much. I do get some sweet, vanillic, honeyed tobacco. Later on there is a bit of sweet kinam that leads to a lovely Sinensis woody base that radiates with luxury. – Brian, USA

    It could just be an initial feeling……… but I just sampled China Sayang and I would probably trade any of my other EO Chinese/Yunnan oils to get a bottle of this. – Taher, UAE

    Today I sampled China Sayang. Mmmm. Once I got past the initial funk, I could not stop sniffing my arm and forced everyone else in the house to smell my arm. This oud smells so mighty alive and empowering. – Svetlana, UAE

    I received the Sayang today and it is unlike any oil that I have ever smelled. It is superb! Spice warms down to a hint of oud and pine. The aroma is indescribable. Thank you so much. – Bob, USA

    Really have been enjoying China Sayang. It starts off with deep lush sweet tobacco that has a little licorice in the background that then goes to a candy butterscotch with a little funk that shows up from time to time. It settles down to a sweet vanilla with orange peel scent, the base then goes to beautiful orange peel and incense. Very complex oil, seems to have the funk of a aged Hindi and a lovely vanilla note from Borneo. Thanks Ensar! – Darrell, USA

    Was fortunate to be able to sample this oil, and it is a marvel. If you like Chinese oud, you will LOVE this one. It has a purity and depth you can easily appreciate. The orange peel notes are integrated with this gorgeous animalic note. Not the classic Hindi barn but reminiscent of it. Clearly an inherent scent from the wood. It is hard for me to describe this scent but it is beautiful. Not quite as sour as the Hainan 2005 to my recollection but I need to do a head to head. I will have to spend some more with it but I can safely say, this is the best Chinese oil I have tried. – Phil, USA

    I just received the China Sayang, amongst others, a few days ago. By coincidence, I have my golden narcissus and buddha’s hand citron displayed in my livingroom. They strike a chord with the scent profile of China Sayang! Love this oil. – Kenny, UK

    Well [China Sayang & Hainan 2005] both have some of those awesome orange blossom and animalic elements. I find a bit of ambergris. Both have some kinam notes, Hainan 2005 a bit more green and bittersweet with some sourish fruits. China Sayang with a sweeter kinam note (less green), sweet tobacco and some dropdead gorgeous sinensis woody notes in the base. – Brian, USA

    Yes, China Sayang and Hainan 2005 have features in common, but are quite different for two oils from a similar region – certainly advisable to get both of them… I cannot figure out which I prefer, though I have more experiences with Hainan 2005 and totally love that one… I’ve only worn China Sayang twice or three times I believe. – Josh, USA

    I think Dr Bhanny nailed it. Although I only got a chance to smell China Sayang once, it was some of the best Chinese Oud I have ever come across. This in no way lessens the quality of Hainan 2005. I got a sample of Chinese Exclusive and after smelling that, I contacted Ensar asking if he’d dig up some CE if he had hidden any. He replied that the Hainan 2005 was a superior oud because there is a kinam note in the dry down of the H05 whereas the CE didn’t have any Kinam notes. I’ve got to say, the Hainan 2005 does have a resemblance of the legend Royal Kinam as Ensar stated. Nevertheless the Hainan 2005 and China Sayang are two oils which you have and keep dearly and close to you. – Shaykh Abdul Wahab, USA

    I need more experimentation but I found the kinamic note much more obvious in the Hainan 2005 than the China Sayang… The Hainan 2005 though is a less dense oil, in terms of scent profile – it is easier for me to identify the notes, more of a collage, while the China Sayang is a very dense and integrated sort of scent… More experimentation needed! Also gets into the question of what exactly is the kinamic note, and are we talking the heated or unheated kinam? Unheated kinam to me has a sort of wintergreen spicy aroma to it – once heated this wintergreen scent starts to morph into the floral-nectar-perfume aroma with rich woody undercurrents… – Josh, USA

    I can totally agree. In Hainan 2005 it is unmistakable. In that green, bittersweet, raw way. In China Sayang it is a little more subtle, and 100% more of the sweet, nectary, woodiness of gently heated kinam. I like that. For me anyways, Hainan 2005 has more of the raw kinam aroma, and it’s definitely easier to find. China Sayang has that monkoh heated kinam aroma, and you have to listen a bit more to find it. Again, I prefer CS over H05, but man, I can’t imagine not having either! – Brian, USA

    It has everything you love about Chinese Exclusive and Yunnan 2003, with an added sweetness which really makes it such a complete scent and very desirable to wear. I love my Chinese oils but admittedly I don’t wear them often. I would wear Sayang any day… any time… – Taher, UAE

    Это мой второй китайский oud. Ensar написал в описании, что China Sayang  "глубокий" oud, это он приуменьшил сказанное)) Sayang не просто глубокое, оно необычайной глубины: я не могу быть в плохом настроении при ношении, так как я привлеку внимание окружающих с вопросом "а что с вами?", я не могу нахмурится так как собеседник будет думать "а что я не так сделал, что он грустит/обиделся...", стоит улыбнуться как все вокруг оживают )) Суть в том, что этот oud обладает глубоким притяжением и сильным вниманием со стороны, достаточно капли чтобы врезаться в память окружающим. Феноменальный oud! Долговечность 24 часа! После сна он еще парит над кожей светло-оранжевым цветом. Я могу быть интровертом, экстравертом, радостным, грустным, работать, молчать, говорить, спать и любить... и все вокруг меня получат эти ощущения ))  Отдельное спасибо Ensar, как умело применил табачную ноту -безумно красивая комбинация. Масло определенно отлично подходит как мужчине так и женщине. Моя жена в восторге. Спасибо! – Maksim, Russia

    So it's not often an oil leaves me perplexed after experiencing it. China Sayang is an enigma to me. The scent is deep and powerful, a little swipe fills the air around you. It has a funk to it, not a barnyard funk though....reminds me of Encens D Angkor minus the dark berries and leather. I find it has a medicinal like effect on me, causing me to take deep inhalations and then holding it in my lungs. While I may not have the capacity to describe it properly I do know I find it beautiful and soul stirring. Chinese ouds are in a league of their own! – Chris, USA

    Opens like the finest wood aroma possible with Ouds. Pristine. Crystal clear. The first sniff is like dropping in an ocean of ancient oud sea. Imagine ancient Chinese wood resin which has turned to pulp. Like a chocolaty balm sprinkled with aged Hindi leathery funk. Marvellous opening. I am astonished to find this Agallocha element in Sinensis. What a divine fusion! Now the green incensey balsam shows up with hints of bittersweet smoke which oud lovers crave. It's not diabetic at all. Infact it's rather tuqoise in olfactory colors and opaque in nature as compared to slightly fuzzy green of Burmese oils. Development is mesmerising, throwing the natural shades of the wild oud spectrum. The oil has raw power even though it's smooth as butter, which I feel is Ensar's trademark. The raw nuances of oud have been preserved very well. No over the top fancy tweaks. Oil distillation is supreme with a pristine clarity. I am grabbing a bottle before I post this review. I am finally convinced that my beloved Hainan 2005 has been dethroned. There is artisanal oud and then there is Ensar Oud. This suits my oud taste exactly and it's my new benchmark. Ensar Bhai, may God shower you with more strength and love. Bravo. – Nikhil, India

    The closest oil which reminds me of the legend Royal Kinam. Sweet, citrus, medicinal, and woody makes it a must have for every Oudh lover! – Abdul Wahab, USA

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