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    Chen Xiang Qi

    Now a Legend
    Final Bottle Sold
    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    One of the biggest highs for an oud distiller is to capture the scent of gently heated oud chips. But not just any oud chips. The holy grail all serious distillers chase is to capture the scent of gently heated kyara.

    Nobody, no matter how crazy, will distill kyara. A basic small-scale distillation will run into the tens of millions to pull off. But it’s not a lost case…

    Kyara is still agarwood, after all. Sure, there are scent details in kyara that you won’t normally find in any other kinds of agarwood, just like there are complexities in crassnas that you won’t find in filarias. But we’ve distilled Thai crassnas that smell more like Vietnamese sinensis... Indian agallochas that smell like Malaysian malaccensis... New Guinean gyrinops that mimic Maroke filarias...

    We’ve captured scent notes in ouds that nobody would ever have imagined could be unlocked. So there is a way to come cunningly close to the actual aroma of kyara through uniquely tailored distillations.

    Exploring the kyara scent is no marketing gimmick. Each of our ‘kyara’ or ‘kinam’ oils captured a subtle dimension of true kyara in a way that anybody familiar with the heated incense could identify. Chen Xiang Qi is no different. Or, actually, it is…

    The agarwood oleoresin is rich and complex and one of the great beauties of juicing agarwood into oud oil is that it brings out dimensions of the scent you would never discover otherwise. You’d never get the floral majesty of Oud Yusuf if you heated the raw wood it was distilled from. Not in a million years. When you successfully capture the scent of gently heated oud chips in an oud oil, it doesn’t stop there. You get the scent of heated chips and more

    During our collaboration on the Sultan Series, our Thai distiller said to me: “I don’t know how you do it. You can consistently get ‘the green’ smell, no matter what wood you use.” Now, guess what the secret behind that green smell is!…

    Take a swipe of any of our latest kyara-inspired oils and you’ll smell Chen Xiang Qi echoed in the background. Some captured the lighter, floral dimensions, others the sharp, vibrant Port Moresby notes. But in Chen Xiang Qi you get the grand-daddy depth of aged kyara, simmering beautifully atop your Subitism burner.

    Limited supply. At the current price, Chen Xiang Qi is basically a gift from me to you. Already aged for over seven years, this is an oil that could easily command a higher price tag. But some things are done out of love. So... here you go! This is a scent that is so personal and private I almost don’t want to release it for sale. It has accompanied me on the back seats of taxi cabs, tuk tuks, in all sorts of weird scenarios and set-ups in the Far East. It is my signature scent. And the scent of the China Market tycoons that wafts from their bulging bracelets of super king beads. It is the scent of Chen Xiang, my friend, and it is now yours to take with you on your oud journey as a benchmark that you can use to understand many things.

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