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    Chen Xiang Khmer

    Now a Legend
    Final Bottle Sold
    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    This is pure vintage Cambodian oud, the way they used to make ’em. An oil that belongs on every oud lover’s scent palette. Gentle notes of wild berries, cinnamon and apple take shade under a red scent hue that taunts novice distillers to this day—How? How did they make it?

    Classic Oud Cambodi’s red allure inspired us to embark on The Great Cambodian Experiment. We consulted veteran distillers not just in Cambodia, but across the entire Far East to draft Chen Xiang Khmer’s distillation design. They kept telling us why nobody quite captures the distinguished red profile anymore. To get that smell, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got the latest techniques, or the oldest…

    “Go back to the basics,” the old timers told us, “go back to its birthplace.”

    So, to pull off this project meant backtracking to a defunct district that used to be the backbone of Cambodian oud: Koh Kong Province. From raw materials to extraction method, we stopped at nothing to ensure Chen Xiang Khmer was a pristine Koh Kong distillation, and every step of the set-up was custom designed to zone in on that iconic red-oud aroma of yesteryears.

    We distilled wild aloeswood trees exclusively from the jungles of Koh Kong that were never cut down. Some of the trees are 100+ years old and the infection that triggered the resin formation — the oud — was never artificially induced. Only naturally resinated chunks were collected and the trees were left to grow to keep producing more fragrant resin.

    The virgin Cambodian Crassnas were soaked in pure, unprocessed Koh Kong well water then traditionally cooked in copper, with zero artificial processing afterward. Absolutely no tampering of any kind! In the Cambodian oud scene, this is the exception to the rule.

    This is the scent that brought oud onto the world stage. With Chen Xiang Khmer as a scent reference, you’ll appreciate where all the modern Cambodi, Thai and West Malaysian ouds come from. Age your bottle a little and you’ll discover a pure bred wild Cambodi that stands tall next to any of the old school legends.

    It’s a real mission to distill quality wild Cambodian oud, but since the start of The Great Cambodian Experiment we strove extra hard to bring down our production costs and offer you oud of this calibre at this price. So, here’s your chance to own the purest, wildest artisanal Cambodian oud at a fraction of the cost you’ll pay anywhere else.


    All I can say is: Amazing & beautiful. Classic Cambodian scent that has so many fruity notes that words can't explain. No barnyard note & no harsh burnt smokey note. The distillation feels like they monitored the pot every second with no sleep for months. The oil lasts for the whole day, the scent changes to a spicy fruit note at the end that leaves you mesmerized. At one point it smelled like Oud Dhul Kifl. If you are a lover of Cambodian ouds, this is a must for your collection. Amazing & beautiful. SubanAllah.  Ish, Canada

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