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    Candan Sultan

    Now a Legend
    Final Bottle Sold
    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    Finding genuine Candan oud today is nothing short of extraordinary. What you normally come by is a mix between the readily available Malaysian Malaccensis and the much rarer Aquilaria Hirta. But when I set myself the task of distilling the finest Candan oud, I wanted to give you an authentic adventure.... a pure Candan oil that left you positively gobsmacked.

    What you get with Candan Sultan is exactly that—an oud experience you've never had before. It doesn't smell like any of your Cambodian, Thai, or Malaysian ouds. It's neither floral, nor fruity. This is a stand-alone olfactory delight that will add a bizarre uniqueness to your oud collection. 

    The scent exudes luscious notes of earth, aged oak-soaked balsam, wild Sumatran incense that playfully tease your senses. A honey-pollen cane sugary chord screams "Aahhhh, Aceh!"

    And what’s more, you’ll think this oil was aged for eons. The thick oud flows slowly in your bottle, dripping heavily from the dipstick— you'll catch bursts of dark chocolate, ripe coconut liquor, pure earth, and a fleeting whiff of pages from an old book.

    Candan Sultan was custom distilled to extract the purest Candan oud oil you'll ever own. We painstakingly harvested the agarwood from the dense jungles of Aceh, and created an oil that mirrors its exact raw form in nature. 

    No post distillation treatment, no mixing. Only 100% wild harvested Aquilaria Hirta — Can. Dan. And nothing but. This is your ode to Candan...


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