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    Borneo 50K

    Price: $1,000 $669

    The most gripping peagreen mint note you'll smell in any Borneo. In any oud...

    Think, less wood than Borneo 3000, more flower. Punctuated by the to-die-for scent of the king super Borneo aloeswood few have touched since the early 2000s. But that’s not all of what makes it one of the greatest Borneos ever distilled.

    It’s golden mint. Sunshine through raspberry honey based in a thousand-year-old Mysore infused with the mint of the Moghuls. Soft petal green instead of foliage green. Peamint instead of spearmint. It’s an oud you must wear in good company.

    You’ll see what we mean once you get your first compliment for that magnetizing mystique in the air. Borneo 50K is a head-turner, but not in the Hindi, what's-that-animal-on-your-skin smirk. It's the scent of attraction and personal magnetism. It's a sweetness that surrounds you which others find irresistible and will thank you for profusely.

    Lilies draped in vanilla drenched in raspberry honey married to mintiness and a soft whisper.

    Wild herbaceous honey, berry-buried cinnamon, sage upon wild flower oudy-minty spread sprinkled with cardamom, with a hint of ambergris.

    It’s all wood upon wood within wood (within honey within mint).

    Borneo 50K commands several thousand dollars per bottle. In fact, it commands not to be sold at all. It deserves to remain in one’s private collection as would an unearthed treasure box.

    Borneo 50K is the oud that I get the most compliments for.  It has a gorgeous honey-milky-vanilla-cinnamon profile that is so warming. – Lu, Canada

    Borneo 50K is awesome and so unique. No sharp edge, all smooth, no ouddy note so I ask myself if it is really an oud. It makes me think leaves, earth and roots most than wood and resin. The signature is really unique and unified in a single , deep and richly pigmented note which is a perfume in itself, highly recognizable, taking place in my memory with no relation to anything than itself. I find a nice equilibrium of Ying and Yang, a quiet and silent sunshine, but without any spot of light : it is the light the instant just before the sun shows its first ray. The scent is like *established* in a warm light and peace, in a bath of birthing yellow sunlight. I don’t feel the power of the sun coming, but I feel this instant, just before the story begin, could last the eternity with nothing missing in the painting. The first time I tried it, I was questioning myself about the kind of mood that would call this perfume, and I still don’t have the answer. For me, it's not truly meditative, neither mind bending, nor calming, etc… an opened mystery. Borneo 50K is a warm and peaceful olfactory island. Antonin, France

    Borneo 50K reminded me why Malinau is so singular in the oud world. It reminds me of freesia flowers (we have some outside): a paradoxical blend of sweet floral tang, sometimes like raspberries as noted in the description, sometimes citric with a bite that excites the senses. The woody base notes marries with those qualities in such a sublime way. It also has an amazing balance of soothing and invigorating; it helps to balance whatever you bring in excess when meeting it. – Lucas, USA

    Borneo 50k is out of this world. I had a sample in the past but I guess I didn't take my time with it. I remembered that I liked the top notes. Now that I have had it on few the last few hours, I'm getting a chance to see what's underneath and it's beautiful! I'm really surprised at how sweet its gotten considering the opening. I'm glad I decided to re-visit this one! – Mr. Jackson, USA

    Borneo 50K is like a walk in the woods on a wet day... seems like cedar and sandal and maybe cloves, so "heady" and divine. – Edith, USA

    Smooth, mellow, airy, ethereal and fragrant. The high toned top notes Malinau is famous for is toned down and have beautifully merged with the rest of the oil thanks to aging but I am also positive based on the distillation itself.

    Truly a beautiful oil. The colour that comes to mind is baby yellow. Seaaon is spring. – Rasoul, Canada

    This to me is the most scintillating oud I have smelled. The scent almost tingles. Menthol, mint emanate like rays, alternating with wisps of gold and honey. After some hours, when I was done at the gym, the scent was of a gorgeous green wood. A wild ride at the beginning, especially since I have never been a fan of mint, but this stuff has multiple personality disorder which makes it extremely interesting. – Phil, USA

    That balsamic scent again, that must be the heart of Oudiness. Milder in intensity than the Tigerwood 1995, but also more immediately likeable. Quickly opens into a rich, more perfumed smell with a touch of greeness in there. Half an hour in, this is turning into a story of minty deliciousness, touch of musty, musky exotic pot-pourri being made.

    After an hour everything in a beautiful green and purple woody minty musk, delicious. Two hours after application I caught myself compulsively sniffing my wrist every minute like what I imagine a 70’s / 80’s television film producer would have done with an *ahem* powdery substance at a hollywood hills party. This is a scent that I imagine an elegant toothpaste heiress applying, but also one that I would not be ashamed of wearing to a night at the theatre, for example.

    It’s cool, poised, but completely demands your attention and rewards you for doing so. – Robert, USA

    I have a little of the 50K and it’s gorgeous. My 3000 is jealous! – Mohamed, France

    Well WOW! It is just like you’ve read my mind and know what I’m looking for in a Borneo oil… Less nuts, less wood, only top aroma refinement. – Ammar, USA

    Wow! For an initial impression, can I be forgiven in saying that it’s similar to Satori Kensho but a lot sweeter, mature and complex? It starts with a deep and lush incense with an ethereal mint note. A transcendental honeyed wood then manifests that just goes on and on. The longevity is amazing. – Nick, UK

    Ensar, I put the last little bit of the Borneo 50K I had in 5ml of perfumer’s alcohol, and I swear that alone in the alcohol is the best cologne spray I ever found. If I were you I would pull the rest of the Borneo 50K from sale (except mine ;) and sell it to TOM FORD or CHANEL or something... It’s that good... As you might suspect I have gone through many a cologne, perfume etc on my way to naturals and many naturals after that before oud, and the B50K EDT (hehehe) is my current favorite! – Robert, CA

    Way beyond my means, I just had to try a small vial of Borneo 50K to see what joys the ‘top end’ has to offer... Possibly all my future purchases could be measured by this? Upon first swipe this gave me a hint of fine shoe leather, vanilla & honey, quickly moving onto a woody earthiness. I can perceive the pea-mint note Ensar describes. To me this is an ethereal cleansing aroma, radiating around the other notes, light sweet blossoms against peach. This is a very clean Oud. I can actually perceive the different layers individually yet they intertwine and move in such a sublime way! This is wonderful stuff... Really makes me feel that I am giving people around me a rare treat. Now I would like a bottle of this! – Jim, UK

    What can a mere mortal say to describe an Ambrosial Nectar of immortals? This Artisanal Oud is Balanced and Refined. Elegant Distinction. The definition of Unisex. It was really nice to discover that each Oud though very differently priced, has a level of complexity that is commensurate with the cost, so that It’s not a case of the less expensive Ouds being ‘cheaper’ but rather the costlier ones being ‘greater’. They all have complex character and some like Borneo 50K are so irresistibly refined one ceases to question the price. It is what it needs to be. If you love Oud you owe it to yourself to try this one before it is ceremoniously moved over to that ‘other’ list on this webpage. The one where you can only look and wonder ‘what if’! Exhilarating. – Woody, CA

    Borneo 50K is a great buy for the price. If Kyara de Kalbar and Borneo 4000 had a child, he should be named Borneo 50K. – Imran, CA

    It's doesn't open with the "medicinal" Borneo note at all. It's nothing like Borneo 3000 with the exception of the quality! It opens not with menthol mint. It's like honeysweet mint with a touch of cinnamon & a tiny touch of vanilla fruit (raspberry?). It all melds together in perfect harmony. You can pick each note out, but they don't mash together. They drift in & out in tiny waves. This goes on for about an hour. It all locks in vanilla, honey, cinnamon, a little floral, that golden mint is there, they slowly drift along then slowly the wood starts to come through: the best is yet to come. The woody base is superior quality wood, the most amazing wood, the best. It goes on & on into the night & the next day. – Kev, MS

    Opening of very high, vaporous, clear sweet notes. Acacia honey, marzipan, Mediterranean mimosa, almond blossom. After a couple of minutes it starts to get its body of transparent resin (actually, Borneo 50K is loaded with it). Gentlest sandalwood, green peas, macadamia nuts, white florals, perhaps a hint of elderflower. It reminds me of Khao Yai's lightness and sophistication, Borneo style.

    The whole pitch is higher than usual, even for Borneo oils. It starts to unravel in slow-motion, like origami in reverse. It gains momentum and depth, slowly, slowly. Hint of pears, anisic element of fresh fennel. Fresh laurel leaves, chamomille, vanilla with a dash of cinnamon, its smell so clean and airy, like days of innocence.

    Paradoxically, its green herbaceous notes are hidden deep in its golden heart. The vaporous element just goes on and on... all the way to the drydown. This is an extraordinary oil with an unusual dynamic of scent evolution. Slow and steady progression of Ravel's Bolero, brimful of resin, bound to bring a smile to your face. – Andrej, Croatia

    Honestly, I have prayed to Allah Most High to grant me a perfume that is worthy of the prophets, and I beleive that my prayers have been answered. I have just tried for the first and last time my bottle of Borneo 50K and oh my goodness....... I say it is my first time and my last because something that smells so good cannot be worn again. In fact I have purchased a small safe to keep it in.....

    First when I wore it I visualized a quiet beach, then as it took me I came into a small forest with a waterfall in the background splashing gently against vanilla flowers and a bed of roses, only to be towered by huge lush green trees swaying above, with a slight hint of moss. Then it took me back to the beach where the sands were clean, sea breeze gently passing over my skin, only to make me feel like I'm actually on a journey through space into a another world emitting a toally different aura... It is so hard to explain the scent, it feels like something totally out of my perception, but something so close to my heart it's strange... – Adam, UK

    This is beyond anything before it. The 50K is incredible and the most incense-like Borneo so far, a lot in common with the 3000. – Jeff, IL

    Lovers of the legendary Borneo 3000 and Borneo Kinam have reason to rejoice with the release of Borneo 50K – a classy Borneo oil that combines elements of both oils with its own unique twists.

    Borneo 50K opens with elegant displays of honey and vanilla top notes that ride above a rich and resinous woodiness. Upon first swiping the oil, I was reminded of the rich, creamy and balsamic-woody fragrance of some of the best vintage Mysore Sandalwood. It is an aroma that sparkles and glistens on your skin, hovering its aroma above your wrists, tingling with life and indescribable aromatic textures.

    The honeyed-vanilla-sweetness begins to fuse with the woodier tones, creating a beautiful earthy aroma that also reveals more of Borneo 50K’s resinous core.

    on of the oil, I have to say that it is perceptible as a kind of surrounding aroma, radiating at the edges of the fragrance’s core. It is a pristine herbaceousness that makes you feel “clean”, as if you are standing in the depths of a rainforest after a fresh rain.

    But that is not saying much for the experience of wearing it. As a fragrance, it is incredibly smooth – perhaps the smoothest Borneo I have worn so far. I swiped it in the morning. It is now evening and Borneo 50K remains nicely perceptible on my wrist. I can’t say whether or not it outlasts previous Borneo releases since I have not conducted a simultaneous comparison yet, but I am certainly pleased with its longevity.

    Expectedly, Borneo 50K is not very diffuse. However, unlike other Borneo oils, Borneo 50K is noticeably less “airy”, exuding a surprisingly grounding feel. I find that I really enjoy this aspect of 50K because it is something not found in other Borneo oils in my collection.

    Borneo 50K has a lot to offer as a fragrance – and, like all fantastic Oud oils, is as much of an aesthetic experience as it is an aromatic one. A complex fragrance with real aromatic depth and subtle nuance, 50K offers a scent that will not be totally “familiar” to Borneo lovers. – Neeshee, HI

    I almost considered not reviewing it so it doesn’t disappear on me! – Woody, CA

    Borneo 50k truly smells like it was distilled from $50,000 wood. So many variations on so many different distillations from so many different parts of Borneo, it's easy to throw a dart and land on one that may not be to your specific liking. With Borneo 50k you can safely blind buy this king of Borneos with the assurance it's a crowd pleaser. Many claims are made about the aphrodisiac qualities of certain ouds, given the often unconventional profile of oud to the western palate this is all too often not the case for those of us in the western hemisphere. However, once again here is where B50K blazes through like a shooting star, rest assured, the evenescent wafts of vanilla wood will draw in both men and women alike, and has more sex appeal then any niche or designer fragrance I have ever smelled. When Ensar says "you should wear this in good company" he means it! Without exaggerating there should be a warning label on this Oud "caution!" This is an aphrodisiac, only to be worn by your spouse, or someone you intend to attract!"

    The smoothest and sleekest of all the Borneos on earth including anything previously released by Ensar that I've put my nose to. Begins with a cool and gentle honeyed fresh herbiscious vanilla vibe that very clearly evolves into a mind blowing deep and refined resinous wood that by itself could create a flash mob. Here is where the 50K really reigns supreme,  these heart notes are nothing short of perfect. You could spend your whole life trying to find the prefect Borneo....or you could just fork over the modest $1500 for the most expertly crafted smoothest, sexiest, crowd pleasing, wife pleasing, perfect Borneo on earth and save yourself the many thousands you would otherwise spend trying to hunt it down. This is what a lot of people don't get, it's not like you're just paying for something from some vendor, it's not just that you're paying for the art and all the blood, sweat, and tears that went into the toil of its craft, nor just for the initial investment by the artist. You're paying for all of that and the time, money, experience, and expert knowledge that Ensar and his team have devoted to providing you with the most profoundly beautiful works of art you can imagine and the reassurance that what you're getting is absolutely the best oil made from the best wood with the most beautiful and gratifying profile you can have. I have a deep and profound love and respect for my brothers at Ensar Oud for what they have done with Oud oil is nothing short of amazing. I know this may sound like alot of hyperbole and exaggeration, but I encourage you to be a cynic and buy a bottle and investigate for yourself and prove me wrong. I look forward to reading your awestruck reviews! – Edward, NY

    Vanilla Menthol Spice
    Nutty Sandalwood Richness
    Rich Royal Mustiness
    Fine Aged Cognac
    Woodsy Pine Breeze
    Sweet Cinnamon Warmth
    Fuzzy Amber Depth
    Lemon Cream Meringue
    Resinous Golden Dew
    Light Ambergris Woods – Joel, Cambodia

    Un estallido de luz aterciopelado, como una menta luminosa con corazón de flores. La suavidad  aterciopelada y picante de las especias, y un eco de maderas nobles que llega desde lejos. Borneo 50K es uno de los aromas del Paraíso. – Juan, Spain

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