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    Borneo 4000

    Now a Legend
    Final Bottle Sold
    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    When I first sampled this oil in our distiller's Jakarta home, I couldn't but fall in love with it. He told me his colleagues were poking fun at him when they saw it: 'Why do you make such costly oud, friend? Have you gone crazy?'

    The local Oud merchants, who are the main clients of these small distilleries, are only interested in the cheapest Oud money can buy – which they dilute with DOP and other fillers, and send off to Saudi Arabia and the Emirates.

    'Who's the crazy man that buys this Oud from you?' they would poke fun at him, time and again.

    'I sell them to the King Abdullah!' he'd say to them. (I was living in Jordan at the time.)

    At long last, the Oud is here! The opening note is a fantastic fruityaccord which evokes the sweetness of wild figs and the floral notes of narcissus and white lotus. This unfolds into a sumptuous woodsy aroma that's rich and lasting, verging on the erotic.

    Certainly, there's no farmland or Hindi smell here, just pure sweetness and wild fruitiness complemented by the most exotic oudy-floral notes we have ever seen.

    I believe this oil to be superior to Borneo 3000 in several ways. The whole totality of the scent is a notch higher in sheer beyondness. 4000 is more 'wild' in character, while 3000 is all decorum and grace. If 3000 is from the highest heaven, 4000 is from outer space.

    The 4000 is, to me, something new under the sun. Although there is a family resemblance to the 3000, it strikes me as a scent utterly unto itself. Intensely herbal-floral, yet still less of the earth than its sister the 3000. On my skin, it is the oud with the widest 'broadcast area', even more so than the Assams. Heady, tenacious, truly unique. – L. Nichol, NM

    I received the Borneo 4000 this afternoon and it is lovely. – B. Nankin, CA

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