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    Blue Yunnan

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    Imagine the scent of resin-oozing king super wood drenched in blueberries, marinated in orange peel and topped with white carnations. That lush, ever-so-slightly sour grapefruit-cherry twang of vintage Yunnan, and Nha Trang kinam—in a single oil.

    Only thing is… how to make that!?

    Frontier jungles are renowned around the oud world. Like Manipur/Myanmar, Trat/Koh Kong, Brunei/Sarawak. But most border regions are tricky territory.

    The magic of border ouds is how they can hatch open unexplored olfactory trails. You smell it in our India/China mission that brought you Chugoku Senkoh, scintillating with the semi-tart smoke of agallocha injecting the classic Indian profile with the tangy citrus hues you otherwise only smell in sinensis.

    This time, join us further east and see what happens when you put your finger right on the pulse of the most legendary oud spot on the map…

    Blue Yunnan is an unprecedented distillation from northern Vietnam’s border going into mainland China (i.e. Yunnan). Although this is already such a bold undertaking and rare distillation opportunity, we went a step further still.

    The result is an oud that’s bluer than Purple Kinam, more orange than the orange-peel feast that was Chinese Exclusive, polished with a myrrh sweetness that shines through kinamic wafts I’d only expereinced in Nha Trang LTD previously.

    That zingy bite of Vietnamese kynam sweetened with this white honey pollen glaze topped with carnation sprinkled into crushed Hojari powder, all diffused through whispers of oud resin—temp set at 140° on your kyara heater. This’ll keep your nose in detective mode even a thousand swipes later.

    The scent is clean (like when you smell a rose or jasmine petals), yet its ethereal aura packs a ton of flavor—in fact, smell these beautiful floral tones riding the blue kinam cherry orange luban fusion and stand amazed at how such a fragrance comes from neither flower nor fruit, but a giant aquilaria that grew where the Tonkin muskdeer roam.

    Quality wild (real wild, not the new-school industry ‘wild’) Vietnamese oud is a celebrated rarity. A fine vintage Yunnani? Show me one!

    But Blue Yunnan doesn’t give you a mere union of legendary oud jungles—it would probably be less of an ordeal to co-distill harvests from these regions instead (even that is easier said than done, of course). 

    But think of this:

    The most famous jungles in both Vietnam and China are nowhere near the border! Nha Trang is way down south—both Hong Kong and Hainan Island are closer than it, while you have a better chance of finding the odd Yunnani sinensis far west, towards Burma and India—not Vietnam.

    So, yes—Blue Yunnan does let you feast on the cherry tobacco laced with orange peel you’d find in premium old Chinese oud and the smooth medicinal bitterness of a fine Guallam…… but the airy Malinau-esque woodiness? The motley of blueberries, carnations, pollen, and frankincense?

    These notes were born from the soil running along the border that grew oud trees you’ve never smelled before—not in Hainan, Yunnan, or Nha Trang. And it smells blue… lush with China's orange peel sinensis zest. Truly one for the oud archives.

    Outraging lacey/silken delicateness, raving caresses, THUNDERING spiderwebs over gloriously glowing now or never eternities. A rainbow of all kind of blues and yet in all colours, as long they are blue. Even the yellowest and most orange wrinkles und speckles are blued to and fro- and, what a celestial taste!! – Erhard, Austria

    Sampling Blue Yunnan tonight, and this is probably the most "beautiful" oud I've ever smelled.

    It's not a loud oud, but there's an attractive complexity within its subtlety. Smelling it objectively, the blue comes across very clearly, with a berry sweetness and very clean florals. There is zero funk here, nothing challenging, and incredibly pleasant. It doesn't strike my soul the way some ouds do, I like my ouds a little bolder, louder, rugged and raw. But for those looking for a quiet, almost subdued, pleasant, "pretty" oud - you'll find no better than this. – Ryan, USA

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