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    Blue Brunei

    Now a Legend
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    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    Borneo is the only island that spans three countries. The eastern part is Kalimantan, Indonesia. North Borneo is Sarawak, or the eastern half of Malaysia. At the northern tip lies rich Brunei.

    East Borneo oud has been made famous by our rare Borneo 3000 and Borneo 4000 oils, both of Indonesian origin. Sheikh's Borneo also came from the Indonesian part of the island, which is why you used to see it listed alongside Purple Papua and Archipelago.

    But what about Malaysian or Brunei Oud that originates exclusively from Borneo? What does it share with Borneo 3000 and 4000? What eccentricities does it offer the frenzied collector who is always praying for something new and unusual to be unearthed?

    This question had been irking me for a long time. Especially since our old Brunei Supreme was a co-extraction of Brunei, Indonesian, Malaysian and Indian agarwood. What would the ultimate Brunei Oud offer? What new vistas for the soul to discover?

    To my delight, I found that it is unique among Borneo ouds. Of Borneo island, yet of another world. The word is blue.

    A sweetness of blackcurrants and tart berries oozes from your skin to create a blissful relaxed feeling like the clear azure of a summer sky. The most limpid notes of sweet fragrant fruits and wild flowers permeate the aroma. A scent of lucid waters, island breezes and pure sunlight, alive with a spirit of its own.

    Blue Brunei is the beauty of blue eyes, the sweetness of wild blueberries and sumptuous floral lure of blue lotuses adrift on blue waters.


    I am in love... I work with scent all day, everyday, but there is only one that I put on my skin now. Blue Brunei. I miss the old Kyara days, but this oud is remarkable. It is truly a guilty pleasure. – Kathlyn Breene, NV

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