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    Black Sumbawa

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    What if you could get the sweet woodiness of Borneo ouds and infuse it with the earthy petrichor aroma of Maluku oud while funneling a surge of incense smoke through the brew?

    I don’t know if it’s the rich volcanic soil where these agarwood trees grew that does it, but that’s what this Sumbawan oud lets you space out on. A vibrant, piercing minty, yet smokey profile that’s lush with balmy molasses overtones and a solid dose of that almost cedar-dry semi-sweet aroma present in superior Borneos… all tinged with a jungle noir reminiscent of darker Papuan ouds.

    The dark berry, sweet incense profile is menthol-like – not minty (i.e. not green), but with the effect of mint in its sharp pitch, as a robust kyen heartwood floral chord lurks behind the curtain, sweetened by the addition of Cambodian crassna to add some rouge flavor to the dark smokey Sumbawan core.

    Black Sumbawa is an unusual first dive into the oud world, so if you’re one for adventure… you’re in for an olfactory treat. Many seasoned oudheads don’t even have a Sumbawan reference on their palettes, but even if you’ve smelled everything from Walla to Filaria, and thought you took that detour through Bali, here’s a fat whiff of Sumbawan oud like you've never smelled it before.

    I absolutely love the Black Sumbawa! I get a Maroke opening with a sweet, honey oolong tea mid and dry down.
    I must say that I have grown to appreciate the more smokey Thai ouds. – Antonin, France

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