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    Bhuta Patala

    Now a Legend
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    You know by now that there are two types of Indian Oud. You’ve got the classic, feral Hindis that recall pastoral scenes involving horses, hay, and some fine animalics.... and you’ve got the white-flowered, acacia-honeyed innovations that happen if you take the ancient craft and apply a few tweaks.

    But what happens if you cross over to neighboring Bhutan, painstakingly select the tallest, oldest centennial aquilarias standing, and apply these groundbreaking distillation techniques?

    Instead of Oud Idrees, you get a very different kind of nose candy....

    Bhuta Patala boasts white frangipani with a subtle citrus peel topnote, delicate nuances of tuberose laced with ultra fine CO2-extracted Mysore sandalwood from decades ago, and a fruity fusion of guava, persimmons and rotab dates. All evolving into the crisp, lively scentshot of gently heated Bhutanese agarwood chips..........

    Some of the zestiness of Chinese Exclusive is here. Bhutan being located farther north than Assam, the scent profile is closer to the Chinese varieties of agarwood than the Indian. If you can imagine Chinese Exclusive Oud stripped of its feralness and animalics and left with only the zesty-floral heart, then you have a pretty good idea what Bhuta Patala smells like.

    A few minutes into the scent progression, you get a distinct aquatic floral note that is all but identical to Bakul Attar. Smelling the applicator stick prior to applying the oil onto skin, you get a distinct aroma of raw, ripe raspberries. If the Assam 3000 is pure candy, Bhuta Patala is dry raspberry & candied lemon peel atop a sumptuous heart of Bakul Attar.

    Why the low price? Being the first pioneer to work with Assam artisans for the perfection of Oud Hindi, Ensar enjoys a unique relationship of exclusivity with some of the most important distilleries in Assam.

    This decade-long collaboration with our hunters and craftsmen gives us the ability to offer a lower price than anyone else in the field, along with a superior product. Because we get first refusal of literally every single batch that gets distilled, we are also in a position to select only the finest batches for Ensar Oud, while the oils we filter out are then sold to the outside market.

    We are pleased to announce a new commitment from our Assamese team to bring you the very finest oud oils crafted in India, at the best prices.

    My first experience of an aged wild oud, Bhuta Patala opens with a lovely sweet white chocolate, vanilla & citrus fruit note with a hint of old polish, settling into a creamy frangipani floral leaving all the notes nicely balanced and perceptible, the signature notes unchanging. This is so calming and smooth. Quite simply a very easy to wear Oud. Jim, UK

    Now this is really something special! I have recently discovered and enjoyed several low or no animalic Hindi ouds, and this is my favourite by far.

    The oud opens with bright notes of citrus; pomello, tangerine, sweet lemon. At the heart though, Bhuta Patala is an oud for someone who loves flowers. Frangipani and freesia are the main players to me, but the overall impression is of lush, pulpy white and yellow flowers dripping with dew and nectar. The florals sweeten over time, becoming much like an organic wildflower honey I buy at my local farmer’s market. Grounding this all is the gentle wood base, which is so creamy that it brings to mind both sandalwood and agarwood.

    Incredibly seductive, while being discreet, I can imagine this being worn by a sophisticated brunette. You catch snips of this alluring fragrance as she walks confidently past, and you want to follow so you can lean and smell more... Megan, Canada

    Now I know what ‘aquatic floral’ means, but I can’t describe it! I see Bhuta Patala as a little lagoon with flowers in rather than on the lagoon. The smell of flowers comes out more wet! And around the lagoon there is a very tiny line of feralness! There is a citrusy caracter too! Sweet and delicious! I like this Oud! Look, this oud is not STROOONG and not ANIMALIC! I like unusual Ouds and this is one of them! Alan, Brazil

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