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    Beard Blends - running low

    Price: $119

    You don’t need a picture perfect beard that turns heads, nor do you need to spend hours primping it to be just right. 

    Skip the synthetic silicone straighteners and go right for the nourishing oils known for benefit beyond just looks. Oils that mimic the sebum of your skin, promote healthy follicles and growth revitalizing your mane along with the most soul-stirring aromatics known to man. 

    ‘Beard brands’ try to be sustainable by using affordable alternatives. Thankfully I'm not a beard brand and these are functional fragrance, not just beard oils, and with a higher concentration than cologne you can replace your scent of the day or inscribe a bold signature layer atop. 

    This collection is presented at a confident concentration of 5% while most beard oils shy to less than 1% and because of the potency and method of application they give you stellar performance. – - —

    Hair is known for holding onto scent and when dry hair absorbs it the longevity goes through the roof while each hair’s surface area acts like a diffuser, increasing projection and heightening your experience.  

    Depending on your mood, the occasion, and what you want to exude, there are a variety of compositions available for your collection.

    · Vetyver Classique is bursting with bergamot powerful enough to oust Earl Grey and interwoven with sumptuous sambac jasmine, an added splash of therapeutic frankincense and bolstered by bourbon vetyver, a classy classic exuding a clean, fresh profile and feel. 

    · Yusufi is inspired by Oud Yusuf, and emanates handsome charisma. The eat-your-heart-out ladies I’ve chosen monogamy vibe. That flirtatious, light copper-apricot floral profile oozing legendary masculinity. A definite crowd pleaser you can wear for any occasion. 

    · Rajul exudes your strong, silent side. It traverses from spicy herbaceous undergrowth to mountains with towering cedars, down through the foothills of the Himalayas and into the dense Papuan jungles with the day’s hunt curing next to a crackling campfire. 

    · Tropikós is lively island air filled with ions from crashing tropical waves and cool mimosa mocktails chilled in green coconuts with crowns of pineapple and fresh blue lotus blooms served under ceylon shade. 

    Care must be taken for the storage of such precious aromatics and because your fragrance wardrobe and rotation is likely extensive these compositions are presented in violet glass. 

    Violet glass is impermeable to the visible light spectrum from red to blue, but lets in valuable UVA, violet and IR frequencies feeding the cellular life force of its contents, not only preserving, but lengthening their efficacy. 

    So as you man-icure your mane they’ll be as powerful and fresh as the day they were made.

    Collect from the menu and enjoy the added dimension of Ensar Oud.

    Having been drunk on Yusufi for quite some time and, this is now a new level or drunkenness, a light touch over the beard and it has literally followed me around all day, I never had so many raised heads or constant wafts of uplifting consciousness wearing anything yet. A real masterclass, sincerely well done and thank you. – Colin, UK 

    This Vetyver Classique is amazing. Truly classic. Kinda reminds me of the old Chanel Pour Monsieur EDT but fuller and more rounded. Years ago I was fascinated by old barbershop smells and this is the one I was always searching for. Thank God I finally found it! – Andy, USA

    Thank you so much, this is the best beard oil I have ever had, and I have well over 60. The scent is so magical, I will be purchasing another one next week. – Kevin, USA

    With Ensar - I don't think twice about Quality, It's always the BEST, Alhamdulillah! May Allah be Pleased with you and reward you for your ethical business and hard work. Thank You! Thank you for the Beard Oils! – Khan, USA

    The scents are amazing. Especially the beard oil. The combination of the oil and parfum makes for a unique fragrant experience for all who would catch a whiff as I pass by.In my opinion smelling good can help others without saying a word to them. One whiff can change a person's mood instantly.  – Corrion, USA

    It’s great! Wearing a mask when needed is much more pleasant now :-) – Michael, USA

    Vetyver Classique is very clean and refreshing. – Mr. Jackson, USA




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