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    Assam Wilde

    Now a Legend
    Final Bottle Sold
    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    Instead of the all-out olfactory onslaught you’d expect, smell what half a decade of aging does to artisanal Indian oud. A mood of warm musk lingers on the verge of spring, wild Namaqualand bulbs reigned in tightly, just-just about to burst into bloom.

    A dense arrangement of spice and pollen hides the all-too-often-overpowering feral character of Indian ouds. But Assam Wilde was never meant for the faint of heart. A piercing Indian incense note defines the heart of the fragrance. Behind a subtly layered oakmoss and cumin, raw cacao and hay background, the incense smoke starts to really sink into the scent profile…

    Eventually, the deep spice-infused incense chord starts to dominate, while the musky wild-flowered tobacco undercurrent flows in complete harmony. By now the barnyard twang of freshly distilled Indian ouds is long gone. What’s left is a loud echo of peppered dark chocolate and strong earthy honey. With a narcotic, cloyingly kinamic note buzzing throughout the whole ensemble.

    They say the perfumer’s road ends with oud, and that your oud journey docks in Assam. To discover why, all you have to do is.... inhale.... and exhale.

    Assam Wilde is the barn devotee’s holy grail.

    100% wild. Aged for six years.

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