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    Assam Sur Fleur

    Now a Legend
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    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    Transmutation of wood into honey, with suave and sumptuous florals straight from the Hindi tradition... champaka, frangipani and a shadow of tuberose... Saying this is your typical Indian Oud couldn’t be more of a lie.

    Take the most exotic floralicious notes of the night flowers of India, fuse them into the honeyed wooden tones of Kyara de Kalbar, lace the entire creation with Mysore sandalwood from the 1920’s and you almost achieve Assam Sur Fleur. But not really.

    I know… what about the must-be-there-otherwise-it’s-not-Indian barny twang? What about the laurel-vetiver-rich rays that normally pierce through notes of pepper and spice? The smell of wild pastures and horses?

    Each exquisite note you expect to find in a bottle of artisanal oud with the label ‘Assam’ on it, you’ll discover in Sur Fleur. Once you become more intimate with the scent’s hypnotic cadence, these recurring themes reveal themselves unexpectedly, beautifully. But far more enchanting is the flower beds and sunshine, wild marjoram, and yes, even a whiff of rosemary to tease you back and forth along the way.

    If you’re a Hindi veteran, don’t think this is just your run-of-the-mill distillation… with the soak left out. Nor was the oil’s fleur de grace imbued by a copper pot or a tweaked condenser. Most distillers would have you believe that Assam Oud should not – cannot – have such floral finesse. But unscrew the cap, give your friends a swipe and tell them this is pure Assam Oud, not an Oud parfum… good luck explaining yourself!

    Meanwhile, off-stage, curating this olfactory tango is a single crystal-clear heart note that gives Sur Fleur its magic. And I can’t tell you what that is. You have to smell it for yourself.

    It is beautiful, and definitely unlike any Assam I've ever tried!!! Still, it has a quality that I can definitely identify as Assam. Clearly a very, very special and unique Assam, unlike any other. – Sage, DC

    Assam Sur Fleur is a very unconventional Hindi with a perfume-like character. The first note is liquid flower nectar with a transparent sweetness. These could be shy spring flowers – but which ones? It reminds me of the taste of nectar sucked from red clover, or the smell of buttercup and yellow bedstraw growing in the fields I enjoyed as a kid. Or it might be the aroma of a fine floral-fruity oolong tea.

    The barnyard, earthy and leather notes are completely absent, and it is confusing at first when these notes don't arise. It took some time to attune myself to Assam Sur Fleur. Such an easy, uplifting scent, and so difficult to describe.

    The light woody notes with acacia glow, and a hayish note appears after a while, allowing the agarwood to become recognisable. I catch whiffs of fruitiness remininiscent of perhaps loquat, yellow plum or halfway ripe peach. As the scent evolves further, it gets a hue of mellow grass.

    I have to admit, it was not easy to accept this oil as a Hindi, but it shifted my perception of notes a Hindi profile offers. A rewarding experience, opening new olfactory vistas. The name is fitting, as Assam Sur Fleur really smells like agarwood distilled over imaginary flowers. – Adrej, Croatia

    My first impression was to feel the smell of pure honey and flowers. The honey is well pronounced. Of course, there is a sophisticated wood smell and its presence is amazing. The scent starts off alive and afterward becomes even better, just a bit more dry. After some time, the smell remained and I thought this cannot be Hindi! The smell of hay is almost imperceptible. The floral smell seems to shine from time to time. I also managed to pick up a vetiver note. The wood note is unlike anything I have ever experienced with ouds. Spent one hour and the smell is the same! Definitely this is an Oud to buy in 6 ml. – Alan, Brazil

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