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    Assam Organic

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    Here is 100% pure, first grade Assam oud oil. The oud of the Bible and prophetic traditions. The oud that was used to scent the cloth of the Holy Kaaba in Mecca. The oud of Aquilaria Agallocha, the most legendary species of agarwood.

    Full bodied, well-rounded, classic Assam oud character. Woody, deep, earthy, this evokes ancient times. Its pure tantalizing Indian oud fragrance is perfume at its most primordial.

    Its virginal rich fragrance will transport you somewhere else... Animalic (yes!) but with a translucency and etherealness comparable only to Borneo 50K!

    To the natural perfumer, Assam Organic offers a ‘foundation’ ingredient that will tie everything together in harmony and bring synergy to a blend. Almost an ‘exalting fixative,’ the Assam Organic can work wonders in blends.

    A crisp cocktail of spiced plums, tangy nectarines, and ginger-infused black tea awaits you. As the hours glide by, you’ll notice the effulgent syrupy cinnamon heart notes mesh into a honey-like sweet aroma, leaving you with a breezy, zesty olfactory delight. But picture all of this with an animalic, primal thump.

    This edition of Assam Organic is actually mostly wild—and not just wild, but distilled from high-grade shavings. For oud of this caliber, the price is a giveaway, so if you’ve never swiped Indian oud or you’ve been waiting eagerly for the return of this EO classic, this new edition gives you every inch of the agallochan oomph that gave Indian oud its renown… and then some!

    Very happy with the purchase! 
    Solid, reliable, charming. Just "OOD" with
    a capital "G" and a sincere "VERY" upfront.
    In total contrast to some Assam oils purchased directly from India, where almost every seller does his best and puts the words "Ateeq" or "Khadeem" upfront to assure you, that you get something old, vintage or special. Old and special (uneasily) sometimes means murky barnyard, mean old Roquefort, yellow mushrooms fried in red turpentine, wet poultry in a lilac bush, a repellent in "office-wearable" terms. Some direct-from-India-oils
    (with luck one finds pleasant ones as well) just have a cellotape with a paper stripe around, and O O D handwritten in ballpen. 
    Now Ensar Oud's Assam Organic, it is exactly the other way round: That we are served an organic oil, no one would guess- on my skin, I think I would have sworn that this is the kind of "Ateeq" or "Khadeem" oil from Assam I have been dreaming of.
    The opening immediately transforms the initial soil-like barn into a subtle sweet peppery and jam frame, all the plums and tangerines, the grenadine, tobacco and raspberry, even a couple of sour cherries walk on by.
    Indeed, AO would be the recall or invocation to the ouds our historical forefathers knew. The spectacular turns are reset to a constant flow of the charming solidity, no turnpikes - except the price tag:
    Outstanding price/value ratio.  – Erhard, Austria

    Just received my Assam Organic 2021. I didn't wear it yet, but upon sniffing from the dipstick, it's like milk, creamy milk and creamy chocolate. It's very creamy and the barn is smooth, no sharp edges at all. I have smelled much more expensive Assamese oud, but the barn is not always done perfectly, as it can be edgy and a bit sharp. But nope, not in this one, the barn is creamy-smooth like butter. I am so excited to wear it tonight…

    … I put a small swipe, not a full swipe, and this is my assessment based on my first wearing. 

    It starts off with fruits, a light shade of smokiness, light-honeyed-sweetness, and barn (of course). But this barn was light upon application, it will not shock you, at least if you have some experience with Assamese oud. To be honest, upon application the barn was almost non-existent to me, it felt as if I am wearing a beautiful Cambodian oud. The barn and animalic aspect are in the background, very shy, it is not taking over the symphony of this oil. 

    As my skin heated up the oil, it truly started to unfold itself. Slowly the barn and animalic aspect started to come alive, very gently. The spices started to heat up, the tobacco-honeyed-sweetness started to blossom much more along with florals. Everything that was being showcased in this oil at this moment was perfectly balanced. It felt very smooth and creamy, this oil made me feel like I am wearing a musky perfume, very sensual, and erotic.

    As the dry down approached, everything was held perfectly balanced. The barn, spices, tobacco-honeyed-sweetness, and florals were perfectly held together. Another aspect that slowly showed itself is incense, the light-smokiness in this oil quietly transformed itself into a gentle incense. The dry down of this oil is utterly beautiful as if I put a Hindi chip on a burner in the lowest heat, and it is showing me its royal beauty in a subtle manner.  

    The longevity was 4+ hours with a small swipe. It will continuously keep you engaged. The silage is subtle but is continuously there surprising you with its beauty. The longevity is good as well, I can still smell it if I put my nose close to it beyond the 4-hour mark. Of course, this is all dependent on your application amount and spot, I applied it on my wrist. 

    Very beautiful oil, if you have not tried it, I suggest you do. You will love it! – Rezwan, Canada

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